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Cinderella of the Red Castle Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (18/09/2022)

For this week VNTS Review title, since we have Houkago Cinderella C&D (Which to say it's not a good news for obvious reason) along with the announcement in regard of Akai Ito and Aoishiro HD version, I joined the word 'Cinderella' for the obvious reason along with 'Red' from Akai Ito (Translation note 1: Akai mean red) and 'Castle' from Aoishiro (Translation note 2: Shiro mean castle), so we have 'Cinderella of the Red Castle' as this week title. As for this week itself, seeing that there's the aforementioned Houkago Cinderella C&D along with the less updates on fan translation I can say that this week is a plain one, although we also have several interesting announcement from Tokyo Games Show so in the end I can say that this week is a below average one. Anyway, let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Nekonyan decided to give C&D notice to Houkago Cinderella translation project, which mean that the translation group obviously need to drop their translation activity and so they decided to comply. While it's understandable that one can be disappointed towards Nekonyan's action and the project being dropped here, in the end Nekonyan need to comply the contract that they'd have with Hooksoft, which one of those may be included the necessity to protect the license of Hooksoft's VNs in order to keep the relationship stable. Well I suppose it's too bad that there won't be Houkago Cinderella full translation for unforeseen future, although if anything else perhaps we may have Nekonyan localize it in the future. We also have one update from Sekai and it's in regard of Amairo Chocolata 2, in which they just starting the QA on this so at least it mean that we may have it released in the near future.

In Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Kogado decided to announce the remake of their old VN, and said VN is Tristia in that they'll remake it as Tristia: Legacy along with them also planned to release the new action like VN Tristia: Restore. The most interesting thing here is that Kogado will release those two in the next year with multiple language support, and one of the language is obviously English. For Trisita itself, it's about our female MC Nanoca who tasked with the heavy task to restore the ruined town in her grandfather place, but compared to her legendary grandfather she's more or less still a newbie. Even so Nanoca won't give up to help the town people and so she'll her skill to restore the town. For more info, you'll engage in the Atelier-like gameplay where Nanoca will create the item that will help her quest.

From fan translation first of all we have Ittaku preparing for Harugi's translation patch release, although it should be mentioned that it won't be a full translation patch because Ittaku was only translated 4 out of 6 routes, and as of now currently he's been doing some work in regard of bug now that he's been finished inserting the text. By the way if you need some progress on Harugi, currently it's been at 1% in QA. For the rest of fan translation updates, we have 132 out of 255 script files of Kusarihime (Note that there's 255 script files instead of 256 script files in Kusarihime) are translated, ChuSingura was at 12.12% translated, and Chrons was at 40% translated along with 35% in proofreading. We also have yet another Muv Luv FD translation patch released, and you can get it if you've been Muv Luv fans and in mood for some more material of it (By the way the FD here has the crossover with Kiminozo).

The most interesting news for this week is obviously in regard of the announcement for the HD version of Akai Ito and Aoishiro from TGS that will also support English language, and yes I said that it's the most interesting news even though Aoishiro here is already have the translation therefore Aoshiro HD here is technically redundant, although actually the available translation patch here is still lacking in some parts so at least it's worth to wait for the HD version. In case you thought that it's not worth to get the HD version of Aoishiro because it's a redundant one and you didn't mind the lacking part of the translation patch, at least it's worth to get for Akai Ito in that the only available translation patch is only translate 88% of it (ie it fully translate all but one route). The HD version for both will be released on the next year and it'll be available for PC, in which it mean that we finally can play Akai Ito without the need to use PS2 emulator because for some reason Success decided to keep Akai Ito as PS2 exclusive VN even though they released the trial in PC.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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