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VN of the Month December 2010 - Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi



There are several notable works this month, but I'm only going to call Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi a masterpiece. Micchi lays hopes on Hello,good-bye that rather disappointed me, Akatoki with gameplay elements and some fandisc.


1. Let's Kaitou! Nusumi Kei!? -Ano Ko no Heart no Nusumikata, Oshiemasu♪- Let’s快盗!ヌすみ系!? -あの子のハートの盗み方、教えます♪- [101210] SQUEEZ sweet
Tomoki comes from a family of second-rate thieves and is relatively normal aside from his skill in billiards. In order to become a first-class thief, he enrolls in the famous thief school Kaisei Higashioka Gakuen, otherwise known as Kaitou Gakuen. Surprisingly, he ends up in the same group as Ai, a descendent of the world-renowned thief Arsène Lupin, as well as her friends, revolver-toting Ooka and sword-wielding Koyomi. At Kaitou Gakuen, in addition to normal classes, there is a ‘hands-on stealing’ class and subsequent test, which is full of ecchi traps. Will he be able to help them steal the targeted treasures with his superior decision making? How will things end up when their rival group Cats Pad and various detectives and other mysterious thieves also get involved?
Phantom thief parody setting did not help this moege much as motivation to go on diminishes rapidly over its course.


2. Yuurei to Koi Shitai! 幽霊と恋したい! [101210] Flap
Kouichi doesn’t believe in the supernatural, even if it appears before his very eyes. He has an osananajimi, Aoi, who treats him roughly all the time, but he doesn’t mind it. One day, his house burned down and he was forced to move. However, his new home is haunted by a ghost, Nana. Kouichi isn’t fazed at all and actually tells her to just sit and be quiet. One hour later, it’s Nana that ends up pleading for him to let her stay with him. Aoi hears about this and isn’t happy at all. What will happen to this strange 3-way relationship?
If it's not evident already, nukige happens to this strange 3-way relationship.


3. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ [101216] bushiroad
The story takes place in an imaginary world in "the Age of Detectives", where private detectives and phantom thieves overwhelm the cities. Both detectives and phantom thieves have special powers known as Toys. Former great detective Kobayashi Opera, who lost his Toys five years ago in a battle with Phantom Thief L, is tasked with leading a team of four junior detectives as they battle against the newly formed Phantom Thief Empire.
Anime spin-off


4. Axanael アザナエル [101217] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4
"Shoot - and your wish will come true. But one of the bullets is real. Pull the trigger if you're ready to risk your life."
Deep below Akihabara, a version of Russian roulette called the Kagome Game is being played on New Year’s Eve 2010. Six people take turns shooting a gun called Axanael, which has the ability to grant wishes. However, there is a price for equaling the hopes, and it is paid by one of the players' lives.
There are English reviews


5. Hello,good-bye [101217] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 5 6
"Toubu Kaito"
That is the fake name assumed by a young military officer from the United Provinces of Japan. He has been tasked with infiltrating Tenshudo Academy, located in Special District Morino, impersonating a transfer student.
He is to cast aside his former identity, and 'become' Toubu Kaito.
Special District Morino, also known as the neutral zone, is a region of historical significance, and right now, it is the one area which 'both Japans' have their eyes on most.
Upon first entering Morino, Kaito decides to walk around and familiarize himself with his new home. After visiting many different places, he then ends up in a park harboring a memorial statue that honors a certain peace treaty. Kaito wanders a little too far, and finds a remote area where he is presented with a vast flower bed that covers every inch on the ground.
And he is not alone. There is a single girl there, tending to the flowers.
"Why hello there. How do you do, sir. Ah, I suppose I ought to say 'good evening' considering the time of day. " The girl gently smiles at Kaito, and asks for his name.
"Toubu Kaito's my name... at least, it will be during my stay here."
He responds to her, quickly, and in doing so, inadvertently reveals his 'secret.'
Little did Kaito know, but this slight 'slip of the tongue' would be the single action to put an end to his hapless fate. One tiny mistake, and his life forever changed...
"If it was a mistake that came about through love, then I think there can be nothing more wonderful than that."
There are English reviews. I managed to play it in the past, and no sweet feelings were gained.


6. Sangoku Hime ~Ransei, Tenka Sanbun no Kei~ 三極姫~乱世、天下三分の計~ [101217] Gesen 18 1 
There can only be one dragon (emperor), however heaven sent a 3-headed dragon to the world. Soon an uprising called the Yellow Turban Rebellion happened, marking the beginning of a battle for supremacy. This is known as the period of the Three Kingdoms.


7. Princess☆Strike! プリンセス☆ストライク! [101222] Atu Works
After the passing of the King of Nippon, a lottery is held to decide who will be the next king. The one who was chosen was Ataru, who up until now hasn’t had any luck at all. That morning when his osananajimi Hiyoko came to wake him up, two girls dropped down through the ceiling. Milfy and Sera were princesses, and they both wanted to marry him! Since his house was broken, he gets to live in the royal palace with them. Hiyoko couldn’t stand leaving him and came to live with him as a maid. Who will he ultimately choose as his bride?
Scenario is too shallow, other than that a usual comedy moege.


8. Akatoki! -Yume Koso Masare Koi no Mahou- あかときっ! -夢こそまされ恋の魔砲- [101223] Escu:de 1 2
“This world will now be ours!” With those words, various things called ‘kurayami’ appeared. It’s as if they came straight out from a fairy tale, since they were somewhat cute robots, dolls and miniature cars. The police and self-defence forces somehow were scared of these weird things and ran away. However, humans have not given up as there is one way of defeating the kurayami… with magic! In Akatoki, there is a magic academy that specializes in training students to become magic users. Mayuto isn’t that skilled in magic, but he gets dragged into it since his childhood friends Miyu and Yuuji all aim to be magic users.
There are English reviews


9. AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara... AKB1/48 アイドルと恋したら・・・ [101223] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
In AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara, 48 girls are in love with you, the main character. And they aren’t going to wait for you to woo them. They all want to happily proclaim how much they love you. The thing is, you can only have one of them. So you have to avoid 47 girls so you can get with the one you want.
PSP Idol crappy sim


10. Hatsukoi Sacrament 初恋サクラメント [101224] Purple Software 1
Yuuhi is entering Millenia Academy this spring. Since he wanted to live by himself, he found himself an apartment room. However, when he stepped into the church next door, he found a girl lying there. Her name was Hikari and and she doesn’t remember much except that her goal is to help people. She ends up living with him at the recommendation of the apartment manager, Noa. He thinks that if they go about helping people, Hikari may regain her memories. So, together they start up the "Big Sky" club to solve students’ problems.
There is an English impression


11. Kagura Gensoutan ~Ayakashi no Hime~ 神楽幻想譚~妖かしの姫~ [101224]
In the Showa era, Seiichirou trains various young boys and girls within a facility hidden deep within the forest on how to defeat youkai. One day, the director Sakura-hime instructs him to choose candidates from among the mikos to become the ‘omamori-sama’. Two girls were chosen – which of them will be selected as the ‘omamori-sama’? What is this role actually?


12. Knight Carnival! [101224] Nomad
After the death of the strong king Uther, the land of Avalonia was in disarray. The witch Morgan’s desires to conquer the whole country made reunification of the land seem impossible. However, there was a legend that whoever can pull out the legendary sword from the stone is the rightful king. This girl was Arthur, the child of Uther, also called the “destined king”. When she pulled out the sword, instead of a sword in her hand, a man stood before her. His name was Caledfwlch, the God of War, and he was sealed within the sword due to too much debauchery. Now that he is free, he lends his overwhelming powers to her cause, but in return he requires ‘energy’.
Bakage with M tilt as heroines treat protagonist harshly all the time. Probably can be funny for specific mindset.


13. Marumeru ~Soushinsha wa @ Mirai~ まるめる~ソウシンシャは@未来~ [101224] Abel Software
When his parents moved because of work, Yuuichi ended up on a small island in the Pacific. It’s a relaxing place and the school only has around 10 students. One of his classmates is his cousin Nagisa, who he also lives with. However, this tranquil island is shrouded in mystery and there are many traditional rituals and folklore. Yuuichi is excited about such things and one day, he came upon a strange cell phone. But why is there a cell phone here when there is barely radio reception? He meets a girl in front of the sacred tree at the local shrine. She tells him that this cell phone allows him to write messages to his past self and that she wants him to solve the mysteries of this island.
Three more times have passed which means Abel Software has crafted something new. Game has some 18 endings with one giving different tip in email from the past. But there's no big mystery behind it all, so disappointment is big. Graphics is good though.


14. Noble ☆ Works のーぶる☆わーくす [101224] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him. Although he was hesitant to accept this strange request, circumstances (mainly financial) compelled him to agree to do it. However, he knows nothing about the celeb world. Will he be able to keep his cover?
Game is localized and has English reviews.


15. Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi 俺の彼女はヒトでなし [101224] Whale 1
Yuuma attends Hanafusa Academy in the town of Minamihata situated on the peninsula. As the autumn air is starting to get chillier, he continuously sees strange things appearing before him. Trying to escape them, he heads to the school roof and thought things would be fine here. That’s when he looks up and sees his childhood friend Chikae in the night sky… flying on a vacuum cleaner.
There is an English impression, and it has a point. No one expects much from the debut work of the brand, but game proves to be surprisingly funny and with characters developed properly. True route compliments individual routes well.


16. Sekai Seifuku Kanojo 世界征服彼女 [101224] Navel
Yukito is waken up every morning by his cute osananajimi Yumeko. Normally one would feel blessed to be in such a situation, but she’s actually a mad scientist who wants to take over the world! She would even create a robot just for this purpose, scaring the heads of state around the world to surrender without a fight.
All he wished for is to live a peaceful life until graduation. Then he saw her at a press conference on TV declaring that she will be taking over the world before the end of the year. In the commotion that follows, another girl named Ako transfers into the school to stop her. Will Yumeko be stopped by New Year’s Eve or will his dream of a peaceful life vanish forever?
A decent charage with gags, but with enough boring moments and with all four routes having the same development. Not my type still.


17. Tiny Dungeon ~Bless of Dragon~ [101224] Rosebleu 1
The school Trinity was founded for people to hone their skills and to promote cooperation between the demon, god and dragon races to prevent another war. Despised for coming from a race that once started a war in the past, he came to gain strength so he can protect others. He became close to three powerful girls: Vell of the demon world, Note of the god world and Uluru of the dragon world. One day, Uluru met a suspicious robed person and fought them off. A few days later, a girl from the demon world named Von transfers into Trinity. Uluru’s maid servant Opera has a sense of uneasiness from her and warns Uluru. No one realizes that Uluru will soon confront her own past.
There is an English review.


18. Yotsuiro★Passionato! よついろ★パッショナート! [101224] SkyFish
Otone is a normal boy, but his family is anything but normal. The day before he was to transfer into Fujimi Gakuen, his older sister Otona said that she was tired of being a girl and switched bodies with him using the ‘mind change’ special ability. Meanwhile, Kanade wanted to join the band club since she loved the band’s performance during the town’s Christmas Festa when she was small. However, the band club has been closed and she sets out alone to find people to join the club. That’s when she bumped into Otone (♀) and gets him (her?) to join the band.
A normal story with a trap and a music band. Everyday scenes are well done, but overall can't call it all interesting with this kind of setting.


19. Kon Kon 魂々 [101231] Festival
On the last summer day of middle school, Masaki is walking home and notices a transfer student and chases after her. She tells him that there is a god at the shrine next to them who can grant wishes. Since he doesn’t believe in spiritual beings, he’s more interested in her than this god. However, he feels like he’s being surrounded by smoke and leaves the area. The next morning when he wakes up, he hears a voice behind him: “If you don’t follow what I say, you will die”.
Festival made Abyss, so can't block their next release. It's a rather short kinetic novel this time. First half is a normal comedy while the second part is a bizarre fighting thing. A decent work for a doujin, but overall not so much.


1. Insai no Shima ~Chi to Hakudaku no Nie~ 淫祭の島~血と白濁の贄~ [101210] hourglass 1 
One day, Shinji and his friends visit a deserted island. However, a big earthquake suddenly strikes and the island is completely changed. Yes, there are people living on the island. They try to get out of the island, but their ship is gone somewhere. It gets dark and they decide to stay at a house nearby. At dawn, they hear someone playing the musical instrument. To check it, they leave the house, without knowing it is just the beginning of tragedy...
Nukige with English review
2. D.C. Dream X'mas ~Da Capo~ Dream Christmas D.C.Dream X’mas~ダ・カーポ~ドリームクリスマス [101224] Circus
DCDX is a Christmas fandisc for the D.C. series. The highlight are crossover stories where the characters from both D.C. and D.C.II appear together (in a wide array of santa outfits).
In D.C. ~Christmas Mirai Koi Yume~, Junichi and his friends get caught in a sudden burst of light and end up 53 years in the future. Is this really what the future looks like? How will they return to their original time?
In D.C. II ~Day Dream Believer~, Yoshiyuki is preparing the ‘sexy sushi party’ at this year’s Christmas party at Kazami Gakuen. He’s called by Sakura, but when he gets to her office, he finds a small iron door that he had never noticed before. Curosity got the better of him and he went through door, ending up in the school’s hallway during Christmas party preparations… half a century ago! He went back and got his friends to check it out too, but soon there’s trouble.
3. Toshoshitsu no Neversista 図書室のネヴァジスタ [101229] TARHS Entertainment 1 
During a stormy summer night, a student met his death.
He left to take a picture of the rising waters in the river and never returned. All that was left of him were his belongings and the camera by the riverbank. Even after days of desperate searches, all anyone could find was one of his shoes.
In the end, he was treated as a casualty of the river...but soon other, sinister rumors of his death began to emerge. That the five friends who used to live in "The Haunted Tower" with him -- one of them, some of them, all of them -- may have had something to do with his cursed death.
Enter two people.
One, the student's older brother. He receives a mysterious letter about his brother's death, and as soon as he begins to investigate, he's hit by a blunt object and loses consciousness.
Only to wake up again in a dark room with five students surrounding him, interrogating him, and knowing that they will never let him leave...
Two, an idealistic assistant teacher who just arrived in town. He receives a cryptic warning from an intruder in his dorm, "The Haunted Tower," to "never think those five are children" -- the poor, sad, well-behaved five students who undeservedly suffer from bad rumors.
Caught between paranoia and the desire to trust his students, one day he finds a book titled "Neversista," which holds a startling truth...
Doujin, but with an English review
4. Snow Drop ~First Step in Spring~ Snow Drop ~First Step in Spring~ [101231] R7
Akito had always lived with his two sisters – lively and optimistic oneechan Sakura, and shy and pessimistic imouto Himawari. He thought that it would continue to be like this forever, but then one day Sakura was killed in a traffic accident. As the months passed by, he grew depressed and couldn’t move past her death, and his relationship with Himawari became distant.
One day, he found a girl lying on the ground on a sakura petal-strewn hill. She couldn’t remember anything but her name: Yuki. He couldn’t just leave her there, so he took her home with him. Then a few days later, Sakura appeared before him, just like nothing had changed.
A doujin, but with an opening.

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Recommended Comments

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - Sort of like Galaxy Angel, except instead of space wars we have cute girls with famous detective name try to fight crime use powerful toy. No much to say other than at least you can watch it for the sake of cute girls lol.

HGB - The first translated Lump of Sugar VN that was localized by Nekonyan, and apparently it's quite underrated looking from the average score at VNDB because the staffs prefer to put more focus on slice of life instead of secret agent story or something like that. The score aside, I like that the heroines here got some interesting name in regard of their VA such as Ryoka Yuzuki and Akiko Yajima along with that HGB here got some nice arts. Also the late Fujiwara Keiji has a role here, although what's his role in here is spoiler.

Axanael - Compared to other Shimokura VNs (Carnevale and Kimikoi), this one certainly quite underrated. It's also interesting to note that the core staffs of Axanael here would be working on Kimikoi later, which to say its quite an unique VN back when Nitroplus release it at 2013 later. Back to Axanael, the premise here is like there's Russian Roulette game in which the player need to shot a gun that can grant the shooter's wish at the cost of the other's life. The trial version of Axanael here is translated, although currently the team in need of translator to translate the whole VN so hopefully the team can get the translator if they want to deliver Axanael's translation patch.

Noble Works - First translated Yuzusoft VN in which it broke the 'curse' that Yuzusoft VNs will be never fully translated, which of course didn't apply nowadays seeing that Nekonyan did localize three Yuzusoft VNs (Noble Works here is fan translated though). We also has Nabatame Hitomi voicing Hinata here, so you can enjoy 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes if you play Hinata's route. Other than Nabatame, the heroines VAs here is basically quite well known so we can say that Noble Works heroines here are voiced by all-star cast (For eroge obviously, although Nabatame herself is quite well known in anime as well). Noble Works here also has side route, although in this case the reception is understandably sour because Yuzusoft somehow think that the teacher who has less interaction with the MC deserve a side route (At least nowadays they already learnt from their past mistake here when it come to side routes).

That's all for my comment in regard of December 2010 releases, and even though the releases is quite a lot I can only comment on four VNs.

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