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VN of the Month May 2019 - Tamayura Mirai



Tamayura Mirai is the only suitable title for me, although Micchi has all the right to also appreciate D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~ , Girls Book Maker and Renran Spirichu .


1. Aikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~  アイカノ ~雪空のトライアングル~ [190531] Prekano
The former track and field club member Shun attended school with his childhood friend Shizuri and close friend Koharu. However, they had just one more year together before they graduate and possibly go their separate ways.
Both girls had feelings for him and decided to confess to him on Valentine’s Day while they still had a chance. It so happened that he was asked to meet them at different places at the same time. How will he respond to their confessions and what will become of their uneven triangle relationship?
Not blocking it only because of PS4 release


2. Dai Sengo Muramasa -Majin Kakusei-  大戦御村正 -魔人覚醒- [190531] Gesen 18
Sequel to Sengo Muramasa -Tsurugi no Gaika- . 


3. D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~  D.C.4 ~ダ・カーポ4~ [190531] Circus 1 2
Those who live on the island of Kagamijima are used to the sight of the ‘large cherry blossom that floats in the sky’ rising out of the middle of the Mikagami lake. Such beautiful scenery had been the lone draw for the island, but lately a new sightseeing spot was born with the opening of a theme park based on Wonderland. The main character and humanoid AI Alice charms everyone with her lovely smile, while artificial faeries dance around the island like fireflies.
Ichito, a young man with an incomplete fairy tale-like skill.
Nino, his mischievous younger sister who won’t show her true side to anyone else.
Sorane, his neighbour that loves the siblings a lot and helps them out all the time.
Hiyori, his trouble-making classmate who has a surprisingly good record in helping people fall in love.
Shiina, a taciturn transfer student with a sharp tongue.
Suginami, his buddy who’s always aware of the latest mysteries.
Then there was Arisu, an ojousama with the same name as the protagonist from Wonderland.
As the sakura petals flutter and artificial faeries dance, a tender love story begins on the island closest to the sky.
There are English reviews


4. E School Life Eスクールライフ [190531] Hooksoft 1
Ryoutarou had been forced to live and study overseas for the past six years due to his parents’ work. He confided to his childhood friend Tooru, who was living in Japan, that he hated it.
“I’m surrounded by the guys in the class and can’t even get a chance to talk to the girls…. I don’t want my teenage years to end like this!!”
Tooru sympathized with Ryoutarou upon hearing his difficulty with the language barrier and desire to return to Japan, and talked with his parents about the possibility of bringing him back. After convincing his parents, Ryoutarou was able to return and live in a room share with Tooru. He was thrilled to be back on native soil, but more importantly, that he will be able to talk with girls! He’ll be able to fall in love at his new school!
“Why did you plan on doing when you came back to Japan?”
“Of course fall in love! I want girl friends!”
Looks like Hooksoft does not even try anymore . Be happy with school icha-icha.


5. Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto-  ガールズ・ブック・メイカー -幸せのリブレット- [190531] Yumemiru 1 2
The protagonist, Eito, suddenly finds himself gazing at the grand edifice of an otherworldly Library. Just moments before, he should have been in the confines of the academy's tiny library.
The girl who introduces herself as the "Head Librarian" tells him this Library is a repository of every story known to existence. If the books in the Library are damaged, the stories they contain will be lost to the real world.
"Well then, will you take up the position of Librarian?
Eito ventures into the world of stories as the Librarian who protects the Library.
Many encounters with the characters featured in stories and the masterminds plotting disturbances behind the scenes await the newly minted Librarian Eito.
There are English reviews


6. Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure Desu ka?  彼女は友達ですか?恋人ですか?それともトメフレですか? [190531] DESSERT Soft 1 2
Eager to break free from his solitary life and lose his virginity, Yuki signed up for a system akin to open compensated dating that was set up to combat this societal problem. To his surprise, his doorbell rang just half a minute later and was shocked when the girl who showed up was his class idol Sakurako, who he admired greatly. She gladly agreed to be lovey-dovey with him in return for a place to stay and free food.
However, their outwardly wholesome partnership got off to a rocky start since neither had any experience in love nor staying over with the other sex. They invited other girls to the lessen the awkwardness when they are alone together, and gradually began to like their relationship amidst the lively days.
There is an English review


7. Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa [190531] ART Co.,Ltd. 1 2
Welcome to Fujisawa Academy – an educational institution where nothing is as it seems and every pupil hides a secret.
Having enrolled as a transfer student, everything feels pleasantly familiar. The pupils are friendly, the staff attentive. All the ingredients for a successful academic career. But you’re not here for a quiet life. Having made a pact with Mon-chan, a sarcastic demon fox, you wield the power of Kotodama – a means coercing the truth from those who seek to lie to you. It’s not a power to be used lightly. Tasked with infiltrating the secretive Fujisawa Academy it soon becomes apparent that uncovering the sinister goings-on behind the seemingly normal façade may give you more than you bargained for…
Game is released in English and has English reviews


8. Renran Spirichu  恋嵐スピリッチュ [190531] Parasol 1
A new school building was constructed for the centenary of a famous private humanities school. However, it was soon besieged by many strange incidents attributed to spirits, such as ghosts uploading selfies of themselves by the pool on social networks or anatomical models using their organs to masturbate. Most of these only caused slight distress to the students and teachers, but the administration was concerned about the problem of rooms which would trap people until they had sex. They would not permit illicit sexual relationships on school grounds at any time, and tasked the student council to deal with the issue.
As the head of the student council, Muneyoshi enlisted the help of exorcists, who came in the middle of the moon-lit night. The two girls were cute and childlike, but with large bosoms on their tiny frame.
“Spiritual power is proportional to the size of one’s chest.
So, we are the strongest exorcists ever!”
He had no idea what they were talking about. All he could think about was ‘loli with big boobs’…
There is an English review


9. Tamayura Mirai  タマユラミライ [190531] Azurite 1
Humans and non-humans once lived together in the town of Fukano, and thus it is full of mysterious stories about mysterious beings. Mutsuki is a young magician who uses his powers to resolve strange incidents caused by the youkai, to maintain the harmony between humans and non-humans.
Then Yukina arrived in the town in search for something that she had lost. She had spiritual powers that exceeded his own and was able to see the otherworldly beings. By associating with her, before long even the incident in which he gained his magic was brought back to light.
There is an English review



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Recommended Comments

Tomefure is a definite guilty pleasure for me... not that it has a great story or anything.   It is a nukige that doesn't feel like a nukige most of the time, and it is hilarious.

Tamayura Mirai is a top-notch nakige with great characters, mild mindfucks, and sorcery that has consequences.

Renran Spirichu is a kusoge of a charage.

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Well no much that I can say in regard of this month seeing that all but one VN was translated, and the translated VN in question (Kotodama) is very underrated with the gameplay copied Huniepop. For more interesting VNs that I look forward to be licensed in English, there's Tamayura Mirai (Supernatural theme nakige), Girl Book Maker (The premise is basically we have the MC as the librarian with the task to take care the female personification of the story book or something like that), and Da Capo 4 (Seems to be the new continuation of Da Capo franchise). As for the company who's likely license those three VNs, Shiravune would take care of the former two (Tamayura Mirai and Girl Book Maker) while Mangagamer would license Da Capo 4, although of course it's still just speculation as of now. That's all for my comment in regard of May 2019 releases.

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