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How to Live a Healthy Noble Lifestyle Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Kirikoi trial release along with Hentai Lifestyle release I decided to parodied the latter full title so we have 'How to Live a Healthy Noble Lifestyle' for the title with the 'Noble' word is from the school name in Kirikoi (Noble Private Academy, in which now I'm quite certain that the writer did took GPPC school name seeing that both schools in Kirikoi and GPPC were called 'Noble Gakuen' in Japan). As for this week, I can say that it's very interesting seeing that we have Kirikoi trial release along with several nice announcements from the companies. So yeah I can say that this week is quite exciting if only for the announcements, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Once again Verdellish did deliver steady progress on Slow Damage, and this time we have her translate 83% of it. We also have the update from JAST, in that turned out that they already have a plan to release Dramatical Murder at early April after a delay. While usually we should be wary, seeing that recently JAST like to announce their estimation release when the release time is near I supposed that we should see Dramatical Murder release at April beginning later. Not that it change my mind on that the release is a redundant one anyway, but at least there'll be another way to get Dramatical Murder if you prefer to get it legally. As for fan translation updates, this week we have 2,700 out of 15,087 (17.9%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake were translated, the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 66.4% reworked, and Eustia was at 83.23% TLC-ed with side stories was at 59.53% TLC-ed.

While the KS for Kirikoi is still ongoing, Nekonyan decided to announce the FD of it (Golden Time). Before they announced Golden Time they released the trial of the main VN in which it contain the whole common route (At 10,000 lines), and the reason for the trial release is because the feedback that they got in Aokana KS in that some backers said that they didn't know the heroines enough. So in case you want to see the heroines, go get the trial from either Steam or Denpasoft and see if you like to play the characters route or not. For Golden Time, like the post said they'll license it if they gather 75,000 euro so we need to wait for a while before Nekonyan acquired the license of it (For the info, currently the gathered fund was at 68,052 euro). As for Golden Time, I would say that it's interesting on it's own because you can see the alternative ending of Kirikoi so good luck to Nekonyan in regard of funding.

As for Mangagamer's release (Hentai Lifestyle), it's just a nukige with the premise the MC who manage to live together with a family with the matriarch herself is a hero who stopped World War 3 through sex diplomacy. I can only say that you can get the VN if you interested with it and like the art as well, and have fun. Since Mangagamer did release a VN, naturally they'll announce the exact date for next release but before going to the release let's reveal that Mangagamer did reveal their 9th secret project. The project in question is Chinese Japanese VN with the name Christmas Tina in which it'll depict the story of the encounter of two people from two different countries (Male MC from China and his female companion from Japan), and that it's written by Narcissu's writer. No much that I know other than it's quite well received, and that it's at 69% translated and edited. As for the next release, it's a big one in which they'll release Musicus (Overdrive's Swan Song) at April 8th. It also available on Steam as well, although only at AO section though because Mangagamer need some compromise so that they can add Musicus on Steam. Go note the date if you want to get Musicus there.

We have Island Diary trial release along with the QA progress of it was at 60%, although whether they'll delay the release (Apparently it's still at 19th later) in order to focusing on the QA or not is still unknown. Speaking about release, we also have them planning the release for ReLord 2 and that they'll release Koiama 2 with English language support today (As of now there's still no English language support yet). Lastly as for the big announcement from Sekai we'll have Nine Episode 4 exact release date at 19th later, so you can note the date if you've been holding back to play Nine series because you've waiting for the finale part of it (Episode 4 here is supposed to be the finale of Nine series) to be translated.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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