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Itsumi・Mirai・Milky Legend Review



For this week VNTS Review title since we have Ninki Seiyuu released and that the opening song was sang by Eri Sendai (Who also voiced one of the heroine in Ninki Seiyuu), I decided to parodied one of her song that was sang by her. I'll elaborate more on the title more at PS later, although perhaps you can guess what I parodied from the title alone (It's one of Precure vocal song in case you need an answer). As for this week, well Shiravune did release Ninki Seiyuu so at least this week is still interesting to a degree. That said though, my attention is also going to a new title that Harukaze was announced for the overseas release and the updates from Snow translation team. Overall once again this week here is above average one as well even though there's no much updates from official localization companies yet, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Sekai did announce that they'll release Love Duction at 15th later, and I can only say that good for Sekai that they slightly lighten their backlog burden. As for Harukaze new announced title, it's Monkeys in which they tried to do what Ensemble did with trap heroine that was voiced by female. Looking from the number of heroines (Four heroines), it seem that they want to do a charage with four routes so it should be obvious that the price would be the full price in Japan. As for me, while I know that Harukaze did blunder by released console version of Noraneko duology for the overseas (In which it's basically censored the sex scenes for overseas), I believe that they may consider to release it with the sex scenes. Or rather actually they can ask for Shiravune's help again in regard of localizing this, although it seems that they decided to localize it by themselves (Still hoping that they didn't repeat what they did with Noraneko duology). In any case, let's wait and see in regard of this later on because currently there's no much information other than they also planned Chinese language release as well.

As we know Shiravune did release Ninki Seiyuu back at 8th, although for now it's only at Johren though so you need to deal with Denuvo if you purchased it. That said since I said 'for now' it mean that Shiravune already prepared the second store to buy this, and yeah they'll have released it at Steam on 14th later (The link to the store) although they cut one route though. As for the removed route, I assume that it might be the blood related little sister route and Valve probably did ask Shiravune to remove the route as the prerequisite to sell Ninki Seiyuu on Steam. No need to worry about the removed route though, because Shiravune will also provide 18+ patch that will restored the removed route as well. For Ninki Seiyuu itself, once again it's about the MC who work part time at seiyuu agency and that he'll have the romance with one of the three heroines including the seiyuu in the agency and the aforementioned blood related little sister. Go get Ninki seiyuu from either at Johren or Steam later if you interested with this, and have fun.

From fan translation, this week we have Harugi was at 31% edited, Senmomo was at 10.29% edited with Chapter 1 was at 60.78% edited, and Taimanin Kurenai was at halfway translated. For the updates from Snow translation team, we have Konosora Snow Present was at 23% translated, the sex scenes from Hikari and Saya's routes of Miagete are in progress of restoration (By the way the hardest progress here would be inserting the translated lines), and for Snow itself currently two routes (Asahi and Ouka) was at between 40% to halfway translated. For the last one, actually it's more like that the translator already technically translate 93% of Ouka's route and about to translate Asahi's route, but the translator here did find out that the additional part of Ouka's route can only be accessed by either at the second playthrough or after finished a certain route, and so he said that he's only technically halfway done with Touka's route (The tweet in regard of that).

Lastly for fan translation progress we have Eustia was at 93.05% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 63.04% TLC-ed, although this time there's more to talk in regard of that. As for the talk, it's about the real progress of Eustia's TLC in which at Reddit the TLC person did say that the real progress of it was at 95.53% TLC-ed with him already finished TLC-ed 5 out of 13 remaining files (The source), and with that it mean basically Licia's route chapter here was already past three quarter (From what I calculated based on the real TLC progress, and the result is at 76.24% TLC-ed). The person also said that he may finish the whole process by the next week if they can keep his current pace (The source), although it's still remain to see though. In the end while I like the real progress of Eustia here, I'll still use the one from Excel for now.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - For more elaboration of the title, the song that I parodied is 'Milk・Miracle・Milky Legend' in which it's Eri Sendai's character (Milk/Kurumi) image song from YPC5GG. For the parody I changed 'Milk' into 'Itsumi' because Eri Sendai did voice Itsumi in Ninki Seiyuu, and I changed 'Miracle' into 'Mirai' because the name of Ninki Seiyuu opening song is 'Niji-iro Mirai'. Actually there's one more reason in regard of the latter, in which Toei did create a character named Mirai who is a Precure from MGPC with her Cure name is Cure Miracle which to say quite a coincidence.

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