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Wizard Maker Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have sudden release of Wizard's Climber translation patch back at last week along with that the gameplay did resemble Princess Maker to a degree, I decided to parodied the latter by changing 'Princess' into 'Wizard' so that we have Wizard Maker as this week VNTS Review. Also now that I look it further, turned out that instead 156 weeks like Romanesque in Wizard's Climber you'll only have 144 weeks based on the fact that each years has four weeks and 12 months, and that you have time limit three years to train the female mage into a good wizard, so it's clearly not apply Romanesque time in which Romanesque did apply that each year has 52 weeks and that you have same time limit (Three years) to train the two apprentices into the good wizards. As for this week, we only has the updates (Mostly from fan translation) along with bad news from Alicesoft in regard of Evenicle 2, so I can only say that this week is quite plain compared to last week. That said, let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

I guess in the end Alicesoft's effort to allow Evenicle 2 to be sold in Steam including silently cut the first sex scene was amounted to nothing, because Valve still decided to ban the VN from their storefront. I can says a lot more in regard of that ban, but let's just say it that once again Valve did prove that they're really fickle when it come to the censorship or what kind of VN that should be allowed in their store front. Anyway now that Steam ban Evenicle 2, right now Alicesoft can only rely on the store that allow them to sell 18+ contents so hopefully they'll get the new store in the future with Evenicle 2 here will be obviously uncensored because there's no need to adhere Valve's rule anymore now that they already ban it. There's also Abaddon in that apparently Fakku still try to get ready with this, although it's not like my taste anyway even with gameplay and all (Well at least it has some variation in sex scenes if anything else).

Mangagamer did announce that they'll release Hentai Lifestyle at March 11th later, and in regard of that I can only say good for them now that they got March release (Unless Mangagamer want to announce their next release after Rance Quest later). Sekai (Or rather Denpasoft) did announce that they manage to get a license for an Orcsoft VN in that it's obviously a nukige, and the nukige title in question was localized as Childhood Friends with Benefit in that turned out it's one of their secret project. Well at least Sekai did manage to localize the VN that has a lot of passion, although I prefer them to focusing the passion on either Harukuru or Amatsutsumi if possible. JAST did has Dramatical Murder trial released on Steam (The link to the Steam store) in that it translated the common route, so perhaps you may try it if JAST did translate common route better compared to the old fan translator. Lastly we still has Verdelish working on Slow Damage, and currently she has been translated 62% of it.

This week we have Kokoro Connect VN translation project (The Github page for more info), in that the goal is to translate the PSP version of Kokoro Connect which from what I see is just usual self insert MC with the goal to date female cast of it with the story is basically non-canon. Another thing that I know is that two of the VA did involve in a scandal that can be summarized as prank goes too far, and as the result of the prank there's a lot of shakeup happened including the change of the opening from episode 10 onwards (Usually 12 episodes anime didn't change the opening) along with the decision to scrap season 2 plan by changing it into released four episodes of OVA. The anime scandal aside (That I just learnt of it recently), good luck to the team in regard of the project. For the progress, currently they manage to translates 1,308 out of 17,236 lines and that there's already partial patch released back at last year.

Ittaku did state at his tweet in regard of Harugi in that he's job is now finished and he leave the rest to the other translator, and just in case it didn't work out (ie stalled) for a long time he decided to release the patch to cover what was already translated and edited in there. For now I can only say good luck to the other translator of Harugi, and hopefully he can finished the last 23% untranslated text of Harugi there. For the rest of the updates, we have Akagoei's translator finished translating Tae's route and now he's move on to translate Aya's route, 2,200 out of 15,087 (14.58%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake are translated, and Eustia was past 70% mark (70.31%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 42.09% TLC-ed along with Eustia's chapter was at 63.63% TLC-ed.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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