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VN of the Month March 2019 - Realive



Realive is the only masterpiece I can vouch for. Micchi adds Aonatsu Line and pieces/Wataridori no Somnium to the list of interest.


1. LoveR  LoveR(ラヴアール)[190314] Kadokawa Games 1
A new love begins…
The summer of your second year of high school.
You happen to meet six girls. And then… love.
A future of romance?
The school festival will take place in two months. And there, the confession…
Will your feelings reach her…?
That depends on you.
This is the 22nd anniversary of love depiction! Ichiro Sugiyama, who has created various love simulation games, and Taro Mino unite for a dream collaboration: the long-awaited new love simulation game for PlayStation 4.
While deepening your love with the game’s six heroines, save your memories through photos. With beautiful visuals that implement depth of field, you can take photos full of expression.
Through communication by voice recognition, gyro photographing via the motion sensor, and more, LoveR makes full use of PlayStation 4’s features.
Besides a game for love simulation game fans, this is also a game for players who want to play games that make full use of PlayStation 4’s functionalities.


2. Itsuka no Memorajxo ~Kotonoha Amrilato~  いつかのメモラージョ ~ことのはアムリラート~ [190315] SukeraSparo 1
Not all endings are happily ever after, and language isn't the only barrier to understanding. After choosing to remain in Ruka's world, Rin begins to doubt her decision, haunted by memories of her best friend Yuuzu and others she's left behind. Ruka, too, is troubled by Kanako, a classmate who seems to have it out for her. Unspoken thoughts, assumed feelings, and misunderstandings threaten to pry them apart as they face the challenges of communication involved in becoming more than just friends.
This is the story, pure and sometimes frustrating, of two girls intertwined through their fumbling efforts to communicate. A heartwarming, and educational yuri visual novel that teaches readers Esperanto, as well as the meaning of communication.
Yuri is localized and has English reviews


3. Tokyo Chronos [190320] MyDearest 1 2
An empty, deserted Shibuya where time has frozen over. A mystery full of suspense, woven by 8 childhood friends trapped inside.
A lost memory. A mysterious message: "I am dead. Who killed me?"
Who is "I"? Why did we lose our memory? Who is the killer?
Fragments shattered like a broken mirror.
Where does the truth lie?
To kill, or not to kill ─ YOU decide.
Game is localized and has English reviews


4. Alpha Nighthawk [190329] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5
A giant beautiful rose, called Consuelo by humans, blooms in the night sky 300,000 km away from Earth. Its dark red tentacles extended towards Earth once in a blue moon in the form of ‘thorns’ that have the power of destroying entire cities should they strike the world. The STX Space Force created the ‘battle sheep’ mobile suit as the last line of defence against the Consuelo. It draws its power from the mental energy of its pilot.
However, their efforts were in vain as a thorn struck Tokyo, devastating the surrounding area. The thorn took root and sprouted a smaller Consuelo, which attacked the people nearby and spread its sphere of terror. It was decided that the area be sealed from the outside, even though there were some that were not able to escape and were trapped inside, subject to the threat of attacks as they went about their daily lives.
One lone man continued to fight in the sealed area. His name was Ichizou, a former colonel in the STX Space Force and one of its finest pilots who was admired by all. Why did he remain even after the other soldiers had fled?
There are English reviews


5. Aonatsu Line  アオナツライン [190329] Giga
Tatsumi and his childhood friends Miki and Chihiro talked every day about what they would do during the upcoming summer vacation. By chance, they befriended the overly-honest ojou-sama Yui, who transferred to their school since she admired the co-education system, as well as kouhai Kotone, who had failed to make lasting friendships after trying too hard to fit in. This new group of five friends (?) began to plan for a memorable bittersweet summer vacation that happens only once in a lifetime.
Giga tries to capitulate on the summer outdoors light atmosphere, but only newcomers can be tricked this way. Characters and story are fake and just not acceptable.


6. Love Commu  らぶこみゅ [190329] Marshmallow Soft 1
Love communication studies was added as part of the compulsory curriculum. After graduating from university with a degree in ‘love commu studies’, Tatsuyuki was placed as a teacher at the ojou-sama school Aogahama Girls’ Academy. As part of his position, he is permitted to have relationships with his students. He entered the school with excitement and discovered that the girls all had slightly skewed views of love! Of course, their grades in love commu studies were not great and they had to take supplementary lessons.
It is up to him to show them the proper way to love, so that they can become respectable adults. However, while he knew a lot about relationships, he had not actually experienced it himself! Would a virgin like him be able to teach the girls and show them the right way to love? Actually, what does that even mean!?
There is an English review


7. pieces / Wataridori no Somnium  pieces/渡り鳥のソムニウム [190329] Whirlpool 1
There’s an odd folklore in Mittebel where an angel sings a lullaby each morning to fall asleep and this wakes up the townspeople each day. But it is not only angels that have strange dreams. Tsubame can enter the dreams of others by thinking of them. He doesn’t know when he obtained this ability, but he spends most of the day sleeping as a result of seeing others’ dreams.
One day, he saw a girl by the window of an old mansion and was taken by her beauty. Wishing to know more about her, he tried his best to use his ability on her, but failed to do so. The girl Yua revealed that she also had the same mysterious ability to see others’ dreams. However, she was unable to choose which dreams to see, and only sees nightmares each night. As a result of the constant nightmares, she grew to avoid sleeping at all.
A girl who doesn’t sleep and a boy who wishes to continue to sleep. When their dreams cross, the legend of the past starts once more.
There is an English review


8. Realive  リアライブ [190329] Purple Software 1
Kemba Gakuen is a school where Asagiri Chihaya attends. In the past, he was involved in an accident where he lost some important memories.
His beautiful childhood friend named Miyamato Satsuki calmly advised him to try and remember. As life goes on, Chihaya heard rumors in social media about the existence of an app called "Alive".
It is a legendary gaming app but shrouded in mystery. Still, Chihaya continues life as a regular student. But one day, an application has been installed on his smartphone and Chihaya realizes the name of the app:
The app itself can change the fate of the people around it where Chihaya himself does not realize it.
There is an English review


9. Sakura Iro, Mau Koro ni  さくらいろ、舞うころに [190329] Pulltop 1
Shinya returned to Japan after five years abroad and met the second-year student Mina, who asked him to be part of the graduation ceremony planning committee. She had been appointed as the planning committee leader, and her eyes sparkled as she expressed her wish to hold a memorable graduation ceremony to send off all those who had helped her. She always tried her best for everyone, although her ideals and efforts often led to nowhere.
Since he had been living overseas for so long, he didn’t know what to do as he had never experienced a graduation ceremony. He was joined in the committee by Chloe, Rin and Mariko, each of whom were there under varying circumstances. Even though they were initially reluctant to participate, they were gradually won over by Mina’s passion and kindness. Before long, this feeling soon spread throughout the school.
A normal school charage focused on clubs. Good quality and realization. Nothing prominent or interesting or unusual.


1. Memories Off -Innocent Fille- for Dearest  メモリーズオフ -Innocent Fille- for Dearest [190328] MAGES. GAME 
Features happy endings for all the characters in Innocent Fille while also maintaning the bittersweet atmosphere of the MemOff series. Also includes cameos by several characters from previous Memories Off games.
2. Koi wa Sotto Saku Hana no you ni ~Futari wa Eien ni Yorisotte Iku~  恋はそっと咲く花のように~二人は永遠に寄り添っていく~ [190329] ensemble
Fandisc for Koi wa Sotto Saku Hana no you ni, with after stories for each of the six heroines.
3. Shirokoi Sakura * Gram  白恋サクラ*グラム [190329] NanaWind
This is the fandisc for Haruoto Alice*Gram, containing after stories for each of the five heroines. The main story concerns the arrival of new character Lilyetto and her proclamation of dissolving the Tasogare-bu. There’s also a route for sub-heroine Kozue, a side story where they visit the ALIA’s CARNIVAL! school, and a fantasy story where they end up in another world
4. Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro Fandisc -Gosanke Da yo! Zen'in Shuugou-  将軍様はお年頃 ふぁんでぃすく -御三家だヨ! 全員集合- [190329] ALcot
This is the fandisc for "Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro" with after stories for each of the four heroines. There are also new routes for new character "Tokugawa Mitsukuni".
5. Aoi Sora no Camus 青い空のカミュ [190327] Kai
This is the fandisc for "Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro" with after stories for each of the four heroines. There are also new routes for new character "Tokugawa Mitsukuni".
Doujin with an opening
6. Josou Jinja 女装神社 [190330] No~Strike
This is the fandisc for "Shogun-sama wa Otoshigoro" with after stories for each of the four heroines. There are also new routes for new character "Tokugawa Mitsukuni".
Doujin with an opening




Recommended Comments

I got about a third of the way through Alpha-nighthawk before I dropped it.  Simply put, it has all of Liar-soft's bad habits with none of the good.

Love Commu is a nukige masquerading as a charage.  Unfortunately, it isn't as good as some of the similar games like Erect.

I got through one path of Pieces before dropping it out of boredom.  At this point, I was already out of the VN of the Month thing, so I had no reason to force myself to play something I felt was boring.

Realive... it feels like yesterday that I played this.  It is basically just another high-end nakige by Purple Soft (which is in itself a huge endorsement, lol), but it is worthy of noting that it is highly influenced by Hapymaher, to the point where the similarities frequently distracted me during my playthrough.

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Realive - At last Purple Software finally allow all of the heroines to have sex in their dream, errr... class outfit unlike Hapymaher in which they need the FD to finally have Keiko and Saki have sex with Tohru in their dream outfit (It help that Purple Software decided to finish the story in one game if possible). That aside, we have Nakahiro who wrote Hoshimemo and Astral Air wrote this so obviously we should expect this as nakige. As for who'll license this, it would be quite hard to predict seeing that Purple Software is quite flexible when it come to the company but I suppose they can ask Mangagamer to license this if they want to keep the similarities with Hapymaher, although obviously Nekonyan here should be the better choice.

Watadori no Somnium - Well ideally Sekai should localize this instead of Nekonin if we talk about Whirlpool VNs, but I suppose they need some cheaper VNs to localize and Nekonin was fulfill it to a degree. Oh well.

Tokyo Chronos - Sekai did localize this, and that's all for what I can remember when it come to this VN.

Memorajo - Amrilato's sequel (Or fandisc) in which it tell us the story on how Rin keep adapting in Esperanto speaking language after the event of the prequel. This time they're also faced some communication problem and we'll see on how they'll overcame it together. Oh yes Mangagamer did translate this as well, so you can read it in English.

Aonatsu Line - My first impression is that at least GIGA didn't try to localize it into English because it's inevitable that they'll censor the overseas release, and that it was drawn by Aquatope in White Sand artist. Other than that, it looks like a simple charage with summer theme and that the casts seems friendly with each other to a degree. Well at least this should be a good summer VN in case one want to play some light charage with summer setting. Alka did pick this alongside Clearworld, although so far there's no progress in regard of both projects yet. Lastly, I did feel that KOTOKO did sang the opening song differently although it may be just me here.

That's all for my comment in regard of March 2019 releases.

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