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VN of the Month November 2022



Don't think it's right to nominate games shortly after release. Let's wait for reviews or even write them ourselves.
1. Akuma to Yoru to Isekai to 悪魔と夜と異世界と [221125] WendyBell
Main character encounters a devil girl Alice and agrees to bind a contract with her about life-long absolute obedience and soul transfer to Alice after death. He starts working at her coffee shop together with half-demon childhood friend Waka . After vampire girl Maria falls from the sky and princess from another world Elisabeth joins the scene, situation grows absolutely chaotic.
Hardly anything is known to this moment and with company reputation chances for a story-oriented work are slim, still I always hope for the best.
2. Same to Ikiru Nanokakan サメと生きる七日間 [221125] CUBE
One night, Fukami Kyouhei suddenly found himself lying on an unfamiliar beach. Looking around, all he saw were the vast ocean and sandy beach...... Drowning in confusion, other than that, he also felt something strange on his head and when he fearfully checked it out——
"Agu, Agu"
A naked girl with a shark-like appearance was biting Kyouhei's head. Surprised by that moment, he fled from that spot, and this time, even though it was still in the middle of the night, he thought that he saw a girl in a bathing suit.
"Thank God~~! You're alive~~!"
The girl hugged him, there were so many things that he couldn't even understand anymore. While he was listening to the girl that hugged him who claimed to be his childhood friend, the naked shark-like girl from earlier caught up with him. Kyouhei panicked, and when he was trying to escape, the naked shark-like girl pointed at him and said——
"Kuu. Assaulted, this person."
The air hardened. The girl who is his childhood friend was taken aback by this, and while she was giving Kyouhei the cold stare, the naked shark-like girl spun a precise word.
"Kuu. Assaulted, by, this person."
Siren blared, cold handcuffs put on...... Fukami Kyouhei, only a few minutes after regaining consciousness, is already in a crisis——!
A powerful sporty girl who claimed to be Kyouhei's childhood friend, Hoshiro Remi.
A beautiful high-handed girl who likes B-grade gourmet food and comes to the island for sightseeing, Tenjiku Amane.
And, named after her cute animal-like sound manner of speaking, "Kuuko", the girl with a shark-like appearance——
On this island full of mysteries, while encountering various girls over and over, Kyouhei gets tangled up in a tumultuous fate——
There can hardly be much seriousness with shark invaders, so it's more of a mystery comedy with many girls and obscurities from the start. Game does not try to be great and chew more than it can digest.
3. Zwei Trigger ツヴァイトリガー [221028] Orthros
Endlessly, wandering... surely, for all eternity.
――Spirited away.
In this town—that enjoyed explosive growth over the last ten years or so—the number of missing persons is several times the national average.
Having been disquieted by the disappearence of his sister-figure — Akizuki Kaname; Kurusu Yuuma has been searching for her, becoming entangled in a mystery.
Takanashi Shin'ya, in order to save Akesaka Touka, who suffers from a mysterious illness of unknown cause; investigates the truth of the spiriting away, which she too was once a victim of. This leads to him facing off with paranormal existences.
Now, the iron will of two boys shall become the trigger that lays bare the darkness that lurks within the city――
Story lacks greatness and volume, for this reason two zapping protagonists are introduced, every little bit of volume helps. Worldview,  thriller and communication parts are done well, and lack of battles is forgivable as it's a debut work.  


Recommended Comments

I actually have hopes for Akuma to Yoru to Isekai to, despite the  maker.  Primarily this is because the sample cgs don't show any of the company's typical sexual violence and the writer isn't one of their regulars.  This might be an attempt to forge a new niche for the company, which would be great for me if it turns out to be a chuunige, lol.  I'm waiting for a sale to get ahold of it, as I'm not really up to paying eighty-something dollars for a game from a company whose history I don't trust at the moment.

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Considering that Zwei Trigger response here is pretty much lukewarm (Even though it has Nine and Nanairo Reincarnation writer) and that Akuma to Yoru is somewhat unknown, I would say that Same to Ikiru Nanonakan here is the only sensible candidate for VN of the Month in November 2022, although of course you may say otherwise. Anyway as far as CUBE VN goes it's the most bloody one because of the shark, and one of the review mention that it's like the shark movie. Seeing that both of Shiravune and Nekonyan now hold the number of licenses for CUBE VNs (Or rather the VNs from the same company group), it may be possible that one of them will license Same to Ikiru in the future, although then again it's just my wishful thinking.

No much to say here other than what I did write above, so that's all for my comment on November 2022 releases.

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