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I NEVER Want to Say to my Older Brother that I'm His Younger Sister Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/09/2022)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week we have multiple releases as well, although unlike last week this time all of those are not MTL so you don't need to worry in regard of MTL here. To summarize it, those releases are Imaimo, Himeyoku, and yet another nukige from Cherry Kiss with the biggest release is obviously Imaimo. We also have several new project established, and that Sekai also have several updates on this week even though it's quite unfortunate that there's no Hamidashi translation progress from them. So overall I suppose I can say that this week here is another above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week. Oh yes, as for the title I'll tell about it on PS later.

As for Cherry Kiss release, to be frank I have nothing to say other than that the localized title is obviously a parody of Pokemon English catchphrase. For the premise, well it's about the MC from the other world who summoned to the world that only has female as a sacrifice to seal the demon queen, and after he has sex with the queen who is satisfied so much that she pledge royalty to the MC and had him as the king, the MC decided to teach the meaning of equality by having sex with all races in his new world. Go get the VN if you want more Cherry Kiss nukige, and have fun.

Shiravune delayed their Monochrome Mobius release to November 16th with legitimate reason, in which apparently one of the staffs was get caught up by Covid which considering the number of daily cases in Japan (For the info the daily cases in August end could reach up to around 250,000 cases) it's most likely to be true. In exchange though they managed to have released Himeyoku, which at least it has some quite nice graphic even though I would like to see that Yamizome Liberator being translated. Anyway in here we have the MC who manage to get revenge by attacked the king who made his life miserable by using some sort of mysterious power, although his interest is not in politic but instead it's in regard of have sex with the princes, and so he used his power which revealed that he was got by made a pact with five female demon to rape the princess. Go get Himeyoku in Steam or Johren if you want to see more Escude VN, and have fun.

For Sekai's update, we have Yumeiro was at 30% edited, Nie no Hakoniwa was a 45% translated, Gakkou no Seiiki was fully edited, and last but not the least we have Our Marriage 1 was announced to be released on 23rd later along with it was already 90% in QA. Once again it's still too bad that there's no update on Hamidashi or even Raspberry Cube, but I suppose Sekai may start working on the former after they released the Chinese version of it first. We also have some update in regard of Slow Damage, in that it's currently in testing so we may have it released in the near future, although looking from how frequent JAST tweet something related to Gore Screaming Show related we may see it as JAST's next release.

Of course we have some fan translation update, and for the roundup we have Houkago Cinderella was at 58.88% translated along with 7.02% edited, ChuSingura was at 11.38% translated, Chronos was at 35% proofreading, Day 7 Ciel's route of Tsukihime Remake was finally fully translated, White Album 2 Mini After Stories was fully translated with two after stories are fully edited and playtested, and Eustia was at 97.87% in programming with Licia's chapter was at 88.68% in programming. We also have new project for Planetarian Snow Globe translation by Snow fan translation group, and for the info Snow Globe here is the short prequel of Planetarian with Snow Globe itself was already at a quarter translated. Almost forgot to mention that we already have one more sex scene from Aojashin Case 3 was translated, so for Aojashin currently we have 11 out of 17 sex scenes of it are translated.

We also have several updates from Daybreak, with one of those is in regard of Ginharu in that they will try to finish with it by November later, although whether it'll lead to full patch release later or not we'll see. Another update is in regard of Akagoei FD in that the translator already finished with Moe's route, and so he continued with working on Tae's route next. Lastly we also have new project from them, and said new project is Kusarihime in which it's the old Liar-soft VN from way back in 2002. Kurarihime itself is well known as the VN that inspired Urobochi Gen, Tanaka Romeo, and Kinoko Nasu which as we know are famous VNs writers, although looking from the graphic it may look dated. Then again, graphic itself won't be a factor alone when it come to see how good the VN is, so perhaps we may see people like Kusarihime later. We already have the progress on it, and as of now 120 out of 256 script files of it are translated which is good seeing that they set the release on 2023 later.

Nekonyan already announced that they'll have their next release, and said release is Ren'ai x Royale in which they'll release it in 30th later. No much to say other than it would be nice to just expect this as full comedy VN with some romance instead of romance VN with some comedy seeing that it's another ASa Project VN, and I mention this because I saw several comment on how Royale is less received compared to Karichaimashita along with on how apparently people have some problem with Karichaimashita here. Oh yes I did forget to mention this beforehand, so I'll say that ASa Project here did give one of side heroines a good side route with said routes has more substances compared to the side routes in Karichaimashita.

Last but not the least, we have Imaimo translation patch released. For the info Imaimo here is the prequel of Koichoco (Even though it's focused on different characters) with two of it's heroines, Chisato and Satsuki, appear as the relatives for Imaimo's heroines, and Imaimo is all age VN in the first place so no need to worry on either removed sex scenes or mosaic. For the premise it's about our MC Rikuto who need to face the fact that his father remarry to a single mother who is have a cute son (Ayumu), and said son is causing Rikuto's heart beat faster for some reasons. Obviously since sprite never produce BL VN, Ayumu turned out to be a girl who want to tell Rikuto that she's his little sister only to have no courage to do it, and because of the circumstances she was told to dressed as the boy by her mother. From there Rikuto start his new life with Ayumu, and possibly find his new life partner. Go get Imaimo if you want more sprite VN because it has nice art, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As for the title, it's obviously the direct translation of Imaimo full title. Or maybe not at all, because actually the direct translation for Imaimo full title is 'I Want to Say to my Older Brother That I'm His Younger Sister Now!', in which obviously it depict that Ayumu want to tell her status as the MC younger sister as soon as possible. Of course though it's another VA joke here, in which it's once again from Ayumu's VA, Chihara Minori, who voiced one of Rune Factory 3 bachelorette Sofia (Japanese one obviously) who's her quirk is to speak opposite of what she want to say, and I'll try to replicate it in the title even though I'd just write 'never' in all capital to emphasize the opposite speaking because there's no red font for the title. For the info, in Rune Factory 3 every time Sofia speak opposite the word will be painted red, and you can see Sofia's events in this video to understand it.

Edited by littleshogun


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