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VN of the Month August 2018 - Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato

Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato is the winner by default. Micchi also likes one delayed title.


1. Saiaku Naru Saiyaku Ningen ni Sasagu  最悪なる災厄人間に捧ぐ [180823] Kemco Corporation 1 2
A story where you live life alongside an “invisible girl.”
Kuro is an invisible girl, and Hyouma is a boy who can only see invisible people. To alleviate their loneliness, the two get close and live together, but “disaster” eventually bares its fangs and a cruel world stands before them.
Parallel worlds. An invisible girl. A mysterious disappearance. An omniscient slate. Can you solve the mystery behind the irrational world and lead it to salvation before total despair arrives as result of repeated destruction and separation?
This is a story of sadness and overcoming that begins with a meeting that has not happened yet, but is inevitable
There are English reviews


2. World End Syndrome  ワールドエンド・シンドローム [180830] Toybox Inc. 1
World End Syndrome follows the story of a 17-year-old high school junior trying to escape his troubled past. After causing an accident resulting in his older sister’s death, he receives an invitation to transfer to Mihate High School. He takes it gratefully, hoping to start a new life and forget his past.
But Mihate Town is not the coastal paradise it appears to be. It is home to the legend of the Yomibito, where the dead come back to life every 100 years. Once resurrected, the Yomibito attack the living to regain their sanity, but the dead’s thirst is never quenched. This year happens to be 100 years since the last known incident…
As the protagonist navigates his new life with a colorful cast of new friends, a student at Mihate High suddenly dies. The murder sends shockwaves through the idyllic town as he finds himself caught in a string of strange incidents, romance, and unforgettable summer experiences…
Game is localized and has English reviews


3. Dare mo Shiranai Sora e no Namida  誰も知らない天体への涙 [180831] Anagram 1
Tendou Haruka looked up to the sky and made his two wishes.
First, he wanted to know the truth.
And second, he wanted someone back.
Luna, ruler of Eclipse, was the only being powerful enough to grant his grief-filled plea.
But first, with his soul hanging in the balance, he had to complete the Oracles she demanded of him.
This is the tale of the war between Haruka and Luna.
The tale of Haruka's solitary war.
No one will know the tears he sheds.
August has so few professional releases that even some amateur ones will do. Had prologue released in English.


4. Iinkai no Antihero ~IINCHO-Re.co~  委員界の異端者 ~IINCHO-Re.co~ [180831] Chien 1
It was Kurou’s first day at his new school. So why was he standing in the middle of a burning building, wearing a blonde wig, a gas mask and a black leather gauntlet on his right hand? No matter how you look at it, he’s simply a freak.
“Don’t just stand there! Hurry and get over here! You’re gonna die if you don’t!”
He ran towards the shouts after initially flinching at the barked command, surrounded by shrieks and cheers. One could barely hear a voice say quietly:
“… this is the beginning of the long-awaited ‘reboot’…!”
Everything at Kairei Gakuen is decided by the student council. Kurou was caught in a strange explosion incident on his first day at school and was tasked with seeking out the truth. During the day, he’s a normal student, but at night he becomes the mysterious hero Kamen Kanser. He is charmed by the six heroines that he meets as he dashes in the darkness, and he gradually learns about the truth and the mastermind behind everything.
There is an English review


5. Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato 未来ラジオと人工鳩 [180831] Laplacian 1 2 3
July 10, 2061, Sunday. City: Nariyama. Prefecture: Chiba.
Yamanashi Sora designed a new radio using spare parts.
"Phew... Just in time."
That day marked the fifteenth year since the artificial pigeons started devouring all radio waves. On it, Sora began broadcasting using the transceiver left to him by his father.
The day after his first rocky radio program, the radio picked up a different mysterious broadcast.
"This is a follow-up report on the fall of "Blue Sky." The person caught up in the accident at the former site of Terminal 1 has been identified. The name of the deceased is Yamanashi Sora. Furthermore, many injuries are being reported at Nariyama Sky Academy."
It was a radio broadcast from the future.
"I'll... die in three weeks?"
After listening to the ominous broadcast, Sora stepped into the terminal for the first time in fifteen years. It was once the former gateway to Japan, and the place where Sora lost his parents. The building was in ruins, a shadow of its former glory, little more than a nest to countless artificial pigeons. There, Sora met a silver-haired maiden. She looked straight at Sora, gently stroking an artificial pigeon with her finger.
"...You won't die."
Sora was dumbfounded.
"I won't let it happen."
"Because I want you to look up at the sky and smile."
This is how Yamanashi Sora and Hazuki Kaguya met.
There are English reviews


1. Butterfly Seeker ~Chaos Nightmare~  バタフライシーカー ~カオス・ナイトメア~ [180831] Silky's Plus 1
Events happen towards the end of the main game. One day the Abnormal Psychology Countermeasures Group is asked to investigate 
the existence of a mysterious girl who appeared and disappeared in the shadow of the incident.
2. Sekaiichi, Uketai Uso o. -Really, Another Imaginary.- 世界一、受けたい虚○を。 - Really, Another Imaginary. – [180810] 3 on 10
In March main character asks classmate Inoue about "a lie that everyone receives". Inoue replies, "There is no lie you want to receive.". Both of them hide lies from each other on the verge of the farewell day.
Doujin with an opening
3. Senzoku Maid ni Yoroshiku! 専属メイドに夜露死苦! [180810] Ryunos
Main character has almost no relatives and now loses last grandfather. Then hitman comes to kill him. On the verge of death protagonists sick of fear starts to rub killer's chest and...
Doujin with an opening
4. Study Steady [180810] Akita Ken
Three students with worst grades in test are left for summer additional study. Main character's childhood friend with top grade also joins them in this fun study club.
Doujin with an opening
5. Wata no Soko, Okitsu Mikami no Kudanzaka Kaiki Sousho わたのそこ、おきつみかみの 九段坂怪奇叢書 [180810] Nekobanana
Main character from the original "Mystery Study Group" meets a strange girl who leads to a seaside area where mystery and murder coexist.
Doujin with an opening
6. MyTube! myちゅ~部! [180810] Tatsuta-age
A boy and girl on an isolated countryside island try to become mega popular online myTubers in this love comedy story!
Doujin with an opening
7. CisLugI-シスラギ- [180812] Next Village
A world in which everyone has had a 'Dignity Maintenance Device' implanted in their brains that allows them to commit painless suicide at any moment simply by stating that they want to die.
How does this affect society?
Doujin with an opening
8. Taimanin Asagi ZERO 対魔忍アサギZERO [180831] Black Lilith
Young Asagi leads the party and confronts evil in the dark town from the future.
Nukige with an opening

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Recommended Comments

Iinkai no Antihero was trash.

Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato was all over the place, but it was a decent plotge with some good comedy.  The feels were decent but didn't go beyond that.

This was about the time when I began to stop playing VNs seriously, if I recall correctly...

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Sasasagu could've been one of the best VNs ever if the plot didn't become so grand, but it's still a really good story. It'd likely surpass Mirai Radio if it had a proper PC version.

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Interesting that we have two VNs that were formerly licensed by Sol Press, so let's see what I can comment in regard of August 2018.

Daresora - Poor author that he was scammed and poor Sol Press in that they run out of money to localize the rest of it so much that they cancel the license of this VN and delete the Steam store page of this, and poor the company that it was dissolved back at May. Messy circumstances behind production and localization aside, no much to say other than this VN is an episodic VN with the interesting premise revolving fighting against goddess that was held back by the play time for episode 1 was very short (As in only at an hour in which it should be obvious that there's a lot of first part of episodic VNs that has longer playtime).

Mirai Radio - Back then I did wish that Sol Press did seriously work on this, only to have them seriously working on cancelling the license and one way or another the license ended up with Nekonyan in that obviously the progress on the translation is far better compared to when Sol Press hold the license of this. As for the VN, well it's about post apocalyptic world in which there's a lot of artificial pigeon ate the signal which in turn causing chaos because it cause the plane can't fly and stuffs, and in that world our MC tried his best to living in the ruin. Another point is that I guess I can say that this VN has two main heroines and two side heroines with the most prominent heroine is Kaguya (Being in the cover and all), and if we look at Newton VN obviously we can expect some science fiction story in here.

That's all for my comment in regard of August 2018 releases.

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