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VN of the Month December 2018 - Kotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe



Kotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe with all its flaws is still the only candidate worthy of mention . Micchi gives a chance to other charage of the month - Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram and Hinekuremono no Gakuen Seishun Monogatari


1. Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz ダイダロス:ジ・アウェイクニング・オブ・ゴールデンジャズ [181213] Arc System Works 1 2 3
It was a month ago when Kyosuke Jinguji was found murdered.
Saburo Jinguji, his grandson, flys off to New York, to collect his beloved grandfather's belonings.
Time passed by in an instant as Saburo met with old friends, walking along the streets where he spent time with his grandfather.
On one occasion, Saburo finds out that his grandfather, Kyosuke, was chasing after a word "Daedalus" just before his death.
The word "Daedalus" was full of unknown mysteries.
Why did Kyosuke have to die?
A new saga of Detective Saburo Jinguji begins under his grandfather's legacy!
Game is localized and has English reviews


2. Hinekuremono no Gakuen Seishun Monogatari ~Ore to Kanojo no Reversible~ 捻くれモノの学園青春物語 ~俺と彼女の裏表~ [181221] Libido Soft 1 2 3 4 5
Yuuichirou is a pessimistic guy who has practically no friends. He leads a life far from the dramatic ones depicted in manga and novels. However, even an anti-social person like him faced a crisis: his grades are awful and he won’t be able to move on without raising them. He was offered the opportunity to raise them in exchange for joining a certain club. It was a club full of boring, worthless, good-for-nothing students – the Seishun Club!
There are English reviews


3. Kotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe 言の葉舞い散る夏の風鈴 [181221] Silky's Plus Dolce 1 2 3
Osamu was on his way to attend the opening ceremony at Sakuranomiya Gakuen when he heard a familiar voice. It was the super-popular voice actress Kokoro, who never shows her face, but he was able to tell due to his ability to identify anyone by their voice. Her real name was Kotoha and she was repeating her first year, just like him. Since he was her top fan, he was excited to spend his time at school with her while keeping her identity a secret between the two of them.
Then he was invited by Yuu, a first-year student who aspires to be a voice actress but gets nervous easily, to join the voice acting club. Together with the older Aoko and wheelchair-bound Kanade, a youthful love comedy where everyone is a first-year student (although three are repeaters) begins!
There are English reviews


4. Shukusei no Girlfriend 2 -the destiny star of girlfriend-  宿星のガールフレンド2 -the destiny star of girlfriend- [181221] Mirai 1 2
Seiji is an ordinary student who met a girl named Maja in the park. He was charmed by her demeanour, despite not knowing that she was actually a mahou shoujo that fights demons using dark magic via a contract with an evil deity. After a sudden appearance by some demons, he ended up as her familiar and gained the ability to use magic. In return, he was bound by a magical rope on his ankle to her, and if he strayed too far away from her, his magical power will run out and he will perish. So they ended up living together under the same roof. However, her slightly eccentric nature meant that unexpected incidents were a commonplace.
There is an English review


5. Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram 空に刻んだパラレログラム [181221] Uguisu Kagura 1 2
Yuzu was fascinated with terpischora ever since she saw a splendid match unfold before her eyes for the first time. Unable to forget that moment, she transferred to Kuzukiri Gakuen to learn how to fly in the sky. There she met Ayumu, a former competitor whose career was cut short by injury, and he guided her into the world of terpischora. They worked hard together with his imouto Hari, osananajimi Ria and senpai Hotaru’s mutual encouragement and support. Striving to be the best while going through the highs and lows, they grow through the sport and learn for what or whom they decided to fly.
There are English impressions


6. Venus Blood: Lagoon [181228] Dual Tail 1 2 3
A long time ago, the world was destroyed by the great war between dragons and demons known as the "War of the Demon God". In the end, the only remaining landmass was the continent of Rodinia.
Now, this land is a place of conflict between divine and dark dragons who compete for hegemony.
Princess Tia from the Divine Dragon Kingdom Elysis was framed by High Priest Gashel and as a result, lost her family and home.
In this desperate situation, a lone man appears to save her.
The man's name is Zahak. He is the demon god that was supposed to have been sealed in the past war.
A dragon princess who lost everything, swearing revenge, and a demon god who revels in destruction and desire. Will their fate be salvation or destruction?
RPG has English reviews


1. Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete 2  恋ニ、甘味ヲソエテ2 [181231] Canvas+Garden
This is the continuation of CANVAS+GARDEN’s doujin title Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete, featuring after stories for Rira and Rishie and main routes for Ciel and Koron.
2. Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Success ♪ えろぼいす! Hなボイスでいちゃラブサクセス♪ [181211] Clock Up
Main character has erotic voice fetish. He finds a job at a company that hires voice actors for 18+ projects.
Nukige with an opening
3. Shimaisou -II-  死埋葬 -II- [181230] F.T.W.
Doujin with an opening



Recommended Comments

Koiama 2 - Once again it should be enough if you want some light relaxing moege, and tis time we have two more heroines. Oh yes it also already available in English along with the prequel thanks to Sekai.

Erovoice - While it's obviously another VN that depict the behind the scene of voicing the eroge akin of Eroge in that it depict the creation of, well eroge it remind me of Sore ga Seiyuu anime though back when Mangagamer announced it at this year Otakon. Currently it's been fully translated and edited by them, so we may have this as their next release or if not we may have them release this in the near future.

Venus Blood Lagoon - Venus Blood VN that didn't have much focus on corruption because you can only corrupt one heroine in this VN, and from what mod Clephas said apparently it has monster birth gameplay (Not that I know the difference much anyway other than you'll probably spend some material to allow the birth of the monster after did a certain ritual). As for whether Ninetail would like to do the Kickstarter of this, well perhaps it might be possible. Although seeing that both of localized Venus Blood have corrupt the heroines gameplay and that Ninetail may have a hard time to allow Valve to accept monster birth gameplay into Steam library, safe to say that we may have Ninetail localized either Ragnarok or their newest Venus Blood (Savior) in that both have corrupt the heroines gameplay. That said, it would still nice though if Ninetail manage to localize this somehow.

That's all for my comment in regard of December 2018 releases.

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