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Tails & Tentacles Hot Spring Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Cherry Kiss released Tails & Titties Hot Spring along with JAST released Sweet Sacrifices in which the latter has a lot of sex scenes with tentacles, I decided to parody the former by changing 'Titties' with 'Tentacles' so we have 'Tails & Tentacles Hot Spring' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, it's more active compared to the last week to say it lightly thanks to Nekonyan's updates. Other than Nekonyan's update, we also have a number of updates from fan translation projects along with a release from Sekai. Overall I can say that this week is still an above average one, although Nekonyan's updates here make this week is slightly more interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

As for Cherry Kiss release, it should be good if you like to have sex with beast girl in the hot spring so get the VN if you interested and have fun. JAST released Sweet Sacrifices today, and as for the VN it has two separated stories in which both heroines are quite unfortunate with both of them are sent into the evil demon who obviously more than willingly enjoying both heroines carnally, mostly through the use of the tentacles. In any case, if you want to read nukige with tentacles go get the VN and have fun. Shiravune did announce their next release at 22nd later, although this time it's not either charage or story VN but instead we got a nukige with the focus on hypnotism called Saimin Gakushuu with the premise the lazy MC did hypnotize the female student council president who did slap the MC. Not my type of the VN, but I suppose Shiravune here did need to catch a breath after released the VNs like HaremKingdom and Ninki Seiyuu (Yeah I know HaremKingdom here is technically a nukige).

For fan translation, we have Loverable was at 98.3% translated along with 97.91% edited, Harugi was at 33% edited, the original lines of Summer Pockets were at 87.5% reworked, Senmomo was at 11.44% edited with Chapter 1 was at 67.6% edited, and Taimanin Kurenai was at 55% translated. We also have Eustia's progress in which currently it's been at 93.2% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 63,86% TLC-ed, although actually it's been fully TLC-ed with the remaining progress are programming the lines and the QC so obviously it's still not over yet. For now I hope that it won't take much longer before Eustia full translation patch release. Lastly there's White Album 2 in which turned out that the staffs may not be able to make it for October release thanks to some additional works beside the testing that need to be done before the release, but they still confident that they can release the patch at this year (At either late November or December) so let's see if they can do it later.

Sekai did release Love Duction in which it's more or less a very underrated moege, and the premise is about the MC who've been traumatized by love and yet the alien force him to fall in love. Well at least the graphic is quite good if anything else, so you can get it from Steam if you interested with it and have fun. Sekai also has two more VN that were already fully QA-ed and currently reviewed by Valve, and those two VNs are ReLord Episode 2 and Kimagure Temptation. It should be obvious that those two will be Sekai's next releases, and for now I can only say that hopefully we manage to have those two released in the near future smoothly. Lastly Sekai did update their translation progress on the secret project, and for the progress it's almost fully translated with the status was at 95% translated.

There's a fan translation group that just released the full translation patch for Kamitachi no Yourou remake. From what I search, there's already a translated version of it in that it received Ace Attorney treatment (The localization staffs change the name and the setting place), and the VN itself is one of very well known mystery VN that was released in Japan way back at 1994 for SNES. As for the remake here while it should be obvious that it won't localize the name and the place, it has new graphic courtesy of Sharin and G-Senjou character designer along with the revamped soundtrack and the new scenario that was written by Ryukishi07 (Higurashi and Umineko writer for the reminder). I don't know much on how good this old VN would be compared to the newer VN, but if you interested feel free to try it. Oh yes, while the translation of this is basically completed, the translator did classify this as public beta patch because they didn't have enough time to find the bug so they expected the readers to find out the bugs and report it to them.

As for Nekonyan's update, it's quite a number here with the most notable one is Hello Lady update in which finally they managed to finished the engine work and moved on to continuing the QA, in which currently it was at 65% QA in QA. Speaking of QA two of the other Nekonyan's projects are also already in QA progress, and those two projects in questions are Cafe Stella (10% in QA along with the translation and editing progress were at 85%) and Clover Days (5% in QA). Speaking of the latter, Nekonyan decided to remove the release estimation year in which previously it'll be at this year because they're not sure if they can release it on time (Well good luck with their work on Clover Days there). For the rest of the updates, we have Nekonyan about to start the porting work on Dracu Riot, Mirai Radio was at 98% edited, Melty Moment was at three quarter translated, and Aoi Tori was at three quarter translated along with a quarter edited. They also have updates for two secret projects, and the updates goes like the first was at three quarter edited while third was at three quarter translated.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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