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VN of the Month May 2018 - Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~

Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~ is VN of the Month , also chosen by Clephas . The rest are either flawed or not memorable. Micchi is satisfied with Koisuru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba , Kimi to Hajimeru Dasanteki na Rabukome and some loli nukige.


1. Kimi to Hajimeru Dasanteki na Love Come  二人と始める打算的なラブコメ [180525] Campus 1 2
Kazuma has lived a tough life of poverty thanks to the debts accumulated by his carefree parents. After their deaths, he transferred to Mahoshi Gakuen in the middle of the year, determined and armed with a plan to become rich. He would use his pretty looks to target Shirayuki, the daughter of one of the richest families in Japan. However, she had absolutely no interest in him, having heard the same pick-up lines from many others before and wary of anyone outside of her family.
There was also one other person that Shirayuki trusted: her personal servant Nono, who also happened to be Shirayuki’s childhood friend. Nono offered to help him with his plan. Why did she offer her assistance and will he be able to achieve his goal?
There is an English review


2. Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsuka no Houhou  君と目覚める幾つかの方法 [180525] Navel 1 2 3
In the near future, androids known as automata have become commonplace in Japan, whether it be as friends or lovers, or working as labourers. Sousuke is an automata technician who runs the INa Motors shop, which he had inherited from his father.
One day, there was an automata girl collapsed in front of his shop. He thought that she had been illegally abandoned by her owner to avoid paying the disposal costs and was about to salvage parts when he realized that she was actually a human who had been dressed up to look like an automata. She had lost both legs and was fitted with automata parts instead of prosthetics.
He took the mysterious girl Hatsune in and was caught up in a major incident where limbs were being severed for sale on the black market. His childhood friend and policewoman Maika and prosthetist Mikoto helped him, but the situation becomes increasingly convoluted when an automata appears seeking to take Hatsune’s life.
There are English reviews


3. Kimi to Tsunagaru Koi Flag 君とつながる恋フラグ [180525] Mirage Soft 1 2 3
Due to a past trauma, Yuuto doesn’t have any close relationships with others and before long, he didn’t engage in any relations with girls. Then the tsukumogami Kikyou, who had been sent by the goddess of fate appeared before him.
“Let me be your cupid”
Realizing that she wouldn’t back down from her request and won’t leave until her task is done, he asked her to just go out with him instead, thinking that it would trouble her enough to concede. However, she did not have any problems with it and so they became a couple. Since they were now in a relationship, she could not return to the realm of the gods. The only way for her to return would be to form a new relationship which is deeper than the one that they had just created. That’s when he realized that only trouble lies ahead in his future.
There are English reviews


4. Koi Suru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba  恋するココロと魔法のコトバ [180525] Hearts 1
Narumi is a second-year student at Asanoha Gakuen. One day, he headed to the Garden Club room to return something left behind by his classmate Kazane, but he inadvertently stepped on a magic circle that was drawn on the floor and summoned the spring spirit Haruharu. Since he had now found out that the Garden Club was actually a secret gathering for witches at the school, he was pressured to join the club to keep their secret. It’s the start of their time together which is slightly magical and warm like the spring sunlight.
There is an English review


5. Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~ 瞬旭のティルヒア ~What a Beautiful Dawn~ [180525] Liar-soft 1 2 3
It was the third year of the Bunkyu era and the skies of Edo were dark. In the short ten years after Japan ended its isolationist foreign policy, Edo had been thoroughly transformed into a n ‘Engine City’ due to the arrival of steam engine technology from the strange land of Kadath via the West.
The young Shingyoto-ryuu swordsman Hachirou was given a secret order one day to pick up a package from Nobutomo, a great swordsman admired by both his older brother and uncle, in Shimoda and deliver it to Kyoto. It was a large box that resembled an ‘iron maiden’. While he was perplexed by its looks, he was more astonished when a doll-like petite girl came out from it.
There are English reviews


6. Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume  約束の夏、まほろばの夢 [180525] Windmill 1
Ryouta and his childhood friends Nagisa, Serina and Himari have strange powers which only they themselves know about: the ability to manipulate feelings, the ability to talk from the heart, the ability to see the future, and the ability to see through lies.
One day before summer vacation, Ryouta came upon a strange girl dancing at his small town’s local shrine. Rinka came from the city and he felt a mysterious connection with her as she was the first person other than his friends that his powers worked on.
When the summer vacation began, they were led all around the town by Rinka under the guise of ‘sightseeing’ even though there’s nothing around to see. Before they knew it, they left the unanswered questions behind and just played around together – a summer full of love and mysteries.
There is an English review


1. Baldr Bringer Extend Code [180525] Giga
Fuji, Ellis and the company left VERTEX and traveled to another world. At certain point they get trapped in a virtual space called "Naraku". The party meets a girl who calls herself "Cina" and together they confront a terrifying existence that nests in the depths of the abyss ...
Action Fandisc
2. Kanojo to Ore no Koisome Dousei 彼女と俺の恋染同棲 [180525] Tokohana
This is the first title by Tokohana, a new Willplus brand. Akira and Miyabi are childhood friends who used to play together often. Since their parents knew each other, their families regularly went out together. However, they’ve drifted apart in the years since she moved away.
Then one day, he was welcomed home by Miyabi when he came back from school. She had returned to transfer into his school, but she didn’t have a place to live in yet, so his parents offered her a place at their home. But since they were currently away for work, Akira will be living alone with her.
Miyabi smiled and said that she didn’t have any problem with it being just the two of them. While he had some reservations, he also wanted to be with her, so he agreed to try it out in the meantime and see how it goes. Thus begins their life together full of excitement and nervousness.
Nukige with an opening
3. Onii-chan, Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite! お兄ちゃん、朝までずっとギュッてして! [180525] Tinkle Position
The older brother of four younger sisters - the protagonist - had severe asthma when he was younger. Due to this, they started the routine of one of the sisters sleeping with him for one day and then switching to another.
One day, their parents, who are researchers, ordered a demonstration of their newest experiment, "Improve his immunity by hugging him."
"Hug a little sister affectionately for 10 seconds every day before going to bed♪"
He decided to hug the sister he was going to sleep with him with even more affection then she could ever imagine...
Nukige with an opening



Recommended Comments

Shunkyoku - Quite underrated What A Beautiful VN that apparently not quite like previous VNs in the series (ie Sharnoth or Inganock), then again I can't say much about this. At least it still has Steampunk setting instead of return to the past setting like back at Jeanne, and that Mangagamer may be the one that will localized this.

Onihug - Second and last main VN from Tinkle Position, and in here the four little sister trying to improving the immunity of their older brother (The MC) that suffer heavy asthma in his childhood by hugging him as the method of therapy (Suggested by their parents who also the researcher, and speaking of immunity I wonder if hugging can increase Corona virus immunity lol). Obviously the research led the MC to have a lot of moment with his sisters, and it's inevitable that there'll be a lot of sex happen between MC and one of the sisters. In case you want this in English, looks like it's not possible seeing that Sol Press was not in very good condition to license the VN even if they didn't stop licensing the VN.

No much release that I know in this month, so that's all for my comment on May 2018 releases.

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