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VN of the Month February 2018 - Lost Echoes



Lost Echoes is VN of the Month and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Trinkle Stars is another masterpiece. Clephas had the order reversed. Micchi also pulls out Full Uso -Complete Four Seasons- and a lolicon nukige.


1. Chuuni Hime no Teikoku  厨二姫の帝国 [180223] Ushimitsu Soft 1
Behind the skyscrapers which rise like castles in the old downtown area of the 23-ward Galapagos lies a remodelled love hotel, inside of which lives a self-proclaimed princess from another world, along with her guardian knight and personal maid. In reality, they are actually a gamer addict, a light novel author and an elf cosplayer. The protagonist inherited the management duties for this building from his mother and signed an extremely suspicious leasing contract, triggering the princess’s ability and making him her ‘hero’. He must now begin a chuuni life with new abilities outside of his control.
There is an English review


2. Hataraku Otona no Ren'ai Jijou 2  働くオトナの恋愛事情2 [180223] Akabei Soft3 1
Michito is a normal office worker who lives by himself. There’s nothing special about his job nor his life; He’s just like any other normal person. One day upon returning to an empty home after a busy day at work, he wondered if he was a bit lonely. If only he had a girlfriend, things might be different… but he didn’t make any particular effort to find one. Thus continued his dull cycle of eating alone, sleeping alone, waking up alone and going to work.
One day, he made a passing complaint about being lonely to his boss while out drinking and his boss smiled and told him that if he wished for change, he must take action or nothing will happen. Those words struck a chord in him and he began to think about what to do. There were many ways and places to find someone to live together with, like out on the street or via SNS. So, he decided to make the first move, in order to add colour to his solitary life.
There is an English review


3. Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita de  ひとつ屋根の、ツバサの下で [180223] Harmorise 1 2 3 4
Fairy Fight...
A large-scale dogfight, utilizing the finest warplanes the world has ever known.
Our main character, Sasaki Junichi, is the grandson of the legendary FF Pilot. He comes to Shouou Academy, which once reigned supreme as a school of Fairy Fight Champions.
Traveling in the exalted Shinden, he arrives at the student dormitory known as Tsubasa Dorms, only to find... every other tenant is a woman!!
Hirosawa Hikari is drop-dead gorgeous! Too bad she also happens to be the world's cutest encyclopedia of useless plane knowledge.
Big surprises for our boy, Junichi -- Sasaki Kazusa shares the same last name AND the same bedroom with him now! She's a bit of an airhead with some nasty sleeping habits.
Jinno Nahoko is the sophisticated student council president with a handle on everything (and I MEAN everything) that happens around the school.
And Matsumoto Mimari, the mystery girl who paid for an entire plane in a single payment on her card.
All of these team and decide to compete in a Fairy Fight.
What kind of crazy storm can a renegade team of mismatches create in the esteemed world of FF Champions?!
A crazy summer in the wide blue yonder is right at your fingertips!
Game is localized and has English reviews


4. IxSHE Tell  [180223] Hooksoft 1 2 3 4
Hajime is the school students' representative and the student council president thanks to whom the rule banning romantic relationships in school was lifted. Although now he's a hero who gave allowed everyone freedom of love, he himself now has no time to enjoy it himself! If any problem arises, the whole success will be for naught and the rule might be brought back...
At such time, he is confessed to by Kasumi, a transfer student who is also his childhood friend. Furthermore, on the next days he was confessed to by the sister school's charismatic student council president Yui and by the school idol who won miss contest twice in a row - Ayaka!
However, one of the few students who is against romance - the "anti-romance faction leader" and the vice president of the student council Yoshino has declared "Come on, let's enter a relationship and cause problems and bring back the ban on romance!".
Hajime was happy to be loved by so many people, but decided that first he should get to know everyone better.
As if waiting for him to say it, his other childhood friend Shiori, a perfect yamato nadeshiko has confessed to him while saying she knows him best of all.
Right after the ban on love has been lifted, the protagonist finds himself incredibly popular with several girls approaching him aggressively and from all directions. His love story begins abruptly...
Game is localized and has English reviews


5. Lost Echoes  ロスト・エコーズ [180223] petitlinge 1 2
Riku was taking photos at the street corner when he met the self-proclaimed minor goddess Umi. He didn’t know if it was a fated meeting or simply planned, but she asked him to go to the past and change one particular event that happened back then. His assistance was needed since he contained the soul of one of the people involved in that event.
If he didn’t help her, what would happen? His surroundings and everything he took for granted will surely change, and misfortune will befall his childhood friend Yuika. This is because in Yuika’s past life as Ginchiyo, she killed her dear friend and her lamentation had persisted over the next 430 years, gradually eating away at her soul. The only way to save her was to avoid the incident that caused her regret, but this was the last chance to do so.
There are English reviews


6. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Trinkle Stars  処女はお姉さまに恋してる 3つのきら星 [180223] Caramel Box 1 2
Hisoka was an orphan who was raised by Yukitaka, the present head of the worldwide Jinsei Corporation, with the help of his right-hand man Daisuke. He was adopted for the sole purpose of working both publicly and secretly for his daughter Orihime, who was next in line to inherit the business. That’s why he did not hesitate when he was asked by Yukitaka to attend the same school as her and serve as her bodyguard in secret.
The only problem was that her school was the refined Saint Ceral Girls’ Academy, which was closed to boys. He didn’t know it at the time, but it would be a major turning point in his life.
There is an English review


7. Rance 10 ランス10[180223] Alice Soft 1 2
Humans and monsters shared the Continent in a delicate balance for over a thousand years, but it all came crashing down.
The most powerful fiend, Kayblis, seized power over the Monster Realm and led a colossal army on an invasion of the Human Realm. Unable to stop quarreling amongst themselves, the human nations were trampled.
Two weeks after the war began, the death toll for humanity reached approximately 12,000,000.
Yet mankind still couldn't unite, and the turmoil between the world's leaders continued. Just as the demise of humanity, the worst case scenario, weighed heavy on everyone's minds...
"Everyone should just work for me. I'll crush that Monster Army no problem."
It was Rance, back from an adventure with his companion, Sill.
There was an uproar among the world leaders:
The Kingdom of Leazas's Queen, Lia Parapara Leazas.
The Kingdom of Zeth's Viceroy, Magic the Gandhi.
The Republic of Helman's President, Sheila Helman.
The Free City Alliance's Representative, Copandon Dot.
The eastern island of Nippon's Lord, Kou Oda.
The world's largest religion, Alicism's Pope, Crook Mofus.
...And they were also Rance's women, so they all agreed. Rance became humanity's supreme leader, and their final hope.
Over 6000 years a minuscule creature called Kayblis fought and slaughtered his way to the very top of the Monster Realm. A conceited man named Rance who declares all woman to be his lived a carefree life and found his way to the top of the Human Realm. Both men put the survival of their entire race on the line in an inescapable struggle to the death.
RPG has English reviews


8. Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Winter Guest~  となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~Winter Guest~ [180223] Prekano
One autumn day, the protagonist offended his homeroom teacher and thus was ordered to volunteer at the student council. That’s where he met the student council leader Shiho, who is completely like an older sister. He wanted to be if only a bit closer to her, but ended up as the student council’s dog instead. He spends his days graced by her wonderful smile, while sometimes being swamped with random tasks and sometimes treated affectionately and given snacks.
“For me, you’ll… work like a dog, right?”
Since it's got a PS4 release, won't block this


1. Uso Series Ninki Touhyou Kinen SS  ウソシリーズ人気投票記念SS [180202] Campus 1
Original short stories for Teidou Setsuka and Shizuku Sargent, who won the character popularity poll in September 2017.
-Shizuku Sargent's "Azatoi Kouhai to Love Love Date (Kari)"
-Teidou Setsuka's "Story of Interlude"
2. Furu Uso -Complete Four Seasons-  フルウソ -Complete Four Seasons- [180223] Campus 1
After stories of the "Uso" series: "Haru Uso" in autumn, "Natsu Uso" in spring, "Aki Uso" in winter, and "Fuyu Uso" in summer.
3.  Hare Uso -Original Harem Story-  ハレウソ -Original Harem Story- [180223] Campus 1
A "what if" story, released to promote the Furu Uso collection & available free of charge to those who previously bought the four individual games in the series (proof of purchase of physical or DL editions required). Available for download from Campus' site from 23 February 2018 through 22 February 2019.
In spite of protagonist Souichirou assisting the four main heroines the same as before, and getting into sexual relationships with them, he didn't make any commitment to going out with any of them. As a result, they all grow restless and demand that he choose one of them.
Will Souichirou choose only one girl, or—
4.  HarmonEy  [180223] Hachimitsu Soft 1
Focuses on the loving and sensual relationship between our protagonist and his wife, Ako. Enjoy a utopian, healing bond as they spend their days off together, free from societal pressures in each other's company.
Nukige with an opening
5. Imouto o Kegashita Kioku 妹を汚した記憶 [180125] Hamham Soft
Ryou’s imouto, who was much younger than him, was becoming more and more like a woman. Before he knew it, he became sexually attracted to her and one day while playing hide-and-seek, he was unable to hold back his urges and ejaculated on her as they were hiding together in the storage shed. He felt guilty about it afterwards and left the village to live alone in the city.
Several years later, he returned to his hometown after being asked by his parents to help with taking apart the storage shed where the act had been committed. In the middle of the field of early-blooming cosmos was his cute grown-up imouto Asaka. His love and desire for her, as well as his childhood friend Aki, which had stopped on that day began to move once more.
“Welcome back, onii-chan. I’ve always been waiting for you.”
Led by the sweet fragrance of the cosmos, it was the return of his past mistake…
Nukige with an opening





Recommended Comments

Chuuni hime is a kusoge.  Don't bother.

For fans of the original, Hataraku Otona 2 is a nice treat.  Adult romance is always a nice change from the adolescent crap in most JVNs.

Lost Echoes: 


Otoboku 3: 


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IxSHE Tell - Since Nekonyan have problem with Melty Moment, they discussed about the problem with Hooksoft and as the result we got this translated. This VN is more or less a moege with five heroines fall in love with the MC because he broke a century rule that ban the romance in the school, and obviously we'll see a lot of slice of life scenes slong with some comedy.

Harmoney - Another single heroine VN with the MC is have a good relationship with his wife. Good if you need some short VN that featured wife heroine I guess.

Hitotsuba - This is quite nostalgic because back when Sol Press localized this they've still has some hope. As for the premise, it's about the school that has a game using a plane to fight each other, or to be easier it's the combination with Aokana for sport (No magical girl like sport costume though lol) and Konosora for the plane (I might be wrong though). In any case, it should be good read if one want some translated VN with sport theme (Using plane aside).

Rance X - While after I see the spoiler that I thought is quite flawed, at least I can say that Alicesoft really going all out in order to make the conclusion of their long runner Rance series (Well it's the second time they made the conclusion of Rance series with the first one was with Kichikuou back at 1996), and they really pulled it off despite some flaw. Mangagamer also localized this as well, although seeing that Arunaru quit Mangagamer when he worked on this and that the script size is very huge, safe to say that it'll be a while to finally have Rance finale available in English.

That's all for my comments on February 2018 releases.

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