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VN of the Month June 2019 - Tasogare no Folclore



Tasogare no Folclore is the only masterpiece in June. Micchi also finds Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou , Iegami Nyoubou ~Koisuru Inaba wa Kinpatsu Usagi~ and some loliconge fandisc worthy of notice.


1. Yumeutsutsu Re:Master 夢現Re:Master [190613] Kogado Studio 1 2
Dreams and Reality Re:Master is a bubbly-cute girls love adventure game about game developers. Our last two games in the Nurse Love Addiction series focused on professional life with nurses and nursing students at a hospital. This game continues that focus, putting the spotlight on the people in a game development office, creating a story much like the life our team experiences daily.
The game is set at Yuriica Software, a small game development company tucked away in Koenji, a neighborhood not far from the center of the capital city Tokyo. To this day it remains wrapped in the kindness of its working class residents. Our protagonist Ai is a simple girl from the country who makes the leap alone to see her younger sister Kokoro, currently a game company employee. The sisters had lived apart a long time due to their parents’ separation.
Unused to working as a game developer, Ai finds herself leading a pressured but exciting, game-like daily life surrounded by strange characters even weirder than you’d find in an actual game. Her one worry is the frigid, off-putting attitude that her sister Kokoro gives her. Ai, who moved to Tokyo alone for the sake of her sister, is losing the foundation of her life. And just what is the significance of Nie Witch, the doujin game that Yuriica Software is remaking and Ai suddenly finds herself working on?
Game is localized and has English reviews


2. Gnosia  グノーシア [190620] Petit Depotto 1 2
Let’s walk and talk. Can you get up?
The Gnosia lie. Pretending to be human, they’ll get in close, trick and deceive, and then eradicate each person in the vicinity from the universe, one victim at a time.
The crew of a drifting spaceship, facing off against a mysterious and deadly threat known as the "Gnosia" and having no idea who among them is really the enemy, formulate a desperate plan for survival. The most suspicious among them will be put into "cold sleep" one by one, in an effort to completely rid the ship of Gnosia.
However, it is almost impossible to tell whether each person put into cold sleep was really Gnosia – or simply a poor, unfortunate scapegoat, sacrificed by the Gnosia for their own survival. Can the humans emerge victorious? Or is mankind doomed...?
Gnosia is a "sci-fi social deduction RPG".
The story takes place on a spaceship. Among the crew are several mysterious life forms known as "Gnosia". Bent on the complete eradication of humankind, the Gnosia quietly eliminate one crew member each night.
The player can select whether to play the game as human – where they must find all of the Gnosia and put them into a state of suspended animation ("Cold Sleep") to win, or Gnosia – where your goal is to attack and eliminate each crew member until the Gnosia outnumber the remaining humans. Progress through the story by playing through 10- to 15-minute rounds ("Loops") in this "Werewolf-style" indie game that has already garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback in Japan.
In addition to the story and gameplay, the characters and their interpersonal relationships are also an integral part of what makes this game unique and special. Themes of friendship, love, trust, life and death, and personal identity are carefully explored, and Gnosia features a diverse and inclusive cast of characters, ignoring genre stereotypes.


In a world where monsters thrive and wraiths run wild, and ghouls and ghosts roam the streets,there exist those who hunt the creatures that do humans harm.
The setting is a Japanese cafe in the suburbs of present-day America.
Inside, there are two girls. One—Kiri Hattori—runs the store, while the other—Mary—is its poster girl.Their true identities, however, are that of a ninja descendant and a fire-hurling ghost. Together, they protect the town and hunt the Dark Beings that disturb its peace. On a certain stormy night, they offer shelter to a girl they find in front of Kiri's store.
Appearing before them at the same time is the vengeful spectre—the Headless Horseman—whose story is inextricably linked with theirs.
The two of them take in the mysterious girl, Lily, and continue on with their lives.
As they handle the day-to-day affairs of the cafe, a friendship begins to bloom between the three girls.
However, those days do not last long.
Lily wishes for a battle with Kiri.
In the midst of their fight, the Headless Horseman reappears.
What is Lily's objective?
What does their entangled fate with the Headless Horseman have in store?And finally, what awaits them at the end of the battle?
Game is released in English and has English reviews


4. Dead Days [190628] Clock Up 1 2 3 4 5
Live, die, live.
A few people woke up in a place unknown to them.
They were strangers to one another, and they all were supposed to be dead.
They were perplexed, and one-sidedly offered "some extension to their lives" by a mysterious being in exchange for purging wraiths from this world.
Only those like them - once dead, yet living - were able to find, touch, and kill spirits otherwise imperceptible to the normal senses.
The reincarnation was, however, not without its side effects.
An absurdly high libido, the unease of the next gathering and of combat, and the fear of a nearing end will all come to demand their toll, eventually.
In the meantime, mundane life is yet again about to begin but with Death itself as the new neighbor...
There are English reviews


5. Iegami Nyoubou ~Koisuru Inaba wa Kinpatsu Usagi~  家神女房 ~恋する因幡は金髪うさぎ~ [190628] Casket
Tetsuya had a traumatic past in love, so he decided to move to the village of Toshimasu in the countryside. Here where there were only around a hundred elderly persons, he should be able to enjoy a slow life free from love troubles.
However, when he followed the village custom of moving into a new house, a blonde-haired girl named Inaba appeared before him, calling herself the “Hare of Inaba”.
“You will meet your soulmate in a year. In the name of the Hare of Inaba, I will definitely make you fall in love!”
So that’s how the ‘God of Marriage’ Inaba unexpectedly began living together with him. As he spent time with her, he began to notice her feelings for him….
Third small game in the series


6. Tasogare no Folclore  黄昏のフォルクローレ [190628] Citrus 1 2 3
Arima, the son of a doctor, lived in the capital of a nation that had been founded a few decades ago and which had undergone remarkable development. When his father succumbed suddenly to illness, he was left without any family. Fortunately, he was taken in by the noble Otobe family to work as the attendant for their lone daughter Supika, who had a frail constitution.
They were moved away from the main residence to a villa with a few other servants to escape from the scheming that swirled around the family and to spend their days happily. However, the calmness only lasts when the sun shines; When night falls, you could hear the sound of her life ticking away. Why was he chosen to be her attendant?
"Well, there’s no way around it, right? You’re the only one that I can eat"
There are English reviews


7. Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou  月の彼方で逢いましょう [190628] tone work's 1
If you could connect the past and the future with your smartphone, how would you fix your regrets?
The summer of high school second year―the girls are more whimsical, more mysterious, and more beautiful than ever.
The feeling of first love, the bittersweet memories of our high school lives, a regret-filled summer.
Summer, 25 years old―I became a salaryman before I’d realized. Looking up to the sky, I remembered the dreamy days. Reminiscently, I turned on the smartphone I used during my high school days. I opened the messaging app and sent myself a message.
“You will regret it”
A message to my past self. A message that cannot be delivered. But — the phone responded.
“What is this, all of the sudden?”
This is — a message from myself — from the past.
There are English reviews


1. Otome ga Musubu Tsukiyo no Kirameki Fullmoon Days  乙女が結ぶ月夜の煌めき Fullmoon Days [190628] ensemble
Fandisc for Ototsuki, with after stories for each of the five heroines.
2. Sugar*Style Koibito Ijou Fuufu Miman After Story!!  Sugar*Style 恋人以上夫婦未満アフターストーリー!! [190628] Smee
The fandisc for Sugar*Style.
3. White Blue ホワイト ブルー [190628] LiLiM DARKNESS
LiLiM 20th anniversary commemorative work.
Nukige with an opening
4. Mahou Senshi Emeroad Knights -Kizuna o Tsumugu Megami-tachi- 魔法戦士エメロードナイツ ー絆を紡ぐ女神たちー [190628] Triangle
The existence of magic started to be known and recognized, but due to its origin, the disaster that is known as "Magic Calamity", people still avoid themselves away from it.
The conclusion of political debate about whether to accept or reject magic can still not be reached. Many who had gotten hold of the power hid their existence and advanced their desire from the dark. Among them, the existence of young girls who fight using magic and magical weapon became a hearsay.
They are the beautiful goddesses who are trying to change the dark existence of magic into the shining light of peace. The girls are known as "Mahou Senshi" (Magical Warrior).
Mashiro Haruka is a female student who goes to the first school to integrate Magic Study into its curriculum, Kokusaikyoudou. She studies Alchemy at school and she managed to become a Mahou Senshi who protects people from magical threats, Emeroad Finé.
Haruka uses Emeroad Lapis that her father, who was also an Alchemist, left behind to transform. At Kokusaikyoudou, she learns how to fight using her transformation form from Tachibana Arisu and Kagashima Itsuki.
Together with Mahou Senshi Exeed Knights who has enrolled at Kokusaikyoudou, they work together to protect people from Magical Calamity. One day, a transfer student named Kurou Kasumi appears before Haruka.
That is a fateful meeting that triggers Haruka and Kasumi's destiny
Nukige with an opening


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Recommended Comments

Dead Days - Turned out that Clock Up also interested with The World Ends With You game so much that they make their own version with the addition of violence and disturbing sex scenes, at least that's what I get from the synopsis alone. Oh yes I did forget to mention that the writer (Kurashiki Tatsuya) also did Nemurenu as well, so it make sense if you see some fighting scene in Nemurenu because of the writer's experience writing some of light VNs and safe to assume that Dead Days would have some fighting scenes as well.

Tsukikana - tone work's attempt to make a VN with plot instead of usual lengthy charage involving time travel, and let's just say that the reaction was quite mixed up to a degree (It's also too bad that they didn't have their own autumn theme VNs after HatsuKoi (Spring), Hoshiori (Summer), and Ginharu (Winter)). I should be mentioned that there's also a controversy in regard of non-virgin heroine that caused VNDB to explode, and perhaps tone work's may add the controversy as the feedback so that they won't make a non-virgin heroine anymore. In the past Trip was said would likely to translate this, but looking at the current situation let's just say that it would be impossible seeing that he decided to retired from translating the VNs so no much that we can do here.

Ninja Girl - I only remember that Sekai did release this and it's been written by Harukuru's writer, and no much to say other than apparently the story is still unfinished as of now so we may have a sequel of this planned.

Sugar Style - Like Fureraba and Makeover FD it should be obvious that the FD will depict the after story of four heroines in Sugar Style. As for whether Smee will ask Nekonyan to localize this or not, let's see it later (It would be very awkward anyway if Smee decided to ask Shiravune to localize the FD while they have Nekonyan localize the main VN).

Yumeutsutsu - At least Kogado did answer my question that I've been thinking from Hakuai, although as for the answer let's just say that it has some interesting world building that supported the genre (Girl's Love aka GL). The premise is that we have our MC Ai who came to Tokyo in order to met with her long lost little sister Kokoro only to find out that she became very capable VN director while at the same time very cold toward Ai, and thus Ai decided to work in Kokoro's company with the hope that Ai can mend the relationship with Kokoro. Oh yes this VN has some writing in regard of the VN creation and from Yumeutsutsu here I learnt that debugging process would be a nightmare for VN developer, and the writing for each routes are very vary in that each routes have different POV characters instead of keeping Ai as single POV characters across all routes.

That's all for my comment in regard of June 2019 releases.

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Tasogare no Folclore is a story about a predatory ojousama and her favorite prey, the protagonist (this relationship is literally like this), and it is a game about twisted nature, interdependent relationships, and uncontrollable urges.  I recommend it for people who like the Far Side paths in Tsukihime.

Dead Days tries to pass itself off as high-end psychological horror, but in the end, it all feels forced and pathetic.  It is based several years after Ookami.

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