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Pokemon Golden Time and Silver Light Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review and since we have the big updates for both of Golden Time (ie Kirikoi FD) and Ginharu along with both title have the word 'Gold' and 'Silver' (Translation note: Gin mean silver), I make some homage to a certain work that have both word and said work is Pokemon Gold and Silver so I make the title as 'Pokemon Golden Time and Silver Light' with the 'light' word is from new fault VN that was released few days ago (fault Silence the Pendant: Lightkravte). Anyway as far as this week concerned while granted that we have some releases, after big announcements from Nekonyan at the last week this week is feel like a breather here even though there's still some interesting updates besides those two aforementioned updates. Overall this week is more or less is an above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Cherry Kiss announced that they'll release yet another nukige at June 10th later with the premise is more or less parodied the concept of the MC banished from his party who the met with the girl which in this case it's the dog girl (It's in the title after all), and in case you want more cliche the MC himself is reincarnated from another world (So yes it's another isekai nukige). If anything else, at least I kind of like the outfit design to a degree, and that Cherry Kiss here is really productive when it come to translated VNs releases. Speaking of nukige, Alicesoft just released their housewife healer VN in which it has two routes (Pure and NTR), and I have no much to say in regard of it other than at least it's nice to see that Alicesoft still making VN and willing to localize their housewife game in which it's their another specialty after Rance series.

Finally we have new fault game released in which it's the promised Silence the Pendant, although turned out that they released the first part lIghtkravte of it along with said VN has male MC. While granted that they show the result with good graphic that as we can see was indeed improved very much after their last release back at 2015 (Besides Mhakna and Silence the Pendant trial), I felt that the developer put too much focus on it. While granted there's many other factor that were too many to list that cause the delay, in the end one can say that the developer might be a bit too ambitious with the display and thus it caused longer development time than necessary. Granted that while there's nothing wrong with pushing the display to the limit, I should say that when it come to the VN the story here should take much more focus. In the end, I suppose you can play Lightkravte first while waiting for side below (That probably tangled with Troubled Production as expected).

For fan translation updates, we have Chronos was at 10% translated, Shin Koihime Musuou was at 55% edited, Harugi was at 62% edited, three routes of Snow (Asahi, Sumino, and Legend) were finished the final pass, 121 out of 138 script files of Nagomibako were edited, 97.3% original lines of Summer Pocket were reworked, Senmomo was at 58.10% edited with Chapter 4 was at 45.87% edited, Ruitomo was at 18.04% translated along with 1.15% edited (The regression in editing is because the team decided to restart the editing progress to follow the style of the new editor), Imaimo was at 47.1% translated with Matsuri's route was fully translated along with the translator already at past halfway on translating Kimika's route (At 52.4% translated), and Eustia was at 96.96% in programming with Licia's chapter was at 83.85% in programming.

As for said big update in regard of Ginharu, it's on how we finally have Mizuha's route fully translated and it should goes without saying that it's included all of her 10 sex scenes. That said, it's still not over yet because there's still some works left before we finally have Mizuha's patch released, namely that the translator will doing some second pass in order to find out some mistakes that he might made in the process of translating (Especially at the sex scenes) before finally handing it to Irru in order to do the editing work (If I'm right). As for when Mizuha's patch being released, not even the translator himself know but if anything else I hope that it won't take too long. Also while the translator himself already confirmed that he'll translate Yuzuki's route next, he'll not directly work into it but instead he'll take some rest before working on it.

Lastly in regard of Golden Time update it's about on how we finally have the Steam store of it, which to say is bigger than it sounds because it mean that the release date for it was almost close and more importantly Steam did approve it after reviewing the content which is nice to know especially when we know on how random Valve can be when it come to the ban, with one of those banned VN is Clover Days (Although seeing that Nekonyan released all translated Yuzusoft VNs on GOG recently which mean Nekonyan managed to have a deal with GOG in regard of storefront, we may see Clover Days release on GOG later). That said, the exact date for Golden Time release is still undetermined for now because there's still some work left before the release, such as editing the last quarter of the VN and do the QC on it. I just hope that it won't take too long before the release.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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