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Afterschool Alien Review



Once again since we have another rough patch for Houkago Cinderella and 'Houkago' itself is literally mean 'Afterschool', I decided to make another VA parody with Ayumu of Imaimo VA in that it's Chihara Minori with her most well known role is the alien from Haruhi franchise (Nagato Yuki), so we have 'Afterschool Alien' for this week VNTS Review title. Anyway as for this week while we have several releases from official company and fan translation, what I can say is that I'm not particularly find those releases interesting. That said, at least we have several nice updates from fan translation in regard of two partial patch release update (One of those is the aforementioned Houkago Cinderella), so at least this week is more interesting compared to the last week although overall is just an average one. Anyway let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

We have a new release from Kagura Games with the title 'How to Built a Magnificent Kingdom' that has the premise where the princess from a fallen kingdom tried her best to rebuild her kingdom, although obviously the road to do that will be not easy. In there the player will be act as the apprentice knight who tasked to help the princess to build the kingdom's military with the player will be take care of the army who will fight in case the kingdom want to defend or attacking another nation. It also has brothel management game in which it may remind people of Dohna Dohna, although with the strategy gameplay aspect it's more or less like Madou Koukaku which in turn was probably inspired by Civilization franchise. Go get the game on Steam, and have fun.

Shiravune did release Tamakagura back on 26th, and no much to say other than have fun if you want to play another game that featured shrine maiden fight several monsters and will be raped if said shrine maiden is lose. Speaking of being raped by monsters, we also have JAST just released Inyochu today (For the reminder Inyochu is about several female demon hunters who face the risk to be raped by monsters if they lose), and I have no much to say other than it's good to see that JAST did manage to release one of their 2022 AX announcement at the same year they announced it so hopefully they'll manage to do the same with the rest of their AX announcements. We also have Cherry Kiss announced another isekai nukige with the title Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed 'Em All! is definitely parodied Pokemon's catchphrase, and in case you're interested with it you can wait until September 9th later in which it'll be released on that date.

Looks like Sekai may not be able to release Our Marriage 1 on August as the developer predicted, so obviously it mean that there'll be no longer possibility of August release. At least Sekai here manage to launch the Steam store of it along with them released the trial of it, so you can try the trial here in case you looking forward to the GL VN release later. Nekonyan did release Makeover FD back on August 26th, and no much to say other than go get it if you want to see the after stories of your favorite heroines at Makeover. If anything else, at least I can see that Smee still retain their usual comedy writing, especially when we see on how some of the after stories scenario on VNDB are not what we can say a very serious one.

We have a group did translate Bakemonogatari game for PSP, and no much to say expect at least you can try it if you're a big fan of Bakemonogatari anime (You can easily use PSP emulator to make up the lack of PC version of it). We also have Hoka no Otoko After Story translation patch release, in which said VN is the after story of the NTR VN that was released back on May. The premise is still the same in which the wife want a child, except this time she want to have another child and thus the husband (The MC) decided to use the successful method by asking his little brother to once again impregnate his own wife because the MC himself is more or less sterile. 

For the rest of the updates from fan translation, we have Chronos was at 30% edited, White Album 2 Mini After Story had the last after story was at 69% translated, Senmomo was at 69.89% edited with Chapter 5 was past halfway (54.31%) edited, ChuSingura was at 10.27% translated, and 35 out of 37 script files for Yuzuki's route of Ginharu were translated. As for Houkago Cinderella rough patch release, this time the patch itself did translate Tsukushi's route so with this patch now we have 3 out of 5 routes in Houkago Cinderella were (Roughly) edited. For the next plan, the translator will translate either Maria's or Yukiko's route, although looking from the progress the translator could be decided to work on Yukiko's route first with her route currently was at 6.22% translated. We also have Imaimo translator announced that the full translation patch of it will be released on September 9th later, and seeing that he only need to do the remaining QC work for the whole Ayumu's route we may see it happen.

Last but not the least, we also have the partial patch release for Walkure Romanze with said patch is translated Lisa's route along with common and Celia's routes, so you can get it if you just want to play it for Lisa. There's also some translation update on it, with the translator already worked on Mio's route with said route is currently at approximately 35% translated along with said that it'll be the next route to be translated. There's also some progress on Noel's route as well, with said progress was roughly at a quarter translated along with 23% TL checked.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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