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Hustler Fantasy VII Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week title I'll explain it more at PS later. As for this week, it should be obvious that we have some nice releases here even though it's not as much as last week (At least Dohna Dohna release here is more than make up for the less number of the release). Other than the releases, we also have Sekai did announce that they took over Whirlpool newest VN license as expected along with JAST finally announced the exact release date for Yamizome Revenger. Overall even with less number of releases compared to the last week, this week is quite an exciting one and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Cherry Kiss announced yet another nukige that they'll release at next week (8th) later, and the name is Stealing a Monster Girl Harem. No much to say other than it has the premise the MC somehow has the power to seduce the monster girls, so it should be a good choice in case you like a harem of monster girl there. Ninetails has a Kickstarter update with the new plan to do the Kickstarted for Venus Blood Frontier three mini fandiscs, although seeing that those are more or less only contained sex scenes I'll pass those. Good luck to Ninetails in regard of Kickstarter later, although if I may honest I would prefer them to do the Kickstart for either Ragnarok or Savior (The newest Venus Blood VN). We also finally has the new update from Love Lab Japan VN, and for the updates we have the English version of Chinkamo Twins was almost completed while at the same time they're finishing up the QA work for Humbling of a Holy Maiden.

As expected Sekai did license the most recent Whirlpool VN, and the VN in question is Animal Trail Girlish Square. From what I understand, the premise is about the MC who become the manager of his favorite indie idol group after find out the group turned out to be a beast girl from another world who also magical girls with the mission to save their own world. Oh yes Sekai already worked on this apparently alongside Whirlpool, and as for the progress currently we have this was fully translated and edited with them currently waiting for the build. For the exact release date of Yamizome Revenger, JAST did announce that they'll release it at Friday (5th) later. While granted that the release here was quite overshadowed by two big releases (Dohna Dohna and Venus Blood Hollow), I still look forward to the release seeing that I've been waiting for this ever since JAST announced this back at AX 2019.

For fan translation updates at this week, we have Senmomo was at 12.57% edited with Chapter 1 was at almost three quarter (74.28%) edited, Harugi was at 35% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 51% edited, Taimanin Kurenai was at 60% translated, and Loverable was at 97.95% edited. For the last but not the least fan translation update at this week, we finally have Setsuna's route in Coda was fully playtested and with this only Kazusa's true route that was still untested. The translator also already said that the release time is almost close, in which he said that they'll release it at this month (November), so let's see if we can see the release of White Album 2 complete translation patch at the remaining 29 days here.

Mangagamer did release Love Sweets which mean that they already have the next release, and the next release in question is Horny Elves and Moral Orc that will be released at 18th later. As for the Love Sweets itself other than the release is obviously overshadowed by Dohna Dohna release, at first Moonstone want to localize this by themselves only to be failed and of course they decided to ask Mangagamer for the help. I also find out that apparently the translation sample that they showed was quite bad, so perhaps they ask Mangagamer's help with that in mind as well. For the premise, well we have the MC who want to have the girlfriend work at the cafe where there's a lot of girl with the hope to find his girlfriend with one of the girlfriend candidate is his blood related little sister. Well go get Love Sweets in case you're in the mood for a light charage, and have fun.

For this week biggest release, it's obviously Dohna Dohna in that it's the latest Alicesoft VN. Also as we know this time we have Shiravune did release it instead of Mangagamer, so perhaps it might be possible that Alicesoft will ask Shiravune to localize Evenicle 2 later. For the premise of Dohna Dohna itself, we'll have a group of outlaw who live in a city that was ruled by a giant corporation. One of what the outlaw doing is that they'll kidnapping the girl and then selling them as prostitutes, and you'll doing that a lot if you need money because it's the only way to gain money. With that premise, it should be obvious that the VN here won't have light story despite that the graphic here are quite colorful and also it'll have some disturbing sex scenes, although obviously it won't be at the level of Clockup (Or rather it's still within what Alicesoft usually did). Go get Dohna Dohna in case you want to play some gameplay VN from Alicesoft, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write at this week, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, since we have Dohna Dohna released I parodied Final Fantasy VII because the plot of Dohna Dohna is quite similar with FF7, in that both have giant corporations as the main enemies and the main party group is the outlaw who fight against the companies along with the MC for both are the second in command of the outlaw groups instead of the leader. As for 'Hustler' part here, the reason is simply because we'll going to sell prostitutes and hustler here is the slang for prostitutes, hence 'Hustler Fantasy VII' for the title. I know that Dohna Dohna here was said to be resembled Persona 5, but it's not really similar though because the group in Persona 5 didn't have giant corporation as the main enemy, the MC is the leader of the group, and more importantly the group didn't involved in physical activities that wrecked the city such as blowing the facilities or kidnapping the girls.

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