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Temptation of Stormy Sword Deity Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being very late here. As for the title since we have Onee-chan no Yuuwaku (Translated as Temptation of Older Sister) released I decided to make VA parody in regard of the VA (Momoi Ichigo), so we have 'Temptation of Stormy Sword Deity' as this week review title and for the info Stormy Sword Deity is the title for corrupted Tyrca of Venus Blood Frontier (Tyrca here has two different titles for her two different forms, and I chose her title for her corrupted form because it fit more with the word temptation) with Tyrca herself voiced by Momoi Ichigo as well. As for this week while release wise there's no much interesting thing, at least there're several interesting announcements. Overall this week is an average one even with some of the released title have interesting circumstances, and let's see what I can write about this week here.

Love Lab did add one more secret project with the new project was at 10% translated while at the same time they also have their first secret project was at halfway translated. Turned out that my guess is right that the one who work on Jack Jeanne is Aksys, and they'll release it in the next year (ie 2023). Cherry Kiss announced another nukige with NTR, and it'll be released at 15th later. Finally we have Degica released 12th chapter of Yumemi Dreamers, and with this it mean that we have all part of Yumemi Dreamers released. If you want to read very usual magical girl that Kogado here did make it like Precure (It got the story where the mascot was cased by the cadres of the evil organization and then hand over the power to the chosen girl, although in here you'll play as the male best friend of the chosen girl), then go get it and have fun. Note that it also has rhythm and RPG gameplay, although from what I can see the latter is quite simple while for the former it's like Symphonic Rain (Same developer).

Mangagamer did release Seventh Lair, and what I know is that it has Fata Morgana characters with different story in which I can only say that it's quite awkward (Granted that turned out it's April Fool release, so the awkwardness might be intentional). Other than that so far the reception of this is less favorable compared to Fata Morgana, but if you just want to see Fata Morgana casts in the new story then you can get Seventh Lair and have fun. Mangagamer announced their next release, and it's Uchi no Imouto that they'll release at 28th later. Speaking of release date Sekai announced that they'll release Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates first volume at Friday (8th) later, and perhaps you can try it later if you like Eushully's drawing seeing that the artist did work on several Eushully VNs in the past.

This week we have quite a number of fan translation updates, and in fact we also have Onee-chan no Yuuwaku released. But before going into it, let me make some roundup in regard of the updates. For the roundup we have Houkago Cinderella was at 40.52% translated, Chaos Head Noah was at 29.31% for both of TLC and editing progress, Ciel's route Day 13 of Tsukihime Remake was at 44% translated, Eustia was at 95.19% in programming with Licia's chapter was at 74.43% in programming, Taimanin Kurenai was at 90% edited, Shigure's route of Snow was at about 70% translated with the VN was overall at 96% translated, 2 out of 37 script files for Tsukikana's common route was translated, and Senmomo was at 45.02% edited with Chapter 3 was at 38.25% edited.

As for Onee-chan no Yuuwaku, I did remember that it has Indonesian translation so this is the second VN that has English translation after the Indonesian translation was released, with the first one that I remember is Guilty Crown VN. The VN itself has a MC who has sister complex towards his older sister who is more or less a perfect student at his school, and luckily the older sister here is also has some brother complex so naturally they'll going to have some forbidden love between two blood related sibling. Or if you want to be blunt this is a nukige with single heroine (The elder sister) so if you want to play some blood related sibling nukige and prefer the elder one instead the younger one like Imopara, then go get the VN and have fun. Lastly we have some Ginharu progress, and this time we have 30 out of 141 script files for Mizuha's route was translated.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot to mention that we have new exact release date for Doukyuusei remake, and said date will be at 15th later. There's also new Ruitomo translation project as well, and I'll try to talk about more on this at next VNTS Review.

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