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Why you should play Kamishino



Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no, is on a shortlist of kamige that I tend to recommend to newbies to VNs or those who missed it during their first rapid obsessive blasting through the 'classics'.  For some reason, people are making excuses not to play the newly-fantranslated game.  I'm going to first pick apart the reasons that have been given for not playing it, even if it falls into the realm of their tastes.

Number one reason, the one that is hardest to speak against, is that the game itself is practically ancient and as a result the visuals seem dated.  That isn't something I can entirely refute, but I can say this... Kamishino has some of the best visuals for its time, and its sprites and character designs are truly exceptional.  While it does show its age, this isn't a truly good reason not to play it, in my mind.

The second reason people give me is that 'only four of the six routes are translated'.  I find this to be the silliest reason... since anyone who has played the game in Japanese can tell you that the two routes that aren't translated fall so far behind the other four in quality that the game is actually better off without them.  Frankly, the 'main school' routes are simply more emotionally powerful than the other three routes, which is the point of a nakige (which this is).  I'm going to go ahead and explain why you are better off without the two untranslated routes... for one thing, the routes are much shallower in terms of characterization and emotional depth.  For another thing, the twin heroines are just... not really a good match compared to the other four heroines.  A large part of the point of the story is how Tsukasa heals himself by healing the hearts of the girls, and there really isn't that much of that in those two paths.  In fact, Tsukasa's issues are ignored for the most part, making those two routes feel like they aren't even part of the same game.  The only translated 'branch school' route is good for a different reason than the other three translated routes.  It strikes much more to the heart of how high society functions in general, with more of a focus on the heroine's ambition and Tsukasa being more of an accomplice than a savior/healer as he was in the other three translated routes.  

The third and last reason people give me is 'no one is really hyping it' or 'I'm waiting for reviews'... to be honest, this is a fairly silly reason.  If you look for them, ancient reviews for this VN are all over the net.  The reason it didn't get hyped that much is frankly because the translator (Ittaku) thought people would pick it up without the need for excessive hype.  I felt the same way, since normally the community jumps on 'classics' when they get fantranslated or localized.  This is probably more of a shift in how the VN community is now, as I've noted there is even more art bigotry in recent years than there was when the community was at its most passionate.

Now the reasons to play it... the first reason, which is fairly obvious, is the sheer emotional depth of this story.  The three 'main school' heroines (Miyabi, Tonoko, and Shino) all have incredibly emotional paths with a completely unique story progression and deep character development.  This is, in fact, the main reason I replayed this game twice, despite it not being a chuunige or a straight-out plotge.  

The second reason is the setting.  While a girls' school might seem like a common setting, it should be noted that this game's setting served as an inspiration for a number of later games that you have probably played or even just heard of.  Two that stand out are Grisaia no Kajitsu and Koisuru Natsu no Resort.  The situation for four of the heroines (the ones that are translated) is very similar to that of several of the heroines (specifically Makina and Yumiko) in Grisaia, and Koisuru Natsu no Resort essentially steals the game's theme and waters it down significantly.  The main reason I say this is because the school setting in this case is, just like the previously-mentioned titles, one that is meant to essentially be an exile or holding pen for the heroines by those who sent them there.

Last of all... I should note that the four translated routes are some of the most well-paced routes I've seen outside of works by Masada, Shumon Yuu, or Higashide (which it is unfair to compare to in the first place, lol).  

While this post is full of my personal opinions, I should note that this is one of a small number of VNs I use for my gold standard in VNs in general and have so for over a decade.  Missing out on playing this VN means missing out on one of the best nakige in VN history.


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People should just read Miyabi's route already. Heck, I wasn't sure if I should do it considering my limited time, but now I decided, I'm gonna reread it with the English patch (that way I'll read faster). SHino's is fine too. Tonoko's, though, I honestly didn't like it much, but many loved it, so it's worth it too.

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2 hours ago, Riku said:

People should just read Miyabi's route already. Heck, I wasn't sure if I should do it considering my limited time, but now I decided, I'm gonna reread it with the English patch (that way I'll read faster). SHino's is fine too. Tonoko's, though, I honestly didn't like it much, but many loved it, so it's worth it too.

I played Tonoko's route first of the three the first time I played the game.  Admittedly, the route is slower-paced than either Miyabi or Shino's routes, but it has its own charm.  On my second playthrough I found Shino's route to be the best of the three, a route that got tastier on the second playthrough.  Miyabi's is a good route no matter how many times you play it.  Playing Tonoko's route the second time was not as good as the first, but it was still a good experience.  

The route that I had the most trouble playing the second time was Yuuna's, because all the shocking revelations were already over with.  It's the kind of route that is godly the first time you play it, but has little to offer on a second playthrough, in my opinion. 

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While the second reason on not to read it is sounds silly to you, to me it's still a big factor for anyone else who want to read it, even with the excuse that the remaining of the untranslated routes are pretty much can't hold a candle to the rest of the translated route (And I know the exact reason on why the translator didn't want to translate it). As for whether the untranslated routes can't really hold the candle because of the high number of sex scenes, preferably it would be the best to leave such opinion to the fans after they read it (And of course if the fans did find out that the routes are indeed quite bad as you said, then they can understand why you said it in the first place). Besides, if the VN is indeed quite good, then the so-called bad untranslated routes here shouldn't stop the fans to keep liking the VN even after reading the routes.

tldr - I still find out that it's too bad the two routes of it are untranslated even after knowing the unbalanced distribution of sex scenes, but I also realized that nothing can be done if the translator didn't want to do it in the first place. Besides, it's not like this is the first time I experienced this, seeing that there's also Ginharu with Trip can only manage to translate three routes fully.

PS - I already elaborate my opinion on the second reason on why everyone wouldn't want to read Harugi here, so I'll just say that the first reason is pretty much quite silly seeing that the art here is not on Ryukishi level (In fact, it can still hold up pretty well against newer VNs). For the third reason, well the reader can just search the reviews by themselves if one need review in the first place.

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