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VN of the Month April 2019 - Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai



Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai  and Missing-X-Link ~Ten no Yurikago, Togi no Hana~ are both strong titles from this fruitful April. Micchi can't have enough of 9-nine- Haruiro Harukoi Harunokaze , Koioto Se Piace and Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Summer Surprise~


1. Eve: Rebirth Terror [190425] El Dia
Story Summary
Peaceful days have returned. It’s been one year since the Burst Error case, and the dreadful incident is slowly starting to fade away from memories. Kojiroh Amagi and Marina Houjou currently spend their days in boredom, handling their respective jobs and cases. Until one fateful day, where their paths cross again, their destiny heading toward a new tragedy…
Kojirou Amagi’s Story
The Amagi Detective Agency is still as unpopular as ever. Kojirou, who has worked simple cases thanks to his excellent assistant Kyoko and has not had trouble making a living, passes each day in tedium. Then one day, a request comes in for Kojirou to investigate the case of a missing teacher at El International Academy, a school that he is strongly connected to. Kojirou accepts the request to investigate this case, which gives off the restless feeling he has long been without…
Marina Houjou’s Story
Marina, the legendary agent who once boasted a 99 percent work success rate. However, due to a setback in a certain case, she stepped back from her work, and is currently burned out and on leave. One day, Yayoi asks that she look after a boy who sneaked into the office. At the same time, she hears that countless hitmen from overseas are gathering in Japan…
Looking forward to PC release or hookable PS4 emulator. Looks very promising and attentive to original in contrast to very ambiguous Eve ~New Generation~.


2. Satsujin Tantei Jack the Ripper  殺人探偵ジャック・ザ・リッパー [190425] Nippon Ichi Software
Set in a fictional version of London, with advanced medical technology. The game centers on a private detective named Arthur Hewitt, whose office lies in a small corner of London. During an investigation of serial murders, Arthur's resolve is shaken, and he begins to see visions of a man who identifies himself to Arthur as Jack the Ripper. The real Jack the Ripper, a serial killer himself, was apprehended and executed two years ago. Driven to the brink by the visions, Arthur is embroiled in one ghastly incident after another on the streets of London.
We finally get to roleplay a bad guy and solve a mystery, but what game definitely lacks is catharsis or sense of satisfaction.


3. 9 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi Harunokaze  9-nine-はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ [190426] Palette 1 2 3 4
Shiromitsugawa was a nondescript university town until a large earthquake damaged the sacred treasure of the local shrine and mysterious objects called ‘artifacts’ started appearing from a parallel world, granting special powers to those who possessed them.
Kakeru, his classmate Miyako, and imouto Sora invested the petrification incidents and discovered that the culprit was the owner of the ‘evil eye’ artifact. Along the way, they came across a rival group of artifact users who called themselves Rigveda, and one of its members was his senpai that he sees every morning, Haruka.
There are English reviews


4. Aikagi 2  アイカギ2 [190426] Azarashi Soft 1
It is spring.
It's a wonderful start of the new semester for our protagonist— or so it should have been, until the homeroom teacher suddenly summoned him out of the blue.
It seems that his childhood friend, Ayano Sumeragi, hasn't been going to school this semester. "Did something happen to her?" wondered our protagonist with anxiety.
Our protagonist went to visit her house at the request of the homeroom teacher. What he found out was that his childhood friend was living the NEET life. She forgot that school even started, because she was too engrossed in playing video games.
Of course she got a handful from her parents after they found out. However, she may continue to live alone, independently on a few conditions.
There are 2 conditions that must be met:
1. She needs to score at least 90 on all her subjects for the next exam week.
2. She may not be late for school.
Truly a hopeless situation for Ayano.
She is paying the price for her own mistakes, and yet, it's still pitiful to see. The protagonist offers to help her because of these reasons. He is asked to help her study and to wake her up everyday.
"Please, you are the only one that I can count on!"
That is how our protagonist started to live together with his hopelessly NEET childhood friend.
Not blocking it only because of PS4 release


5. Haha Ranman  母爛漫 [190426] Alice Soft
Soon after getting married, Wakura Mayuko's husband was murdered by an assassin.
Losing the will to live, Mayuko had fallen into despair and tried to kill herself, but there was a young boy who pulled her heart away from the grief. His name is Kaga Isamu. Like Mayuko, his parents also lost their lives to an assassin.
Mayuko felt a connection between them, decided to adopt Isamu from the orphanage and started living together.
Ten years have passed since then, Isamu has grown into a young man. While Mayuko somehow managed to regain herself
with the help from her husband's little brother Wakura Takafumi, a psychiatrist. However, the recovery also makes memories with her late husband fade away slowly, bringing pain to her heart.
One day, Isamu met a beautiful girl at a shrine.
Isamu is shocked by the words told by the girl.
"Mayuko will die soon."
When her heart is filled with emptiness, death shall invite her soul.
The girl claims she knows how to save Mayuko and is willing to lend her hand, but the way to rescue Mayuko is to have the girl teach him "the way of sex".


6. Kakeochi  カケオチ [190426] 1
Mitsumi received a short message from his osananajimi Kaguya, who was a year younger than him. When she revealed that she had been set up for an arranged marriage, he regretted not taking action in advancing their relationship. He believes that they share the same feelings and had been satisfied the way things were, but now with the girl who he loves crying before him, he had to immediately make a decision…
There is an English impression


7. Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai  缶詰少女ノ終末世界 [190426] Silky's Plus 1 2 3
One day in early summer, Masataka took shelter from the torrential rain at the convenience store. While he waited for the rain to stop in the dine-in area, he noticed the girl beside him open a can of miso-flavoured mackerel and started to eat it. He was bewildered as she calmly walked out into the downpour while still eating it. Her eccentricity left a memory, and the next time he came across her, he asked her why she was eating the canned mackerel. In a long-winded response, she explained that it was in preparation for the end of the world. She was one of the ‘preppers’ and this was their story of how they faced the end of the world.
There are English reviews


8. Koioto Se Piace  恋音セ・ピアーチェ [190426] Campus 1 
Shin'ya heard the sound of someone playing the guitar poorly while returning home and followed them to Hana, who was happily giving an amateurish performance in the park. After initially mistaking that he was hitting on her, she told him that she started playing the guitar because she attended his band’s show. She implored him to teach her how to play the guitar, but actually he was the drummer in the band. So their musical drama begins on the wrong note.
There is an English review


9. Kudan no Folklore  クダンノフォークロア [190426] SukeraSparo 1 2
Gossips around town spoke of a Folklore (urban legend) called 'Kudan'
It is said that 'Kudan' takes the form of a woman wearing Western mourning dress. She lacks a right wrist, and her face is hidden behind a black veil.
It is predicted that those who lay eyes on 'Kudan', within 7 days calamity will befall them.
Through strange coincidence, 16 years old Kudan Sakuya meets cooking class instructor Shima Touko.
---As they come in contact with each other, faint feelings grow between the two.
However, as Touko happened to come across the fearful 'Kudan', her peaceful everyday life came to an end. As each day passed, 'Kudan' kept creeping closer to her. Sakuya tries her best to protect her and attempts to find countermeasures.
At Kudan Girls High School, there's a club that focused on studying folklore. Together with the Mystery Research Club president, Akinashi Koto, Sakuya will take on the unknown Folklore so as to protect her loved one.
Game is localized and has English reviews


10. Missing-X-Link ~Ten no Yurikago, Togi no Hana~  Missing-X-Link ~天のゆりかご、伽の花~ [190426] Fluorite 1 2
Each country aspired to unify the world, but they fell out with each other due to lack of compromising, to the extent that they required military forces. The ‘Edited’ are genetically-modified children designed to be superior, but with fleeting lives, who are considered cursed. There was a quantum computer that was built to create a better future, but its ability to think for itself was taken away, making it just a repository of knowledge.
Shougo lost his beloved older sister Yuuhi to a military satellite that was supposed to maintain peace. One day, a sentient female robot, the third generation automata Himefuro, appeared before Shougo.
“I will love you, unconditionally and forever.”
Then she kissed him on the lips, triggering the ‘Cross Link’ ability that allows humans and automata to share their hearts and minds and thereby restarting his frozen time.
There is an English review


11. Otome Kishi♥Ima Sugu Watashi o Dakishimete  乙女騎士♥いますぐ私を抱きしめて [190426] ensemble SWEET 1
Ayato lived together with his twin older sister Saaya in Germany. Saaya had always admired Japan and dreamed of one day attending school there. So, when she got the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, he gave her his full support and was happy for her when she was accepted.
However, she had a frail constitution and became sick before she could travel. It would take a while for her to recover completely, so he decided to pretend to be her and go in her place so that the offer to study abroad would not be rescinded. Afterwards he realized that he did not completely think things through, as the school that he would now be attending is an ojou-sama school and that he would need to dress up as a girl!
There is an English review


12. Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai  和香様の座する世界 [190426] Minato Carnival 1 2 3
Ryouga lived in the old capital of Hakura and was about to be eaten by an ancient goddess that appeared before him. Fortunately he was able to get out of trouble by offering to cook delicious food for the goddess Waka and became her servant and caretaker. She was full of curiosity in her new surroundings and he was completely at her mercy.
One day, monsters started to appear in the world and he asked her to help exterminate them to reduce the number of victims. She agreed, mainly because she enjoyed her time in current Japan. Soon her imouto Ruruha and other gods also showed up and their destiny started to move.
There are English reviews


13. Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Summer Surprise~ となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~Summer Surprise~[190426] Prekano
On a hot day reminiscent of summer vacation, Koume was hanging out as usual at her osananajimi Gorou’s place. Over the course of the summer, their sugar-sweet relationship unexpectedly turns into burning love.
Won't block it since it has a PS4 release


14. Criss Cross [190429] 45-world 1
To love a person, is it really such a happy thing? I don't think so.Maybe we just like that kind of feeling. I live in a quiet and peaceful town. There is no war here, everything is so beautiful, just like a paradise. We met each other and became friends in such a world. Our feelings are crisscrossing.Why are we living? Why were we born here? To get everything by any means, is it really the way to win? I am confused in the successive emotional whirlpool... The story like a cross is unfolded like this--
"I expected I would not love anybody anymore. But after I met her, my life totally changed. I entirely fell under the enchantment of her."
"I knew that I was lying. That was not real me."
Yuri something, whatever


15. Yuuoni Rei  夕鬼 零 [190430] Tricore Inc. 1
In a countryside town, lives a fifth-grader named Shuji. Due to "grown-up stuff", he constantly has to move house. Slowly, he learns hard lessons about friendships and how fragile they can be, and grows distrustful.
"Ever heard of the Tsun?"
One day, Shuji learns of a school ghost story from Goto, who is the boss of the kids around the area.
Because of the story's absurdity, Nami dismisses it as a silly rumor. Shuji doesn't take it seriously either, until...
Game is released in English and has English reviews


1. Mama wa Taimanin ママは対魔忍 [190419] Black Lilith
Taimanin fight tirelessly to pursue a path of righteousness.
Though some choose to dedicate their entire lives to the cause---
Some choose to leave the Taimanin to live an ordinary life.
An ex-Taimanin is living happily with her family, but evil approaches.
What path will the ex-Taimanin take---!
Hide from her kind husband and pure son to have betrayal sex!
An ex-Taimanin wife was living a peaceful life when suddenly danger approached.
In order to protect her family, she must not allow them to see her be a "female!"
Nukige with an opening
2. Babumi! ~Atashi ga Uminaoshite yan yo!~ 刃撫魅!~アタシが産みなおしてやんよ!~ [190426] Hending
"Please, won't you be my momma?"
Living in solitude is quite harsh in today's society.
Indeed, a mother is required, especially for an adult who works tirelessly every single day.
Enter our protagonist, Tsukishima Jin, one such individual who yearned for a mother to call his own. Having but just met him for the first time, there were four women who complied with his request.
"Gee, what a helpless guy..."
"Ahaha, there, there, senpai, who's a good boy?"
"A momma, huh. Ha, ain't you a funny one."
"Can I do...anything I'd like to you?"
By a twist of fate, the four women turned out to be famous delinquents, one of 'em a gyaru. Indulge yourself in their hidden feelings of maternity, and be healed by their warmth!
Nukige with an opening



Recommended Comments

Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai is a mythology fantasy story by Minato-soft's subsidiary that is based in the same general area as Tsujidou.  However, the atmosphere is less romantic and more eerie/dark.  The story in general, while hiding behind typical Minato Soft style humor, is grimmer than is common to this company.

I'll be frank, I only managed one ending of Missing X-link, though this was not because it wasn't good... it was because my favorite heroine was early on the ladder, and I threw a fit when her ending was a short and boring one.

Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai is a seriously weird game that kinda feels like the Seasons series by Smee (Harumade Kururu, etc).  

Link to comment

Waka-sama - I thought that Takahiro would overshadow Tanaka Romeo just like back at Kyouya, but it seems that Romeo was given some freedom to write the story to a degree seeing that the setting turned out to be quite unusual for Minato-soft VN (Athough Takahiro might be influenced by Akame ga Kill writing for the dark story though). In any case, I guess JAST is the only company that has the chance to localize this for now. Oh yes it also has 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes as well seeing that the titular Waka was voiced by her.

Missing X Link - I though that Shiravune may be want to localize this seeing that it's from their own group, but perhaps it's too early for them as of now.

Curse of Kudan - GL VN from Sukera in that it's quite unusual because the premise has horror and mystery instead of their usual lighthearted fare. Also Flowers writer here is the one who wrote this, which is sort of ironic seeing that Flowers was produced by Innocent Grey who is known for mystery and yet Flowers tetralogy here is pretty much quite lighthearted.

Nine Episode 3 - In this part Kakeru will getting closer to Haruka which is previously one of the antagonist, and so naturally there'll be a lot of development so that the couple can become quite close. Other than that, this episode is focusing on more revelation and plot point that eventually will be culminate to the climax of the whole Nine series at the next episode.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of April 2019 releases.

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