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Castle in the Rain Review




I'm sorry for my very belated VNTS Review for this week, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later. For this week, well I can say that this week is quite plain in regard of the releases, although on the other hand though we have interesting new VN announced along with some updates from fan translation. Overall this week is still quite an average one even though it's not too bad, and let's see what I can write in regard of this.

JAST did release Closed Game in which it did mark their 5th release in a year, and I should say that they did a good job for manage to five releases in span of half a year (Regardless on my interest toward the releases, and I'm still waiting for Yamizome Revenger release for the info) which really says a lot considering that in the past it's hard for them to get five releases in a year. Anyway Closed Game here is Empress's VN which mean that it'll have a lot of disturbing sex scenes along with female domination if Starless is goes by, so perhaps you should beware of that before decided to try it although you may like it if you like euphoria seeing that it has similar premise to a degree. Speaking of Empress, I would say that I prefer JAST to get Lewdness seeing that it has female MC which may be more interesting for anyone else who didn't interested with female domination, although I may ask too much for now. Anyway go get Closed Game if you interested with it and have fun.

Shiravune did release a nukige that was Chinese only with English title, which to say that they're really dedicated to become second Sekai and it's obviously quite worrying. No much is lost though seeing that the VN in question is just short nukige, and there's Denuvo matter so we can just skip the release although it's obviously bad if Shiravune keep this method for their bigger release in the future. We also has Visual Arts did announce that they also interested to localize Loopers, so in turn Alka decided to step back from translating Loopers since they already decided that they'll step back whenever KEY decided to officially localized their own VNs. Frontwing also promised that they'll release Sharin in this month (June), although seeing that they have several complication in regard of the promise best to not expect them to fulfill it until they're really release it (It's redundant release anyway).

We have a new GL VN with the name Letters from a Rainy Day in which it's available on Steam and that the developer already decided that they'll release this at 30th later. The premise is someone did blackmail a girl (Mikoto) to date a certain girl (Shiori) or otherwise Mikoto's little sister will be harmed, and so after Mikoto see her little sister was harmed she decided to date Shiori and suspect that Shiori is the one who blackmail Mikoto even though apparently Shiori didn't really know. As for this VN according to Meru this'll be short VN, and seeing that there's 'Episode Shiori Minato x Mikoto Kurahashi' along with several other characters we may have serial GL VNs here. Speaking of serial GL VNs we also have Meru did say that she'd working on Flowers Hiver (ie last part of Flowers), and obviously it mean that JAST did work on Hiver so for now we just need to wait for them to officially announce it later. Anyway seeing that the writer did have experience in writing light mystery VNs (ie Hatsukoi Sankaime, Midori no Umi), I look forward on how the writer elaborate the answer on who's the one that blackmailed Mikoto later.

From fan translation we have 14,267 lines of Pure x Connect were edited along with currently they did proofreading the beta version of common route patch, Taimanin Kurenai was at 30% translated, 85.5% lines of original Summer Pockets were reworked, and Harugi was at 16% edited. There's also the update from Chaos Head Noah as well, although I'll save that for next VNTS Review. We also have that apparently Amagami was fully edited, although it didn't mean that it's ready for the release though because they still need to work on several other things to finaly have the full translation patch released. There's Hitokata translation patch release in that apparently it's a doujin VN with time loop, although I can't find out much so perhaps you may as well find out by yourself and have fun (The translator website for more information and the patch). Last but not least (Or maybe 'and the least' if you're antsy about MTL), Amayui interface patch was fully edited so if you have problem in Amayui initial interface patch then you can get the updated version that was released back at May 29th (The download link here). That's all for fan translation.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and once again sorry for being very late here. See you next week.

PS - There's a 1989 song called 'Letters in the Rain' and I suspect that the publisher may use the title 'Letter from the Rainy Days' as some sort of callback to the song. So in regard of that, I decided to parodied the song by changing 'Rain' into 'Castle' so that we have 'Castle in the Rain' as this week VNTS Review. For the reminder here, the 'Castle' word here is obviously from Amayui full title (Amayui Castle Meister).

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