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Sweets Labyrinth Meister Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/09/2022)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have edited MTL patch for Amayui Labyrinth Meister (Or I'll call it as Amayui 2 from now on) I changed the word 'Amayui' into 'Sweets' because Amayui itself can be literally translated as 'sweets' based on the word 'ama' alone so we have 'Sweets Labyrinth Meister' as the title, even though the actually the kanji 'ama' in there is actually meant heaven. As for this week, once again it's quite complicated because of two translated edited MTL translation patch which may as well not treated as such if the translator not said it directly. Aside from those two MTL patch, once again there're several updates from fan translation with the most notable one is Ginharu just finished the translation work. All in all, if not for the fact that those two newly released patch are MTL this week here could be an exciting one, although as it stands it's now just an above average one. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Unlike first Amayui in which I did help worked on, this time I'm not involved with it. As for Amayui 2, while gameplay wise it's certainly far more accessible to the newbie seeing that Eushully add several new features that made the battle easier (Although they also nerf some of the other features), story wise compared to the prequel Amayui 2 here is more focused on Avaro's quest on another country with him investigating the anomaly in the dungeons. Anyway go get the patch in the website here if you want to play Amayui 2 and also if you didn't mind for the fact that Depravity used the MTL to help with the translation work, and have fun. Oh yes actually I'm quite late to report this, because Amayui 2 patch here was released back on August 8th.

Another edited MTL patch that was released is Re:Lief translation patch, and this one is already released from way back in May so it took people three months to just notice it. Looking from the art alone, I can say that Re:Lief here got some nice art along with the good opening song, although as for the story from what I can see it's quite divisive seeing that Erogamescape has better reception on this compared to VNDB. For the premise, it's about our MC Tsukasa who is attend an unique school in an isolated island with said school is intended as the one that used for government program to allow the troubled adult do back to school for a year before going back to society. Since most likely that Nekonyan will not localize this despite that Hikari Field is the one who release this on Steam, you can get the patch on here if you want to play Re:Lief in English and not mind of the edited MTL.

We have the KS for Venus Blood Gaia successful with the gathered fund was at 36,095,714 yen or more than 2.7 times of the initial goal, and I'll look forward to their planned release on June 2023 later. Shiravune will release Himeyoku on 9th later, and let's just say that I hope that Shiravune next announcements can be more interesting. From JAST we have the translator was already finished with Gore Screaming Show translation work, and let's see if JAST will release it on this year after they put double and triple effort on editing and QC. Sekai also announced that they'll release Hamidashi Chinese version on 30th later, and even though I criticized Sekai several times for releasing Chinese version instead of English version first, at least this times we can see that it's impossible to have English release first (If anything else, they manage to get the Steam store page for Hamidashi opened which to say is quite nice considering the random ban that Chaos Head Noah got).

For fan translation, we have ChuSingura was at 10.82% translated, Manakashi was at halfway translated, White Album 2 Mini After Story had the last after story was at 82% translated, Imaimo was fully QC-ed, Chronos was at 35% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 59% edited, Chicchakunai Mon was at 19.53% edited, and Chaos Head Noah was at 91.32% TLC-ed along with 80.07% edited. We also have update on Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.5 which is quite surprising because the last update on it was several years ago, and said update is the work on it will start shortly with the original translator, Arcadeotic, will do the TLC of it while leaving the translation work to the other group. That said though, Arcadeotic here is still worked on Bishoujo Mangekyou translation in which it's Bishoujo Mangekyou 4 that has trap MC and the one that I'm interested with, and we already have some progress on it with the current progress was 2 out of 56 script files of it were translated.

We have several updates from Daybreak Translation, with one of those is that turned out they're the group who working on Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.5 translation, and the translator himself already made the estimate release time in that it'll be on early 2023 later. There's also some slight update on Akagoei FD with the translator restarted his work on Moe's route, although very slowly on that. Lastly, we have all of Ginharu was translated which obviously also mean all 37 script files of Yuzuki's route and 10 of her sex scenes were translated, although obviously it didn't mean that we can have Yuzuki's patch being released immediately, because there's still some works left including editing with the editing work for Mizuha's route has not finished yet. So to summarize it, with some works left before the release, perhaps it would be the best to not expect Yuzuki's patch released in this year, especially with the plan to release Mizuha's and Yuzuki's patch separately.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edit (09/09) - Seeing that VNTS is back, I decided to add the link to it from now on even though it'll be late so I'll add the link whenever VNTS page is posted. Also seeing the date is use the format DD/MM/YYYY, I changed it to reflect as such. For the info the old VNTS using MM/DD/YYYY, which turned out to be only used by USA alone while most of the countries use DD/MM/YYYY format.

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