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Cat Meets Sugar Review




Sorry for being very late for this week VNTS Review again. As for this week, since we have Sugar * Style released by Nekonyan and that one of the heroine share the same name as pink Cure of Kira Kira Precure (KKPC), Ichika, I'd make a parody of one of KKPC image song and the song in question is 'Cat Meets Sweets' in which the song itself is an image song of the Cure that was voiced by Hatsune Miku VA (Fujita Saki). For more points, one of Sugar Style heroine (Kaname) here is has the same cat like character as the Cure in question so much that the MC imagine Kaname in cat lingerie along with on how Kaname like the cat. As for this week, well I can say that the releases are quite active along with several fan translation updates, so yes I can say that this week is more interesting compared to the past week. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

After several weeks with no updates, our Verdelish give some surprising updates in regard of Slow Damage in which it's been at past 90% mark translated with the current progress was at 92% translated. We also have Sol Press started to do the QA for Nukitashi, and I can only say that I hope the QA will be going well along with good for Sol Press in that they didn't need to wait for the engine like back at Irotoridori. Fruitbat did release MAMIYA back at April 30th and what I know is that it's a mystery VN with the setting in the apocalyptic world along with some horror, and that the late Conjueror did work on this. Go get MAMIYA if you've been interested with it and want to find out more because the information on it is pretty scarce (At least I know that it's quite well-received on Steam), and have fun.

Since our Ittaku decided to stop Harugi's translation because the other translator disappear, from now on I'll follow the editing progress in which it's been at 12% edited with the translation progress will be at 77% translated and will be unchanged. Other than Harugi's editing progress, we have Eustia was at 89.18% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 48.58% TLC-ed, 32 out of 62 scripts of Majikoi A-4 was edited, Reflection Blue was fully edited along with the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 78% reworked, and currently Chaos Head Noah was at 90.46% translated (Common route was at 86.67% translated) along with 10.26% TLC-ed and 6.16% edited. That's all for this week fan translation updates.

As for Sugar * Style, since the producer of it was Smee obviously what we should expect here is that we'll have a lot of comedy along with some absurd actions from the MC. Also like the MCs of Smee VNs our MC here want to enjoy some youth by getting the girlfriend, although in here the MC will have hard time at first though because he keep find the heroine in the unfortunate situation and his new living condition here didn't help at all seeing that he stay in the female dormitory. Of course like the other Smee VNs the MC here will gradually managed to get closer with one of the heroines (There's four heroines in Sugar * Style for the info) and from there the couple will enjoy their lovely moments. Go get Sugar * Style from one of many stores (ie JAST, Fakku, Denpasoft, and Steam) if you want to play some light hearted moege comedy VN, and have fun. 

That's al for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's quite short here. See you next week.

PS - I know that there's some updates from Mangagamer along with a certain important update from fan translation, but I'll save those updates for next week.

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