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VN of the Month April 2018 - Yuusha to Maou to, Majo no Cafe

It's a very weak month, and Yuusha to Maou to, Majo no Cafe is the winner . Clephas reluctantly nominated it. Micchi has a broader range of candidates - Tenpure , Nyanto Suteki na Natsuiro Days and some fandisc.


1. Death end re;Quest  [180412] Compile Heart 1
Death end re;Quest takes the classic turn-based RPG and flips it upside-down. Switch between the RPG action of the game world and the visual novel segments of the real world. In the realm of game development, it may seem all fun and games until the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur.
RPG is localized and has English reviews


2. 9 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta Soranooto 9-nine- そらいろそらうたそらのおと [180427] Palette 1 2 3 4
When the university town of Shiromitsugawa was struck by a large earthquake, the sacred treasure in the Hakuda Tsukumo Shrine was damaged and mysterious objects called ‘artifacts’ began to appear from a parallel world. These artifacts granted special abilities to those that possessed them.
There was an incident where someone abused these powers and turned people into stone. Kakeru, who has a strong sense of responsibility, lent his assistance to Miyako in seeking the culprit. His innocent imouto Sora also joins them in the investigation into the serial petrification incidents as they unveil a mysterious group and hidden feelings.
There are English reviews


3. Koneko Neko Neko  こねこねこねこ [180427] SkyFish poco 1
Haruta came to an old village where you couldn’t walk anywhere without seeing a cat. Due to a stroke of bad luck, he couldn’t stay at the apartment that he had reserved, but fortunately he was able to find a place to live in a small house called Nekohana-kan. The rent was free, but he had to agree to take care of the kittens.
However, instead of cats there were three nekomimi girls waiting for him. As their master, he must support them so that they can live in the human world: that is, he must choose one of them to marry. Moreover, he had lost all his memories before that day.
There is an English review


4. Momoiro Closet ももいろクローゼット [180427] Frontwing 1 2
The protagonist Kagamihara Alice is the student council president of her school and the daughter of a member of the National Diet. However, she has a hidden secret – she’s actually a hardcore otaku! By chance, she met Hashima Reiji at a shop in Akihabara, and the two begin to grow closer – sharing their hobbies, and eventually their fetishes with one another.
Game is released in English and has English reviews


5. Nyanto Suteki na Natsuiro Days  にゃんと素敵な夏色デイズ [180427] Moonstone Honey 1
Natsuki works on the large resort AQUA that covers an entire island. One day, he was put in charge of renewal of the indoor pool area, which was the least popular attraction despite its past popularity. He worked hard with the staff to meet the manager’s expectations, but no matter how hard they tried, they still couldn’t rise up from the bottom. It was at that time when ‘strong’ reinforcements appeared in the form of three nekomimi girls Mikan, Lime and Lemon, who came to live with Natsuki to repay him for his kindness. Will their help be enough to bring the indoor pool area back to its glory days?
There is an English review


6. Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau!  その大樹は魔界を喰らう! [180427] SofthouseChara
The reign of the demon king Hadasht was a calm and peaceful one. His governance was welcomed by most as it healed the scars of the Great War that preceeded it. So when news of his death spread across the land, it was met with surprise, sadness and grief. Yet there were some who smiled with glee as he had not named a successor prior to his death.
It soon became apparent that a struggle for power would break out between the ten largest demon families. At the sign of impending chaos, ambitious individuals took advantage of the situation to begin selling their services for a better life. Fabio is a young man with these aspirations, but he was turned away every time. This was because he was incubus who was viewed to think with his lower body and corrupts public morals with his presence alone. Despite these harsh words, he pressed on and finally was taken in by Primtine, the lowest ranked of the ten demons vying for the throne. He vowed loyalty to her and swore to make her the new demon king by any means possible.


7. Tenpure!!  てんぷれっ!! [180427] Circus 1
Every work of fiction will features cliché. However, Sora happened to be a magnet for clichéd characters and situations. After waking up with his osananajimi asleep next to him, he’d bump into a girl with a slice of toast in her mouth on his way to school, only to find out that she’s the new transfer student in his class. To top it off, he found her in his house upon returning home… she was actually his little sister-in-law! When he thought he was being driven out from his own home, he caught a maid who descended from the sky, only to touch her breasts. And of course, it was witnessed by the strict class rep who gave him a hard slap. Just how many clichés can one take!?
There is an English review


8. Yuusha to Maou to, Majo no Cafe  勇者と魔王と、魔女のカフェ [180427] MintCUBE  1
Filiaswald is governed by the goddess of light Aria and the goddess of darkness Anri. There was once a long war between light and darkness, which culminated in a single battle between the hero Fiona and the demon king Astaroth. However, no one knew how it ended as both vanished without a trace.
Ten years later, a young man with no recollection of his past wandered through the forest. He arrived at a small coffee shop and inn, Café Sorcière, where three witches-in-training (earnest but gullible Rufuna, small yet motherly Candy, and taciturn and lazy Eliya) happily worked for the polite yet super innocent owner Assam. They gave him the name ‘Tarou’ and got him to work at the café while he regained his memories.
Every day was full of interesting events: incidents ending up in compromising positions, helping people in need, going on adventures… event fighting with monsters!? He would befriend Apple, a girl from a nearby town who would later be a regular customer, as well as the miniature forest faerie Pecoe. He no longer worried about his forgotten past when the present is so full of happiness.
However, Tarou started to see recurring dreams of fighting with the demon king and the hero attacking the demon king’s castle. When he woke up, he would have not recollection of the dreams. As he gradually began to show signs of change, the girls around him are caught in the large whirlpool of fate…
There is an English review


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Recommended Comments

Death End Request - Compile Heart RPG that has unique premise in which we'll have the female MC was trapped in a buggy MMORPG that she was created, and thus she asked her male colleague to help her clearing the bug from outside the game. No much that I can say in regard of this other than it has a lot of horror and the storyline itself is quite dark (And surprising some of Idea Factory game has dark story despite a number of fanservice).

Nine Episode 2 - Looking from the score, I guess this is the part when the writer started to find the footing for the rest of Nine series and the reception of this VN is better compared to Episode 1, although some may say that it's because of the heroine though (In that this time it's the Kakeru's blood related little sister). This time Kakeru find out that his sister Sora also possessed an artifact that gave her superpower, so Kakeru decided to ask Sora's help in order to uncover the incident that was happened in the city. Forgot to mention that Kakeru also investigate the incident in Episode 1 as well, although back then his partner is rich classmate Miyako.

Momoiro Closet - This time Frontwing did attempt to tell a story on how a supposed uptight student council president (Arisu) do the cosplay as the main heroine from Precure parody (Frill Lace), and our MC happen to know her secret so the MC decided to accompany Arisu to her cosplay while at the same time the MC and Arisu will have a lot of sex. I should say that Frontwing really goes all out by making Precure parody so much that they provided the synopsis and setting for Frill Lace. Looking from the production timeline, it's more than possible that Frontwing was inspired by KKPC when they made this although instead of sweets the heroine (And the villain) in Frill Lace will gather the energy from the cloth and that the beginning of Frill Lace did resemble HaCha as well.

That's all for my comment on April 2018 releases.

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