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Alice Without Wings Review




Since we have Taisho Alice Epilogue released and that the plot is resemble Oretsuba to a degree (According to this review of Oretsuba, and beware of the spoiler from Oretsuba and Taisho Alice if you want to read one of it (Or perhaps both)), I decided to parodied Oretsuba English title 'We Without Wings' by changing 'We' into 'Alice' so we have 'Alice Without Wings' as this week VNTS Review. Coincidentally Oetsuba has non-heroine character with the name Alice, although she's just side character from what I see. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's quite complicated with Laplacian decided to released Aojashin in all age version only along with Study Steady release on Johren only, although on the hand though we have Taisho Alice Epilogue. So all in all, I suppose this week is just slightly less average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

It's just too bad that Shiravune only interested to release Study Steady on Johren only which mean that the customer will need to deal with Denuvo which to say is quite bothersome, although on the other hand at least this time we also have English language as well unlike a certain nukige release. It would be nice though if Shiravune released all of their VNs on Steam again, but considering Valve's treatment on Ryuusei in that they banned it three times I suppose it's asking too much from them (And Valve definitely didn't help at all). As for the premise, well it's more or less just the MC met the heroines and apparently it's more or less like CATION series instead of Smee VNs in that for the most part you'll see the romance between the MC and the chosen heroine. I also know that it happen to has a lot of sex scenes, in that each heroines has 7 to 8 scenes so at least there'll be 30 sex scenes. Anyway go get the VN if you're in mood for some moege with good graphic and have fun. Coupled with Suzukuri Karin-chan release, at least good to see Shiravune being active even though the implementation of Denuvo made their reputation a bit infamous.

Laplacian decided to go all age from now on and they also established PRINCIPIA in which it'll be their 18+ brand, which is not too bad in paper. Except it come with a problem in that they're still in the process of localizing their Magnum Opus Aojashin and as the consequence it'll be all age, which to say would open a can of worm if we recall Pulltop and Harukaze overseas releases because it mean that the sex scenes on that will be removed. Of course Laplacian know the risk, and so the writer decided to add more writing in the overseas release. What I can say is that they can move forward to all age for all I care, but in the end it's unacceptable to not give the option to either read the all age version or 18+ version when it come to the localized VN, especially if turned out that the new contents aren't enough to make up for the censored contents (At least Dies Irae new contents are enough to compensate the loss of sex scenes). Oh well, and for the info there's still no release date on this.

From fan translation we have new update in regard of White Album 2, with the newest update is that they'll add 14 more of the CG from PS3 version so obviously it mean that the engine will be worked for a while (Of course I welcomed that news). We also have Akagoei translator did finished his work on Aya's route and as for the next plan he'll translate Moe's route, and we also have new Yosuga no Sora patch release in which it edited halfway of Motoka's route a lot (The download link for the patch). For the other fan translation updates, we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 46% edited, Harugi was at 18% edited, 3,200 out of 15,087 (21.2%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake was translated, and Taimanin Kurenai was at 5% edited.

We have age did announce that they'll release Muv Luv Total Eclipse at this year winter, and I only know that it's the first Muv Luv that have the anime adaptation and that age still use the same setting so I'll pass (Good for Muv Luv fans though and at least the graphic is looking good). Almost forgot to mention that turned out Sekai did need to delay their Rewrite+ release (I'm not really surprised by this for the info) seeing that it's still in the work with the current progress was at almost completely translated (98% translated) along with 85% edited.

Last but not the least, we have Taisho Alice Epilogue released in Steam back at 24th. The premise is once again about Alice who somehow can romance the gender bent princesses from the fairy tales, and at each chapter Alice will try to know more what the problem that plague her lovers and do her best to resolve it, and in this epilogue Alice will find out the truth behind the story. With this now we have all Taisho Alice properly translated, and it really came up a long way ever since we see the first part had the bad translation along with the VA did his best to dub all of the heroes lol. Go get Taisho Alice if you either want to play some good otome VN or curious in regard of Oretsuba like story that I mentioned above, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I know that today we have the releases both of Letters from A Rainy Day and Onigokko, although I'll talk about those two VNs at my next VNTS Review along with (Possibly) several announcements from Sekai at AX Lite.

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