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Rent-a-Boyfriend Review



As for this week, obviously this is far more active compared to the last two weeks thanks to Nekonyan did release Karichaimashita and Shiravune announced their next release. Other than those two notable updates, we also have Fakku finally released Abaddon after some drama along with Shiravune did release a dark nukige and Frontwing did announce their next release (It's not Sharin for the info). Of course other than those announcements from official companies we also still has usual fan translation updates, and the most notable one is White Album 2 update. Overall I can say that this week is an exciting one, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review. Almost forgot that I'll tell the meaning of the title at PS later, although I'm sure that you recognized the parody here.

Fakku did indeed manage to release Abaddon on time, although it didn't went smoothly though because Valve decided to randomly throw a tantrum by banned Abaddon. Or rather actually they sort of reasonable this time because Abaddon here is not kind of VN that can be accepted easily on Steam thanks to various disturbing contents, so instead Fakku did ask on why Valve is very late to banned Abaddon as in they just banned it five days (At 14th) before the release (I can only assume that Valve was swamped by a lot of games that they need to reviewed and thus they missed the disturbing contents in Abaddon). In any case, Abaddon is now available on Fakku and Itch.io so you can get the VN if you somewhat interested with it and can try to ignore the disturbing contents (At least I can say that Abaddon here shown a lot of variation for the type of relationship), and have fun. We also have Shiravune did release Saimin Gakushuu back at 22nd, and no much to say other than you can get it if you want to read a nukige with some hypnotism fetish and have fun.

Frontwing did plan to release a VN at this year autumn, although it's not Sharin but instead it's a new VN called Aikagi that Frontwing did teased it with the most obvious hint at their tweet (Translation note: Ai mean love and kagi mean key). Anyway as for Aikagi itself it's a single heroine VN with the MC was somehow live together with his female childhood friend for a while, and it should be obvious that there'll be romance between those two. Well at least the lighting in the VN is good if anything else, and perhaps Frontwing can localize Amakano 2 from same company as Aikagi in the. Oh yes Sekai also have some updates, and for the updates we have Rewrite+ engine work was halfway done (I'm more certain that they won't be able to release it on time at Q4 2021, but I may be not optimist enough here), ReLord 3 was fully edited, and their secret project was fully translated along with 15% edited.

From fan translation we have Harugi was at 34% edited, Mahoyo was at 82% TLC-ed along with 64.88% edited, Senmomo was at 11.95% edited with Chapter 1 was at 70.63% edited, and Eustia was at 93.28% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 64.27% TLC-ed (It should be noted that it's the progress from Excel page of the progress, and the reason for that number even though it's TLC was already completed is because the translator probably didn't have enough time to enter all of the progress into the Excel). Last but not least, White Album 2 Coda was going smoothly with the team was already finished the testing for both Coda's common route and Kazusa's normal route, so all that left is that they'll testing both of Kazusa and Setsuna true routes before finally have it ready for the release. That's all for fan translation updates at this week.

As for the notable update from Shiravune in which it's obviously not Saimin Gakushuu release, it's Dohna Dohna exact release date announcement in which they'll release it at 29th later. Yes Dohna Dohna as in the most recent Alicesoft VN in that they released it back at 2020. Obviously the news is very surprising because as we know Alicesoft here had contract with Mangagamer, but then again if we remember HaremKingdom I suppose it wasn't that surprising. As for Dohna Dohna itself, while granted the graphic is very colorful one should remember that the premise is revolving around a group of friend who focused on selling prostitute with some part of story can be quite offensive for some people, and yes it has the gameplay as well in that one part of it was the aforementioned selling prostitute. Lastly with Dohna Dohna was localized by Shiravune here, perhaps we can expect them to help Alicesoft in regard of Evenicle 2 localization in the future.

Last but not the least, we have Nekonyan released Karichaimashita back at 22nd. As we know it's ASa Project VN in that they have comedic love triangle story back at Sukiren, and thus it's normal if we also have it at Karichaimashita here. As for the premise itself, we have our MC Yuki who is a siscon was persuaded by his little sister to go to university, although Yuki himself has one big money problem. After saw a shady job advertisement that offer a lot of payment, Yuki decided to accept it and turned out that Yuki's work is to having fake relationship with the clients. After that Yuki did work several time, only to find out later that each of his clients has connection with each other and it make Yuki have a hard time to keep it a secret from between his clients and the people around him, with some fake relationship was caused him to be involved in the aforementioned comedic love triangle. Go get the VN from either Steam, Mangagamer, JAST, Fakku, or Denpasoft if you interested and have fun.

That's all for what I can write at this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As for the title, it should be obvious that I parodied Kanojo Okarishimasu English title 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' with I changed 'Girlfriend' to 'Boyfriend' for an obvious reason, and the reason is because Karichaimashita has same concept as Kanojo Okarishimasu in that both works has the concept rent the people for having fake relationship (It's really exist in Japan) along with Yuki (Karichaimashita MC) as the one who work on that is obviously male hence the boyfriend word. Also I see some did say that Karichaimashita here is better than Kanojo Okarishimasu here, which perhaps may be not too far off here.

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