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Kamikaze Pilot in Another World Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title since we have Hatsumira with the premise that one of Kamikaze pilot who about to do suicide attack in World War 2 was sent into another world, I'll just parodied a certain isekai work, Veterinarian in Another World, by changing 'Vetenarian' with 'Kamikaze Pilot' so we have 'Kamikaze Pilot in Another World' as the title which admittedly is quite plain. Anyway that aside compared to the last week obviously this time it's more exciting here, thanks to Frontwing finally released Hatsumira in which it's the only interesting release for April here. Other than Hatsumira, we also have Mangagamer released Uchi no Imouto and obviously we still have fan translation updates here. Overall this week is an above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

There's a certain nukige, Illicit Love ~Secret Time with Housewives~, that was moved up a month from the promised release date (May 27th), so we already have it released. No much to say other than it has NTR element, and have fun if you already play it (At least you didn't need to wait for another month here). Speaking of NTR, Alicesoft did release their newest VN demo with said VN has English title 'A Housewife's Healing Touch', which mean that yes Alicesoft will release it overseas with the exact release date will be at 27th later. As for NTR matter, the VN has two routes with ne of those route is NTR route and another one is Pure Love route. No much to say other than at least we can get housewife VN that Alicesoft known like to develop being translated here. Oh yes we also have Fakku localize yet another nukige, and said nukige is Iku Iku Succubuss with said VN is already in testing (The VN was also already fully translated and edited) with the release planned at this year summer.

Mangagamer did release Uchi no Imouto like I mentioned beforehand, and no much that I can say other than it should be good VN if you want to play some little sister VN so have fun if you already interested with it. Mangagamer released their survey result, and let's just say that I understand if Mangagamer being bored with the result. They also give some hints towards their future license, with one of those hints lean towards Sex Open World in which it's isekai nukige VN from Moonstone, although obviously it's too obvious guess for now (I won't be surprised if Mangagamer announced Sex Open Worl later though). We also have Shiravune announce the exact release date for Badge and Dagger, and said release date will be at June 10th later so you may note the date if you've been looking forward to see more Ruka.

For fan translation updates, we have 94.8% original lines of Summer Pockets were reworked, Senmomo was at 55.72% edited with Chapter 3 was fully edited, Ruitomo was at 13.89% translated (Common route was at 61.31% translated) along with 8.51% edited, Imaimo was at 14.1% translated with common route was at 70.3% translated, Snow was fully translated with the next focus will be going to editing and testing, Taimanin Kurenai was 90% in proofreading, Tsukihime Remake Ciel's route Day 13 was fully translated, and Houkago Cinderella was at 43.12% translated. Last but not the least we have 88 out of 139 script files for Mizuha's route of Ginharu translated, and for the info the reason on why the remaining two files were omitted it's because those two files are sounds only files.

Last but not the least we have Hatsumira released in which we finally have Frontwing release the VN smoothly without bug like Sharin, so good for them. Anyway Hatsumira here tell us the story about a Kamikaze pilot who about to do suicide attack in WW2 only to have the pilot (Ichiro) find himself in a desert with a dragon help him, and then after Ichiro find himself in the other world he decided to go back to his world at all cost in order to fulfill a promise that he made despite that what await him after he come back is a certain death. Hatsumira itself is more or less isekai VN with the less attention on the sex scenes, so I think it should be good to see it translated seeing that isekai VN here is still rare (Outside nukige one). Anyway go get Hatsumira if you interested with it since back when Frontwing tease it, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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