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VN of the Year June 2020 - ATRI -My Dear Moments-

Surprisingly, all age Adabana Itan and ATRI -My Dear Moments- put traditional titles to shame this month. 


1. Adabana Itan 徒花異譚 [200618] Liar-soft 1 2
A girl finds herself in a dark and unfamiliar forest when a monster appears out of nowhere and attacks. A mysterious boy, wielding a brush as if it were a sword, appears just in time to cut down the monster.
He calls himself Kurofude, and he addresses the girl in a familiar tone as Shirohime. Yet she does not recognize him or the name he calls her. She has lost all of her memories.
According to Kurofude, they are in the land of Adabana, a realm of illustrated books. Their tales are like dreams; no matter how deeply one immerses oneself in them, once one wakes up, they are gone. Thus the name Adabana—a name given to flowers that will never bear fruit. Their duty is to travel through story realms and look for signs of distortions in the tales.
Shirohime, a girl with seemingly all the agency of a doll, accepts this explanation and opens a book handed to her. The title: Hanasaka Jiisan. As she opens the dilapidated illustrated book with its pages riddled with worm-eaten holes, the pages glow brightly and whisk the girl and boy away to a fairy tale realm...
Game is released in English and has English reviews


2. ATRI -My Dear Moments- [200618] Frontwing 1 2
In the near future, a sudden and unexplained sea rise has left much of human civilization underwater.
Ikaruga Natsuki, a boy who lost his mother and his leg in an accident some years earlier, returns disillusioned from a harsh life in the big city to find his old countryside home half-swallowed by the sea.
Left without a family, all he has to his name is the ship and submarine left to him by his oceanologist grandmother, and her debts.
His only hope to restore the dreams for the future that he has lost is to take up an opportunity presented to him by the suspicious debt collector Catherine. They set sail to search the sunken ruins of his grandmother's laboratory in order to find a treasure rumor says she left there.
But what they find is not riches or jewels; it is a strange girl lying asleep in a coffin at the bottom of the sea.
Atri is a robot, but her appearance and her wealth of emotions would fool anyone into think she's a living, breathing human being. In gratitude for being salvaged, she makes a declaration to Natsuki.
"I want to fulfill my master's final order. Until I do, I'll be your leg!"
In a little town slowly being enveloped by the ocean, an unforgettable summer is about to begin for this boy and this mysterious robot girl...
Game is released in English and has English reviews


3. Anabel Maid Garden アナベル・メイドガーデン [200626] Barista Lab
My childhood friend is my fiancée and my… maid!?
It was the day before summer break. On that day, the protagonist, Kuzuhara Kei, was given an astonishing instruction from his father:
“You have a fiancée. Go greet her.”
Kei, still harboring unrequited feelings for his childhood friend Annabel , proceeded to the meeting place planning to decline the marriage proposal. But waiting there for him was… Annabel in maid clothes.
“I’m your fiancée, and from today on you’re my master♪”
And so, this summer break Kei began living together with Annabel.
The girl that was his childhood friend, close friend, and unrequited love had become his childhood friend, close friend, fiancée, and… maid!
Yay, more vanilla nukige


4. Kirakira Stars Idol Project Nagisa [200619] sushi_soft 1
"You're the idol you used to sing to on stage?"
After their first live performance, Nobuyuki and Ai have a fateful encounter with the top idol, Nagisa Yukihiro.
Six months later.
With Miwako's kindness, Nobuyuki and his friends attend a joint lesson with Uesugi Productions, a long-established entertainment production company.
While getting involved with Nagisa through joint lessons, it is decided that an idol festival - DivaFes - will be held, but...
"What are you going to do? What do you want to do as an idol?"
"I want to join in--no, I want to try!"
DivaFes in a joint lesson, and Ai takes on the trial to take the next step as an idol.
Yay, more idols. Also in English.


5. Nekotsuku, Sakura. ねこツク、さくら。 [200626] Lump of Sugar 1
Gods (ghosts) reside in this school...
Kuji Academy's building has a vast history and boasts its vast facilities and a huge number of students.
One spring day, main character Ootsuki witnessed an odd event while helping with the entrance ceremony: Cat ears grew from the head of Ayano, a female freshman!
Another girl with cat ears appeared to apologize to the two. She introduced herself as Tsuki, the "twin god" younger sister, a guardian deity rumored to protect the school.
Tsuki explained, "My older sister possessed Ayano. That's why she grew cat ears!"
The "twin gods" true identity is that of two cat ghosts that haunt the academy. They also seem unable to get out of the school grounds.
Aki, the older sister, got tired of it. She planned to possess Ayano as a means to get out of school.
However, even while possessing Ayano, Aki is unable to leave! As Aki's wishes cannot be fulfilled, Ayano remains possessed.
Thus, Ootsuki's new school year starts as he tries to find a method to grant Aki's wish with the help of his good friend Renka and the occultism enthusiast Yayoi.
There is an English review


6. Ore wa Hime Bushou o Haramasetai! オレは姫武将を孕ませたい! [200626] Momoiro Pocket
Main character went to museum on a trip and was lured by a painting. He regained consciousness during Sengoku Era. A dignified girl with a sword was standing above him. She called herself Oda Nobunaga. Main character tried to find benefit even from this turmoil era.
Title basically says "I want to impregnate warrior princess", and that's basically it, don't expect a story


7. Qualia ~Yakusoku no Kiseki~ QUALIA ~約束の軌跡~ [200626] PURESIS
The AI-equipped android “Machina” was the world’s first to pass the Turing test.
She was an extremely sophisticated android that could be mistaken for an actual human, however it seemed that she still had immature areas that could be developed further.
The protagonist and developer Hiro, along with the co-developer Karen, prototype robot Proto, and Machina—who started working as Hiro’s maid—lived their daily lives which intermingle with one another.
As Machina matured day by day, Hiro began to grow special feelings for her…
An android heroine and a brilliant but lonely protagonist—
the two mutually struggle to grow, defy fate, and attain happiness.
This is a story of pure love and heartfelt bonds.
Need moar vanilla nukige


8. Maokatsu! ~Maou to Yuusha no Idol Seikatsu~ まおかつ! ~魔王と勇者のアイドル生活~ [200626] Wonder Fool
Main character was summoned to another world as a hero to defeat the Demon King. But instead he decides to make Demon King top idol and spread new entertainment in this different world!
Rough production and story as well as idol theme don't leave this game a chance.


1. Hime to Otome no Yakimochi Love -Kirameki Natsu Monogatari!- 姫と乙女のヤキモチLOVE-きらめき夏物語!- [200626] Princess Sugar
Summer themed fandisc.


Edited by kivandopulus


Recommended Comments

Well it's quite ironic that Sony (Through Aniplex, and unlike KFC they use some experienced staffs to make the VNs) here did manage to published more interesting VNs (Adabana and ATRI) compared to the traditional VN companies, and so I'm interested to see what kind of VN that they can make in the future. Anyway let's see what I can comment in regard of June 2020 releases.

Nekotsuku - Well I guess we can expect or wish that Nekonyan will localize this. Otherwise apparently it's just charage (Or perhaps moege would be more appropriate) with some nice plot at the end.

Maokatsu - Now that I take a look at the idol costumes, I can only say that it resemble Omega Quintet idol costumes. Other than that, I can only the comment that you can have Demon King as an idol and that the heroines breasts are quite big lol.

QUALIA - The only license from Sekai at this year AX that was quite interesting to me, and it's only because the other licenses are not quite interesting to me. Well I guess we can say that the pandemic really affect a lot of VN industries so much that Sekai can't get back to get more interesting title to license. QUALIA here has robot girl heroine with said robot girl was formerly created as the MC maid, and I can only comment in regard of that when it come to what I understand.

Adabana - Well Liarsoft here did mixed their 'XXX of the week' storytelling with Japanese fairytale, and so we have two MCs did ventured into the world inside Japanese fairytale in order to fix the distortion that happen inside the story. Sort of underrated compared to ATRI, but I'm sure that some may appreciate Liar-soft drawing style there.

ATRI - Written by Konno Asta with the help from SCA-DI (I did expect that Aniplex would help him with Sakura no Uta translation, but I guess that's just a pipe dream) along with Frontwing, this VN tell us a story about ruined world with the city collapsed underwater. Like QUALIA, we also have robot girl heroine here although unlike QUALIA in here the MC just find the robot girl in the underwater ruin. As far as this VN reception concerned, I should say that this is quite well received looking from VNDB average score.

That's all for what I can write in regard of June 2020 releases.

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