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Trails of Cold Body Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (01/31/2021)

Since we have ReZero VN release and that the MC (Subaru) VA did have a role as Trails of Cold Steel MC (Rean) as well, I decided to parodied it by changing 'Steel' into 'Body' because Subaru here is keep dying (Poor him) and surely we know that one of the sign that the people is dead is that the body of the people is cold. By the way this time I didn't mean that both of Subaru and Rean did share same Japanese VA, but instead both characters are voiced by same English VA (Sean Chiplock). As for this week, while release wise is not that interesting to me (I understand though if ReZero fans like the VN of it was released) at least the updates here are more than make up for it. One particular example here is Rance Quest release date announcement, and other than that we also have Sekai finally prepare Nine Episode 4 release. Overall what I can say is that this week is less lively but still interesting as well, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

We have Harlem Blade 2 release in which while it's the sequel of first Harlem Blade this time we'll have different MC. No much to say other than at least it's available for Windows version, and that it's not censored because GIGA won't interfere fan translation by asking the translation team to censor the sex scenes (Even if somehow GIGA care enough to ask censorship from fan project, I still won't interested for Harlem Blade 2 here). Well go get Harlem Blade 2 if you somehow interested with it because of the old school RPG gameplay, and have fun. Speaking about RPG, we also have Mangagamer announce the exact release date for Rance Quest like I say beforehand, and the release date of it will be at February 25th later so note the date if you want to purchase Rance Quest from Mangagamer's site.

As for ReZero VN, the premise is that there's one extra candidate of the throne who in turn cause chaos so much that the blame is go to one of particular person (Emilia). Since Subaru here would do anything for the sake of Emilia (From what I know), naturally he'll do anything to clear the chaos and of course find the extra candidate who cause the chaos in the first place. For more elaboration, in ReZero there's an event called Royal Selection with the goal to chose the 42nd ruler of the nation in ReZero (Lugnica), and currently there's five candidate with one of those candidates are Emilia. In any case the other information that I has is that it'll be a gameplay VN with SRPG as the gameplay, although I don't exactly see on how the battle will carried on from the trailer alone. Go get ReZero VN if you've been ReZero fans and want to see more of it, and have fun. Almost forget to note that at least both of original writer and illustrator here are also participate in the VN development here unlike Saekano, so you can expect that the story will be faithful to a degree.

JAST did tease an image with yellow world map in their tweet, in which it's pretty much obvious that they tease Eiyuu Senki GOLD. Although since they already license it, the only thing that they can tease is that it's more than possible that they almost ready to release it, so hopefully we'll be able to have GOLD released at this year. Verdelish here is also quite steady with Slow Damage translation work, with the current progress was at 46% translated.

Sekai did finally released Dragon Princess, and I can only say that good for them to have their backlog reduced by one VN. Other than that, well granted that the graphic is not too bad and that it's short enough so that you may play it if you somehow need more Nekonin/Nekopara like VN. Too bad though that Sekai chose short VNs from Whirlpool instead of trying to get more interesting VNs from them such as Suzukaze no Melt or Wataridori no Somnium, but then again the license prices for those two VNs might not come as cheap compared to their short VNs. In any case go get Dragon Princess if you interested with it and have fun. Other than Dragon Princess release, we also have some updates from them with both of ReLord 2 and Love Sweet Garnish 2 was in QA and more importantly Sekai did prepare the release of Nine Episode 4 by them preparing the Steam store page of it. No comment other than I hope the preparation for Nine Episode 4 release will going smoothly, and so that's all in regard of the update from Sekai.

Other than the aforementioned of Harlem Blade 2 release, we have a number of updates from fan translation. As for the updates, we have 19,727 lines of Pure x Connect are translated, 1,800 out of 15,087 lines of Tsui no Sora Remake are translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 41% edited, Gore Screaming Show was at 17.99% translated (First update in a while), Harugi Yuuna's route was at 96% translated, and the original lines of Summer Pockets was at 57.7% reworked. As for Eustia's TLC progress, we have some significant progress with the overall was at 66.38% TLC-ed with the detail Eustia's chapter was at 47.14% TLC-ed, Licia's chapter was reached 40% mark (40.10%) TLC-ed, and the TLC for side stories was already started with the current progress was at 2.29% TLC-ed. Last but not least we have White Album 2 progress from the Discord, in which they already fully translated Coda part (Except the sex scenes) with them already have some major progress on Closing Chapter routes editing (Koharu's route was fully edited, while Chiaki's route was almost finished, and Mari's route will follow shortly), and all that's left is sex scenes and digital novels translation along with lot of editing works for the remaining works (Especially Coda).

That's all in regard of VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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