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VN of the Month August 2021 - Princess x Princess



New August, new portion of pain and shame. Princess x Princess wins by default as the only title that qualifies for competition.


1. Hajimete Tateta Ocha ga Coffee no Watashi wa, Hachamechana Otemae de Sadou Taikai Yuushou o Mezasu. はじめて点てたお茶がコーヒーの私は、破茶滅茶なお点前で茶道大会優勝を目指す。[210801] EXLIGHT 1
Amateurs who can't even make the difference between tea and coffee aim to win the tea ceremony tournament! Extraordinarily "ABSURD"・Tea ceremony Adventure!
Game is released in English ... and one day someone might even bother to review it


2. Princess x Princess [210827] Navel 1
Autumn has arrived at Verbena Academy.
This summer, Lithia was able to become lovers with Raito Aioi, who had dreamed of her since he was a child. There was a figure of Lithia, the princess of the divine world. She experienced the autumn of the human world and was immersed in a melancholic mood.
"I know what Raito and I need the most now... and that's a concubine!"
When love comes to fruition as love and becomes marriage. Whether or not they should have a wedding ceremony with Raito...Lithia is indulging in future delusions. While worried about the difference in values between humans and the divine world, which is polygamy. After all, if you want to get married, polygamy may be better!?
Unknown to Raito, the search for Lithia's wife begins!
On the other hand, a mysterious airplane suddenly appears on the grounds of Verbena Academy!
"Raito-kun's father, maybe he's alive...?"
A mysterious journey begins at Verbena Academy in the fall, triggered by the sudden appearance of an airplane and the girl who lost her memory as a passenger...!!
For those who could not have enough of Shuffle 2


3. Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon- 月姫 -A piece of blue glass moon- [210826] Type-Moon 1 2
The first half of the remake of Type-Moon's classic doujin game Tsukihime, featuring a rewritten scenario with major differences in its setting and plot, as well as several new characters.


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Recommended Comments

Princess x Princess is actually better than shuffle 2, its original game.

I really, really wish they would release Tsukihime remake for pc.  I hate using consoles for vns.

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Hajimete Tateta - I don't really know that this VN has simultaneous release with English release until now, and well I can't comment much seeing that I didn't know this VN much.

Princess x Princess - Looks like the staffs realize the reason on why the late Agobarrier decided to have Shia as the chosen girl for Rin in the first Shuffle, so good for them. Also apparently it's the continuation of Shuffle 2, so perhaps it's appropriate to call this as the sequel rather than fandisc (Then again, I did call Meikyuu and Raken as fandiscs so I may be wrong on that).

Tsukihime Remake - Nasu really going all out rebooting Tsukihime by writing the scripts even longer so much that he need to separated it into two parts, make the new characters, and hiring Ufotable to make the opening. He also hire new VAs to voiced the characters, in which I did think it's a bit unneccesary seeing that the VAs for Tsukihime casts at Carnival Phantasm still alive (Except the late Matsuki Miyu). Like mod Clephas said this VN is console only which to say quite a questionable decision, although it surely won't stop the fans to port it to the PC along with translating the game. Lastly with Ufotable animated the opening here, perhaps we can have better adaptation of Tsukihime compared to what we have in 2003 that was quite infamous so much that the fans called it nonexistent.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of August 2021 releases.

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