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VN of the Month August 2014 - Satsukoi ~Yuukyuu Naru Koi no Uta~

It's August, so many doujins sneaked into my list surpassing 10 titles mark for a change. Yet again there is only just one masterpiece - Satsukoi ~Yuukyuu Naru Koi no Uta~ . There are couple others that are nice within their genres, but outside my favorite genres games need to be at least decent to attract my attention. Clephas had a clear image of the same favorite. Micchi brings along a lot of cuteness with Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu , Himawari!! -Anata Dake o Mitsumeteru- , Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru☆Michiru and Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori .


1. Shin Hayarigami 真 流行り神 [140807] Nippon Ichi 1  2
The game takes place in a fictional, but unnamed prefecture (Known as Prefecture S) and village (Known as Village C) where players take on the role of Saki Hojo, a female police officer who has been with the force for a few months after graduating from the local police academy. Blind Man, a Serial Killer from urban myth, has been deemed a suspect for killing people in the prefecture by taking their eyes and tongues out. Due to this problem, the National Police Agency has brought in Sojiro Sekimoto, an ex-university occultist professor who was arrested in 2012 for being involved in the death of a university student under his watch. Thanks to a distant relative in the Public Prosecutor's Office note , he was placed in the custody of the S Prefectural Police. Sekimoto and Saki team up, relying on the former's expertise to determine if Blind Man is someone trying to take advantage of the urban myth or if the paranormal really is starting to get involved. But the Blind Man case isn't the only one Saki and the police need to investigate.
From there on, the duo would need to investigate other cases that may or may not tie to various urban legends.


2. Ame Koi 雨恋 [140808] Noesis 1
Nozomu is a novelist who returned to his hometown of Katsumi for inspiration for his next work. He arrived in a downpour and took cover in an abandoned shed, where he met a young girl. They stayed close to one another to stay warm, which soon resulted in their passions taking over.
Afterwards, he ended up staying at her house and she introduced herself as Isshi Mizuki. That’s when he realized from her name and her smile that Mizuki was the daughter of his first love, Mizuho, who he wasn’t able to confess to at that time due to his timidity. But he has once again fallen in love. He planned to do what he couldn’t do back then, say what he couldn’t say back then. It is a continuation of the youth which he had let slip away.
There is an English review


3. CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare- CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare- [140814] E.N.Nach 1
There once was a legendary hacker named "Warlock".
Hiro, who lives his life in a net cafe, is inspired to look into that hacker.
However, as he continues his investigation, a fatal fire accident breaks out at an editorial company -- his source of information.
As he probes further, he finds logs that show that the company's systems were hacked into.
He decides to team up with Misa, another hacker with the same skills as Warlock, as they delve deeper into the incident.
Game is localized and has English reviews


4. WAS ~Lepidoptera no Sunadokei~ WAS ~レピドプテラの砂時計~ [140817] S.R.L. 1 2
The keyword for this game is dystopia. The game is set in Post-War Japan, yet this Japan is unfamiliar and strange compared to the one we know from history. Journey with the characters as they meet new people and encounter high drama that will forever change them and uncover the mysteries of the world they inhabit.
In this dystopian world, nothing is what it seems. Though the character seem to be in a land of peace and plenty, we quickly discover that nothing could be further away from the truth. Though WAS might appear to be a bishoujo game, we wish to present a brand-new interpretation of the concept.
Game is localized and has English reviews


5. Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティマックス ウルトラス―プレックスホールド [140828] Arc System Works
Continuing on from where Persona 4 Arena left, the Midnight Channel is back on air and once again broadcasts a strange advertisement for another fighting tournament christened P-1 Climax, that shows members of the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives in combat. Just moments after this, Inaba is subject to a power outage and is engulfed by a bizarre red fog. Furthermore, figures that look suspiciously like Mitsuru Kirijo, Aigis and Akihiko Sanada being crucified are shown on TV. While the Investigation Team attempts to figure out what's going on, Junpei Iori and Rise Kujikawa becomes trapped in the red fog, while Labrys, Ken Amada, Koromaru and Yukari Takeba ride on a helicopter to see the fog engulf Inaba.
With the playable characters' number raised up to 21, the story is split between two campaigns: "Episode P4" focuses on the Persona 4 characters, while "Episode P3" follows those from Persona 3. Completing both campaigns unlocks the game's true ending as part of "Episode P4".
Fighting is localized and has tons of reviews that are easy to find


6. Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu. できない私が、くり返す。 [140829] Akabei Soft3 1 2 3 4 5 6
“Just like how you can’t change my heart, you won’t be able to change the future”
That phrase is what Ren said to Riku, as she handed him a clock that can turn back time. That was five years ago, and Riku is now a full-fledged adult who is traveling all over Japan to “help” the people in need with this strange artifact. Despite Ren’s words that he cannot “change what has already happened”, Riku was determined to prove her wrong, and used the power of the clock for years… with no success.
As he arrived in another town looking for a place to stay while he works to “help others”, an apple rolls down from the hill. He is only able to catch one as many others passes him by, and even if he uses the clock to wind back time to see if he can catch any more than one, the apples defy physics and he ends up only being able to catch just one apple.
The owner of the apples, Shino, then comes to thank him for his help. To Riku’s surprise, the girl is stunningly similar to the person who once Riku loved, and hiding his surprise, he somehow receives the girl’s help to get used to the new town.
Riku will never be able to guess that this encounter will change his viewpoint of everything
And thus starts the story of Riku in this small town with a strange girl named Shino.
There are English reviews


7. Hanayome to Maou ~Oushitsu no Harem wa Gekokujou~ 花嫁と魔王 ~王室のハーレムは下克上~ [140829] Escu:de
The era of fighting ended, and the demon realm came to be ruled by its queen.
"The seat of the Queen is succeeded by receiving the seed of the one who is summoned from the human world and holds the demon king's power ."
Under this absolute law, to the demon realm that has undergone advancement not unlike the human realm's, one man, Shinkurou Mikami, is once again summoned.
Thrown into the school to ingrain a culture suited for the queen's husband, the curtains rise for days of erotism and anguish from being milked dry for children by the heroines!
Raising SIM/Card Battle/Nukige something


8. Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori 晴のちきっと菜の花びより [140829] Parasol 1 2 3 4
Haruma was about to enter his second year at Kaminagi Gakuen when he came down with a fever over the spring vacation and was hospitalized for a month. When he returned to school in May, he didn’t know his new classmates and couldn’t fit in his class. However, he wasn’t the only one who had the same problem. Nanoka, who transferred in a couple days before he arrived, also wasn’t able to make any friends. Since he sat quite close to her, they exchanged greetings and talked about their lives, getting along quite well.
Haruma found out that Nanoka wanted to join the gardening club. But the gardening club at Kaminagi Gakuen disbanded a year ago. He promised to help reform the club in order to grant her wish. This enabled him to met lots of friends and regain the ‘one month’s time’ which he had lost.
There are English reviews


9. Himawari!! -Anata Dake o Mitsumeteru- ひまわり!! -あなただけを見つめてる- [140829] Sweetlight 1
You could spend your summer vacation only sleeping and doing your homework, but don’t you want to do something more? How about a boisterous time in swimsuits or throwing a pajama party? We could gaze at the full moon and make the sweetest love. Let’s have the best summer vacation ever!
Sweet light is again using the E-mote system to add more animation to the game, and it looks quite good and feels natural! It really makes you feel like you’re enjoying the summer with the girls (or spanking your imouto). Even the H-scenes are fully animated, with lots of facial expression changes. This chara-ge is set in the small rural town of Himukai-chou where Ryouta is part of the "Himawari Club". While "himawari" means "sunflower", it might as well the "Hima-ari (have free time) cCub" as they just do random stuff.
There is an English review


10. Primal x Hearts [140829] Marmalade 1 2 3 4 5 6
Spring is the season of first meetings. That’s what Kazuma thought when he transferred into Ainoshima Academy in the middle of the spring term. Indeed, the moment he passed through the school gates, he was accosted by two girls asking him to join their respective student councils. There are two student councils at the school, the traditional Gekka-kai and the avant-garde Tendou-kai. They are always competing against each other and their support is split dead even. It is up to the lucky boy "Three Seven" Kazuma to cast the last vote to break the tie and that’s why they covet him so much. Which side will he choose?
There are English reviews


11. Satsukoi ~Yuukyuu Naru Koi no Uta~ サツコイ~悠久なる恋の歌~ [140829] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 4 5 6
One snowy night, the protagonist, Kanou Izumi, kicked out of his house under some circumstances, lay dying in front of the train station. Unable to move from hunger, his five senses frozen from the cold, he was about to lose consciousness. His feelings were already past despair; he was void of all emotions.
Then, a girl, Shirahase Yuu, a classmate who often skips school, appears. As if picking up an abandoned kitten, she takes him to her apartment.
"Kanou-kun, you are my meal so I'm going to feed you to fatten you up." She smiles faintly as she voices those words.
"This girl is messed up."
Even while thinking that, Izumi had nowhere else to go, and so stays in her apartment. However, Izumi eventually realizes... Yuu is a descendant of the immortal man-eating mermaids.
Would you die for the sake of the one you love?
The predator and the prey.
A love story that no one will ever understand.
There are English reviews


12. Sougeki no Jaeger 蒼撃のイェーガー [140829] Propeller 1 2
At some point in the past, creatures began to appear in this world. Youkai, monsters, demons. The creatures that ate children and reduced men to silent chunks of meat were called 'oni'.
Those that squared off against them in secret were called 'exorcists'. The organization that supported them was called 'the Guild'. Their existence will never be made open to the public, but at times they have been known to possess influence sufficient make the representatives of the time move like dolls at will.
The time is the present. A young man who lives as a normal student, Sakagami Homura. He was kidnapped by someone and when he came to he was riding on a giant ferry. Those who appeared before him were a man with a poor attitude, Kajimae; three girls who named themselves 'exorcists': Mai, Anya, and Kaho; as well as the talking sword, Onitorimaru.
'You are the same as us, so take up the sword that kills oni, Onitorimaru, and kill oni.'
A bewildered Homura gains the aid of the pure-hearted girl, Chizuru and attempts to escape, but he fails. What appeared before him at that time was a real 'oni'. The battle in which he was dragged into, and the sword 'Onitorimaru' which resonated with him. By the time the oni hunt was over, Homura realized that his fate was in the midst of changing.
At the coastal island he arrived at, Homura ends up living in the same dorm, as well as going to the same school as the three exorcist girls. Chizuru, who had become his classmate as well, was good medicine for Homura, whose life had been changed beyond recognition. While awkward at first, Homura and the others begin to understand one another amidst living their daily lives.
Just when they are becoming accustomed to their peaceful daily lives, Chizuru is attacked by an oni. The fleeing students, a classmate who was a friend only moments before is killed and eaten by an oni. In order to survive, to protect people and his friends, and to save his beloved, Homura and the others' fight begins.
There are English reviews


1. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Mini Fandisk フレラバ 〜Friend to Lover〜 ミニファンディスク [140815] Smee 1  2
This short game contains an “afterstory” for each of the heroines which involves an approximately 10 minutes worth of story and an H-scene.
2. Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru アイドル魔法少女ちるちる☆みちる [140815] Frontwing 1 2 3 4
Matsushima Michiru is an unpopular Idol whose dream is to someday become as famous as the admired idol, Kazami Kazuki.
One night, while looking up to the sky, she saw a falling star and wished upon it to quickly become a top idol. However, the falling star turned out to be the familiar cat Nyanmel, who came from a magical world, and in order to save the world, he told Michiru that she would have to become a magical girl.
The game will have an anime-alike format in 13 episodes, divided into two games: first part contains 7 episodes and the second part contains 6 episodes. Each game will cost about 2000 yen. One episode will also be included with the PS Vita version of Grisaia no Meikyuu.
3. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 [140817] 07th Expansion 1 2
Although the release for this visual novel also contains all the Higurashi sound novels 07th Expansion previously released, this entry is only concerned with the completely new content featured in the release:
• Higurashi Outbreak
• Higurashi Outbreak ~Kami Kashimashi-hen~
• Hinamizawa Bus Stop
4. Sayonara, Utsutsu. さよなら、うつつ。 [140817] Hitsuji Ojisan Club 1
"You have to save this world. That's not my whim, the world itself desires it."
The transfer student by the name Minayo said that and gave Kadzuki a syringe. By using it he traveled to a different world "Mundos" that, in some ways, resembles reality. There he fought, as a savior, against monsters called "Mortalis" that destroy the very fabric of the reality he knows. That brought an end to his "role" and "everyday life" he was so fed up with. Like mad he spent his time as a hero fighting for the world's salvation. A true story that from a first glance resembles drug-induced hallucinations.
Doujin has an English review
5. Muv-Luv Photonmelodies♮ マブラヴ photonmelodies♮ [140828] Age 1
Muv-Luv fandisc consisting of:
"Adoration", a prequel to the story Duty ~Lost Arcadia~, which depicts Europe in the world of Muv-Luv Alternative (from Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.2)
"Resurrection", a story about a European spy who’s also featured in Total Eclipse (from Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.3)
"A Shimmering Shard of Spacetime", the official epilogue to Muv-Luv Alternative (from Muv-Luv Altered Fable)



Recommended Comments

First it needs to be said... when I hit this month, I badly wanted to play Sougeki no Jaeger, so when it was a total kusoge, I finally gave into the realization that Propeller was doomed without Higashide or Shumon Yuu.

Dekina Watashi ga, Kurikaesu is a nakige by Akabeisoft3 that borders on an utsuge at times.  I cried a lot for this game, enough that I usually recall it when someone asks for a VN that can make them cry.

Primal Hearts... is the epitome of a comedy erotic charage (I emphasize erotic because the H in this game is ridiculously good for a relatively unknown charage).  The game is amusing in general, but it is more a group of friends style game than a true romantic drama or anything like that.

Satsukoi... Satsukoi is a very unique game.  Especially since the main heroine needs and wants to eat the protagonist to live.  One of the characters in this game is actually present in Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de as the mother of one of the main heroines.  

Link to comment

Higurashi Hou - Higurashi additional VNs in a while that started the milking of Higurashi after the stories already ended for years (Both of Matsuribayashi and Saikoroshi were released at 2006), and that attempt was eventually ended up with controversial Gou anime.

Persona 4 Fighting Game 2 - Turned out that the audience like the crossover of Persona 3 and 4 along with fighting game mechanic of first part, and obviously ATLUS still need some money. So naturally ATLUS did comply what fans want, and the result is this game.

Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru - Even after Rakuen, the sales of it is obviously still not enough for Frontwing to recover their monetary so they decided to make a magical girl spin off with Michiru as the titular magical girl. Oh, and they also tried to localized this by themselves and in turn it make the related party (ie Sekai Project) were angry.

WAS - Turned out that the developer was so desperate so much that they manipulated the score at Steam, and obviously it's not a fair practice so Sekai decided to cut the ties with the developer. Also to tell the truth I did pay less attention in regard of this back when it was localized at December 2015 (Back then I'm still not writing my weekly VNTS Review).

Cyber Rebeat - I check my own VNTS Review back when it's around the release date of this VN, and turned out that I put my focus more on SakuraGame controversial releases, Konosora FD (Censored) localization, Nekonyan's announcement plan, Rhapsody translation project established, and last but not least Island release. Anyway my point is that this VN release was buried with several other announcements back then, and apparently no much people play this looking from the number of votes at VNDB in which it's only at 19 votes.

Sougeki no Jaeger - Since the reputation of this VN is quite bad, may as well play this for the sake of good heroines design along with some well known eroge VAs voicing the heroines (Kirihana, Tomonaga Akane, and Ryuko Ono). Although if one somehow find that Jaeger is a good game, well good for him. By the way this is one of rare VNs with the Bayesian score of this VN exceeded the average score (The other one is Code 18), in which normally it should be the average score exceeded Bayesian score.

Fureraba FD - In the FD here you'll just spent some more time with all Fureraba heroines a bit, and along with that you'll have one sex scenes for each heroines. It has little contents so much that Nekonyan just released this as some sort of DLC for the main VN instead of the full VN, and it didn't get the gallery menu so that you can't view the CG and sex scenes outside the game (Admittedly it's easy to solve though by saving in the CG and the sex scenes).

That's all for what I can say in regard of August 2014 releases.

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