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Fate/GOLD Order Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (02/07/2021)

Since we have JAST decided to release Eiyuu Senki GOLD on 5th (JAST are so busy preparing the release though, so much that they can finally release it at around 2 AM Californian time which mean technically they delayed one day from their exact date release estimation) suddenly and that in there we'll have 70 famous characters from across the history just like Fate franchise, I decided to parodied the (in)famous Fate/Grand Order by change 'Grand' to 'GOLD' so that we have Fate/GOLD Order as this week VNTS Review (For the info in GOLD you didn't need to spend 4,000 dollars (Real money obviously) just to get all of the characters). Other than GOLD release, we also have several other releases along with some juicy updates from fan translation so I can say that this week is more lively and interesting compared to last week. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Verdelish here manage to translated more than halfway (54%) Slow Damage, so no much to say other than she keep doing good job in regard of steady progress. As for GOLD, the battle system is still the same and of course the number of the heroines with the original along with the writer (Speaking of writer, I just remember that she did write Sengoku Rance and thus she can add Sengoku Rance Kenshin as one of heroine unit). The difference is that TENCO did improved some units and that they create the new storyline in which instead of Himiko this time our MC was getting closer to Masamune (Obviously Masamune here is female as well along with all of the historical characters just like in the original), and one way or another the MC will eventually conquer the world with the new villain that attempt to make the chaos in the world once again. That said, for GOLD here apparently the story is not as good as the original although in exchange TENCO did add more events with the heroines, so you may consider which is the best to play whether if you favor story or gameplay. Go get GOLD from JAST if you interested, and have fun.


Turned out Nekonyan did prepare for the Kickstarter, and this time they prepared to held KS for Kirikoi at the middle of the month later (Possibly at Valentine or if they want to be earlier at Chinese New Year later). What I can say is that since they already have the plan to release Kirikoi even if the KS is fail and that there's no plan to merge the FD contents into it (Because the engine for main game and FD are different), I'll just say that I'm more interested to see Nekonyan's delayed monthly updates along with their revelation of their secret projects or if I may be blunt I'm not interested with the KS later. Still good luck with the KS, although looking from Aokana KS I think it'll be successful as long as Nekonyan didn't ask something like 85,000 and yet didn't put much effort on promote it like back at Irotoridori KS that Sol Press did. Speaking about Sol Press, recently they post their update with only one notable update in which they currently manage to get Nukitashi was at 80% edited.

Cherry Kiss released yet another of their nukige, and this time the title is quite unique in which it has the word pussy. To be fair though other the slang for (Sorry) vagina in which some green minded people use to refer it as such pussy here can actually mean kitty, and thus the nukige in there has catgirl heroine. Feel free to get the nukige if you interested with it, and have fun. Fruibat did release the trial for MAMIYA in which it's one of the work that the late Conjueror translated, and apparently they still on track to release it at Spring later. We also have age finally released Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After, in which it's one package for four episodes of Alternative Chronicle. I only know age did milk expand the setting of Alternative through Chronicle, so if you're Muv Luv fans and want to get more of Muv Luv then go get it and have fun (By the way the first two episodes are redundant because we already have those two being translated for a while).

Fan Translation

We have quite a number of updates from fan translation along with two releases of new VNs, and as for the first release it's lesser known VN with the length at half hour along with featuring the simple story in which boy met girl and fall in love at spring (Feel free to get the VN if you interested with it and have fun). For the updates, we have 2,000 out of 15,087 (13.26%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake translated, Tae's route of Akagoei was at halfway translated, the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 61.7% reworked, Yuuna's route of Harugi was fully translated with the overall was at 77% translated, Chaos Head Noah was at 63.98% translated (Common route was past halfway (50.27%) translated, Nanami's route was fully translated, True end was past halfway (54.95%) translated, and TIPs was at halfway translated), and Eustia did show some significant TLC progress with the current progress was at 69.08% TLC-ed (Side routes was at 10.63% TLC-ed, Licia's chapter was at 41.89% TLC-ed, and Eustia's chapter was past halfway (54.95%) TLC-ed).

Almost forget to note that we have Committee of Zero did release the patch for DaSH, in which it retranslated some lines and more importantly add mouse support for DaSH. I would say that even if you didn't mind much in regard of the old translation, the mouse support here is still very useful to have seeing that Spike Chunsoft didn't do enough effort to add it to the initial version of Robotic Notes. As for DaSH itself, okay I admit some contents can be entertaining and interesting if you like Robotic Notes casts, although I still can't agree with MAGES decision to shoehorn Daru as second MC though. Lastly we have Wizard's Climber sudden release in which it's the VN from now defunct Softhouse Chara (Same company as Bunny Black) with the gameplay did resemble Princess Maker in that you must raise a female mage within three years with one turn represent one week (So we have 156 weeks just like back at Romanesque), and that the female mage in question was a victim of family betrayal and she want to avenge her family. Go get Wizard's Climber if you interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

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