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A Cake Iced in Scarlet Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Icing release along with the big update in Akaneiro I decided to combined the word from both VNs so we have 'A Cake Iced in Scarlet' as this week title (By the way the title here did resemble the Sherlock Holmes story 'A Study in Scarlet'). For more elaboration, icing here is the process to coat the cake with sugar and obviously there'll be a lot of making cake in Icing seeing that both of the MC and his wife are patissiers, while as for 'Scarlet' part here it's simply because Akane here can be translated as scarlet. Anyway as far as this week concern, while release wise we only have Icing and otome VN Ayakashimori, Sekai here did a lot of updates with their bigger name including finally announced the exact release date for Rewrite. Overall this week is an interesting one thanks to Sekai's updates, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Like I say beforehand, we have Venus Blood Frontier fandiscs was have Kickstarter and the result is that they successfully funded it with the fund gathered was at 2,611,916 yen which is more than twice of the original goal (At 1,200,000 yen), and in case you want to fund it there's still time in that it'll be ended eight days later. We also have the estimation release time for this, and it'll be at March 2022 later which should be more than possible to fulfill after seeing both of Frontier and Hollow. For Icing we have our nameable MC Shigure who is a patissier that married his colleague Akiho, and like previous VNs from Hachimitsu Soft that were localized by artlink obviously we'll see a lot of romantic moment between the married couple even with both of them are also rival in regard of patissier skill (Not that it stop them to run a cake shop together). Go get Icing if you're in the mood to read the VN that has romance in a cake shop, and have fun.

For Ayakashimori, well no much to say other than we got the female MC want to be the member of Ayakashimori in that it's a special bureau that deal with youkai and that it's only available for Switch, so you can try it if you're an otome game fans that have Switch and have fun. Shiravune licensed two nukige with one of those was released back at 3rd (FUCKOMOTIVE) and another one will be released at 10th later (SISTERITUAL). What I know is that both VNs have two heroines each, and both has specific setting with FUCKOMOTIVE has train and SISTERITUAL has shrine along with blood related sibling sex scenes (Well it's in the title). Lastly we finally have Frontwing announced the last volume of Phantom Trigger and they announced the exact release date in which it'll be at February 25th later, although we didn't have them announce that it'll be available in English though even though it's pretty obvious that they'll also release it in English simultaneously.

From fan translation we have both of Asahi and Ouka routes of Snow were finished with the translator will be focused on translating both of Meiko and Legend routes (For the info the latter is not really the name of the girl, but rather the name of the route itself), Eustia was at 93.86% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 67.35% TLC-ed, Chaos Head Noah was at 11.25% edited, Harugi was at 40% edited, 46 out of 138 script files of Nagomibako was edited, and Loverable was at 98.97% translated along with 98.64% edited. We also have Senmomo was at 18.85% edited with Chapter 2 was at 7.86% edited, and currently they're in need of a hacker. Lastly we have announcement from White Album 2 Discord that they'll release the patch in the upcoming weeks and very likely earlier before Christmas, and so we have 19 days of wait at most to finally have White Album 2 full translation patch here. That's all for the updates from fan translation section.

As for Sekai's updates, we have Akaneiro was at halfway translated, Amairo Chocolata was at 90% translated, Yumeiro was at 35% translated, and the secret project was fully edited along with them wait for the build. We also have them scheduling the release for Drapri 2 along with them finally started to work on Harukuru's engine with the current progress was at 20% (They still wait for the build though). They also finally has some updates on Tokeijikake, and that they finally have list the QA progress for both of Daybreak and Morning Mist (80% and 30% respectively) with the former was planned for the release at Q1 2022, which to say may be possible (As long as there's no additional bugs in Daybreak) seeing that they did announce that they'll release Rewrite at 17th later with the Harvest Festa release at later date (It's still at 20% edited for the info). Last but not the least, we have Amatsutsumi was in review by Valve which mean obviously it was already finished the QA along with the engine work, and hopefully the review progress can be going without much fuss so that we can have this released smoothly.

That's all for what I can say in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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