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VN of the Month October 2019 - Raillore no Ryakudatsusha



Gratz on hitting the new bottom with just three releases. Raillore no Ryakudatsusha is the only notable one. Micchi notes Ai Kiss and two releases with shifted dates.


1. Ai Kiss アイキス [191025] Giga
The protagonist, Ikenaga Ren returns after several years away from his hometown, returns to enroll in the Private Arimori Academy, an art school.
On the first day of school, he unexpectedly reunites with the two of his childhood friends with whom he used to paint illustrations in the past, twin Saegusa sisters Hinata and Ayame. While surprised and confused by how they have grown, he takes his time to return their relationship to how it has been in the past.
Furthermore, he meets a third year Kanno Junko who has a very strange theme running for her art, and a second year Sakurada An who is interested in stage design and subculture. Meeting these two makes his daily life speed up even more.
This is the story of how "like" turns into "love"...
This series is beyond redemption


2. Ciconia no Naku Koro ni キコニアのなく頃に [191004] 07th Expansion 1 2
100 years after the world was nearly destroyed during World War III...
Cutting-edge technology saved the planet from a nuclear winter, allowing its population to reach the tens of billions once more.
This eventually gave rise to a new ultimate military technology, the Gauntlet.
People who wore these on their left arms were called Gauntlet Knights, and without carrying any additional equipment, they could use this unrivaled power to fly like fighter planes, fight like aircraft carriers and battleships, and repel all sorts of attacks like tanks.
Children all over the world were fascinated by this new kind of hero.
However, because Gauntlets could only be used by those who had particular talents and underwent special training from a very young age, not even 150,000 people from across the world could control them, even if you counted preschoolers. And the number of people who actually earned the title of Gauntlet Knight was even smaller.
In other words, it was becoming an era where all existing military forces would be obsolete, and where the military might of the world would be measured by the small number of boys and girls who could use Gauntlets...
After competing against each other in the International Battle Standard Festival, a group of Gauntlet Knights from all over the world became fast friends, swearing to support the walls of peace from both sides and prevent another World War from ever occurring. However, World War IV was steadily approaching, like a line of falling dominos...
The young are supposed to be the main characters in their own eras.
But in reality, they're nothing but game pieces lined up on the board of those who are crafty and more experienced.
Must these boys and girls be forced to kill each other as pieces?
Who are the pieces, and who are the players? And who does the players' bidding?
What victory conditions does each person have? Is it peace? War? Annihilation?
Is the foretold tragedy a scheme or a delusion, the future or reality?
There is no need to resist this tragedy.
The job of a game piece is to dance about within the tragedy's grasp.
What are the rules of the game, you ask? How hard is it? That's for us to decide, so it's none of your concern.
All you people need to do is take pieces and get taken yourselves, entertaining us with the range of your emotions.
Are you listening? You don't want to misunderstand your position.
You aren't my opponent. You're merely a piece that exists for my amusement.
In this next game, I won't give you the privilege of being a player!
Incomplete part of the series


3. Raillore no Ryakudatsusha レイルロアの略奪者 [191025] 3rdEye 1 2
A century or more from now, all humans have acquired superpowers in this new world. These powers are such a commonplace that those who do not possess them are viewed as outcasts. Civilization has greatly declined during this time of change with the human population greatly reduced and nature reclaiming lands which had been developed.
The town of Raillore, with brick dwellings reminiscent of the Middle Ages, is surrounded by forests and rivers and blessed with fertile soil. Since the concept of countries has vanished, it is self-governed by an order of knights who fight crime to protect the townspeople.
One time, it was confirmed that there were people called ‘errors’ with unknown powers known as ‘moments’ which bring about strange phenomena. These events caused fear to the masses and it was up to the order of knights to deal with the situation after it was determined that the errors suddenly appeared due to an illness.
There is an English review


1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku うみねこのなく頃に 咲 [191004] 07th Expansion
Although the release for this visual novel also contains all the Umineko sound novels 07th Expansion previously released, this entry is only concerned with the completely new content featured in the release:
• Our Confession
• Last Note of the Golden Witch
• Certain Witch Hunter's Interview Tape (Console only)
• Letter from a Summoner (Console only)
• Important Facts Concerning Magic (Console only)
• Angel of 17 Years East Shi-44a (Console only)


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Recommended Comments

Raillore no Ryakudatsusha is a classic example of what not to do when producing a chuunige.  There is no narration, the story is told primarily through dialogue and repetitive battle animations (seriously repetitive and constantly reused).  While the visuals are of 3rdeye's typical high quality as seen in Oratorio Phantasm and Sorcery Jokers, the fact is that this is a VN that defeats the point of being a VN.  VNs are meant to combine dialogue, visual aspects, and narration into one whole that tells the story (or makes you want to fap, depending on the VN).  However, this VN is an abomination that ignores the best aspect of visual novels entirely.


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Ciconia - Ryukishi's newest attempt to write When They Cry series, and it should be obvious that he meant to release this in multiple part (Possibly eight parts) seeing that the first part story is not over yet. Currently the first part is been released by Mangagamer, and it's possible that Ryukishi may need some time to write the second part considering the scale of the story in which it's quite grand compared to his previous When They Cry works. Forgot to mention that Ryukishi did ask Witch Hunt to translate this over Umineko Saku here.

Umineko Saku - Unlike Higurashi in which it's been milked to the death (Including the controversial Gou Sotsu anime), Umineko here isn't milked as much as Higurashi. That said though, there's still some side material in regard of Umineko and Saku here did release some of the side materials. Although unlike Higurashi's side materials in which it involved several many other arcs, most of the side materials here is more or less complement the main story without additional casts. The main focus on Saku here should be the first two arcs that weren't console only in that it did exactly what I said in regard of complementing the main story.

Raillore - Well as for whether the removal narration would bring down the setting and character development or not, I'm not exactly know here. That said if you try to treat this as anime instead of VNs, perhaps the lack of narration shouldn't matter much and you can just enjoy the graphic because 3rdeye here really put the focus on it so much that it inflated the size (You'll need a 15 GB space in order to install this VN). As for whether Mangagamer will localize this or not, let's see it later although I think it should make an interesting VN to localize regardless on what I said earlier.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of October 2019 releases.

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