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VN of the Year 2021 - Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o




Despite all the looks I still find as many as ten games to be great. And still 50 openings to enjoy Visual Novel Openings 2021 . Since I prioritize chunige , my choice for the year is Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o . As for plans, hardly anything has changed except that I'm first going for Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation- , but so far only recorded common route over last three months, so useless to plan further. Will definitely get more active when I finish all the postponed RPGs , six titles accumulated so far.


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The title should be 'VN of the Year 2021' there, because when I see your post on the latest blog entries I thought that you did repost your post in regard of November 2021 releases. Anyway as for 2021, well I guess I can say that I want to see both of Lupecaria and Fuyukara was localized along with that apparently Purple Software did prepare Kunado for Steam release sometimes in the future. That said, at least we have Harukaze preparing Monkeys localization and hopefully they didn't censor the overseas release. Lastly while Umi to Yuki looks like an interesting title to be localized, it may took a while for even Shiravune to finally localized it though I may be wrong on that.

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8 hours ago, Vekili said:

What are the RPGs you've been playing

Nothing unusual, sadly as I don't favor jrpgs aside from Trails series. Expeditions: Rome keeps me fascinated for last couple weeks. Modded Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 are stopped midway and await their turn. Atom:Trudograd is installed yet needs some inspiration for it. After first satisfyingly modded game might glance at Oblivion (for the story as never finished) and Skyrim. Cyberpunk 2077 still lacks mods in my opinion, so checking once in a year the state of mods for it.

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I don't post on this forum anymore, but I just had to comment about Sakura Moyu as the Night's Reincarnation. I just started reading this and it is one of the best if not the best VN Favorite has come out with. It is a bit wordy and repetitive in how it is written, but so far it is an incredible story. This one will definitely make you shed some tears. I am really looking forward to Kuro's route. She is by far my favorite character even without reading her route yet. I hope this one get's popular. I doubt anyone will want to translate it tho as it is so long and wordy.

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