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Chocolata no Metamorphosis Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later. As for this week, well Sekai did have AX Lite announcements and Nekonyan have their usual monthly updates along with two VNs releases, so we van see that this week is quite an active one even though Sekai's announcements are not as big as I expected. Oh well, and let's see what I can write for this week.

Cherry Kiss Games decided to release another nukige at 16th later, and the nukige localized name is Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail. Speaking of blackmail, we have GL VN with the premise that love was started from blackmail Letters from a Rainy Days was released at Steam. From what I see, apparently the story not put much focus on the mystery who's the blackmailer but instead the romance that happen as the result of the blackmail. While to be fair the romance should be the main focus, it would be still nice to see the answer from the mystery if possible. In any case, at least my guess is proven right in that this is the first part of serial VN judging from on how short the playtime of this VN and a number of supporting characters that can form two more couples along with the sentence 'Episode Shiori Minato x Mikoto Kurahashi', so let's see when the developer can release the second part later. In any case you want to play this GL VN, go get it and have fun.

For Nekonyan's updates, we finally have Hello Lady engine work was wrapping up which could be interpreted as finally the developer took the action to work on the engine so let's hope that we have see more QA progress from Hello Lady in the near future. Other than that, we have Aoi Tori was at halfway translated, Cafe Stella was at 65% translated and edited, Makeover FD was at 30% translated, Mirai Radio was at 78% edited, Karichaimashita was fully edited along with a quarter in QA, and 1st secret project was at 90% translated along with a quarter edited.

From fan translation, we have Chaos Head Noah was at 93.57% translated (Common route was at 95.39% translated) along with 16.30% TLC-ed and 9.57% edited, Aya's route in Akatsuki no Goei was fully translated and now the translator put his focus on translating Moe's route, 85.8% original lines of Summer Pocket being reworked, and Snow common route was at 91% translated. Speaking of Snow, turned out that the group who translate it also has two new projects. The first project is Konosora Snow Projects in which it's another Konosora FD with the main heroine is Kotori herself (Who apparently is quite popular), and the second is restoration of Miagete sex scenes. I definitely interested with the latter because so far we have two failed Miagete restoration project, although whether they can do it later or not we still need to wait and see in regard of it (By the way I agree with the translator that Pulltop's engine is quite bothersome to work with).

As for Sekai new VNs announcements, three of those are predictable seeing that they already license the prequel of those (Those three VNs are ReLord 3, Amairo Chocolata 2, and Slobbish Dragon Princess 2). Sekai also did announce AD 2236 Prequel, which to say good for 2236 fans. Lastly while I did say that Sekai's announcements are quite underwhelming, actually their last announcement Qualia itself is quite interesting to a degree with the premise on how the MC who is a lonely scientist slowly growing a special feeling towards his maid robot. We also have the updates from Sekai as well, and as for the updates we have Qualia was fully translated and edited, Karakara 3 was at 15% edited, Amairo Chocolata 2 was at 29% translated, 2236 Prequel was fully translated and edited, ReLord 3 was fully translated, and Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 was at 96% translated. Lastly we have Sekai announced Nekopara Catboy Paradise release date, and it'll be at 15th.

Last but not the least, we have JAST released Onigokko in which it tell us the story about the MC who work as Phantom Thief who's been searching for his impostor. Also like any charage story can tell us, the MC will have romance with the heroines which in this case there'll be four heroines who actually the descendant of the four characters from Japanese folktale (Momotaro, Kintarou, Issun Boshi, and Otohime). Go get Onigokko if you've been interested with this for a while, and have fun. Oh yes while Sekai did bring some new announcements at AX Lite, curiously JAST didn't join it so we didn't have them announced Flowers Hiver at this year (They'll probably announce it when it's about to be released later).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title since we have Sekai did announce both of Qualia and Amairo Chocolate 2 as their new projects I decided to parodied Stella Glow opening song, Hikari no Metamorphosis, by changing 'Hikari' into 'Chocolata' so we have 'Chocolata no Metamorphosis as this week VNTS Review. The reason I decided to chose Stella Glow opening song is because in Stella Glow it happen that there's a gem that can transform human into witch called qualia.

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