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VN of the Month October 2010 - Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~



I'd only call Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ a masterpiece this month since other candidates don't have strong enough story  component though can be great charage for someone. Since there aren't English reviews, I feel the need to make one eventually. Micchi calls October 2010 a "moe" month favoring two most prominent titles in this regards - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate and Kisaragi GOLD★STAR


1. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 星空へ架かる橋 [101015] feng 1 2
Kazuma moved to Yamabiko-chou due to his younger brother Ayumu’s health and ended up staying at the Yorozuyo inn, owned by his father’s friend. On his first day at school, he got lost and asked for directions from a fellow student, Ui. She led him on an offbeat path and he accidentally fell and kissed her. Coincidentally, this was all seen by Ui’s friend, Ibuki, who thought he was a bad guy and declared him to be an enemy.
There are English reviews.


2. Ore-sama no RagnaRock 俺サマのラグナRock [101028] Akabei Soft2 TRY 1 
A long time ago, there was a great war known as Ragnarok where many Gods and Demons were thought to have perished. Now in the northern most part of Japan, the demon lord Njord spends his day being irritated. Is it because of his poverty? Well, that too… but it’s because of those ‘Gods’ on TV. The Gods were the ones that actually won the war and now they’re all over the TV, singing their heavenly songs. He can’t take it anymore and drags his imouto Nerthus along to fight against the Gods in a battle of songs. This is a new Ragnarok… no, RagnaRock!
Strategy has an English review


3. Uni. [101028] Circus
This is an all-ages love comedy ADV which takes place in a girls-only school and the main character is a girl.
Hoshizora Kirara is the perfect girl with great grades and personality, but she has one thing that worries her: her own name. While some friends think that it’s a cute name, most of her classmates think that it’s weird. She resents her father who used to be part of a motorcycle gang, and wishes to leave her home and live alone. Even entering Fuumi Gakuen doesn’t help her downcast feelings until she notices a recruitment poster that was looking for a member to join the Hatsunejima student discipline committee.
Work that does not understand what it wants to do. Work to kill time at best, trash otherwise.


4. Chu x Chu Idol 2 -Melodies x Memories- Chu×Chuアイドる2 -melodies×memories- [101029] Unison Shift: Accent
This is the sequel to ChuxChu Idol. Some years later, the popular idol Chuchu is missing! With the entertainment world in confusion, Chuchu’s ‘sister’ Chuuno Churam takes the stage for her debut under the same name. But she has a secret! She’s actually the combined form created when a female student Yukino and a vampire Ruuchu kiss. Having accidentally seen them kiss, Daigo is forced to be her servant.
I don't understand the need of a sequel, much weaker on scenario side, stronger on H scenes, only has value for those who liked prequel.


5. Kisaragi Gold ★ Star キサラギGOLD★STAR [101029] Saga Planets 1 2 3 4
Six friends live together in an apartment Kosumosu-sou. Even though it is old and run-down, their are always positive and enjoying their time together. Even now they are attending the same school, Kisaragi Academy, and each of them has a special talent, except Futami. He’s just an ordinary student and has always watched over his friends like a mother. Even though his childhood friends are all talented, they cannot do anything without him. Together they have a big dream, which will bring happiness to them all.
There are English reviews


6. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 恋と選挙とチョコレート [101029] sprite 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Two childhood friends attend Takafuji Gakuen: Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who hates chocolates. They are part of the food research club along with their friend and classmate Mifuyu. Even though it’s a food research club, they don’t actually do anything except for buying candy with the club budget and enjoying their time together. It is an irreplaceable place to them. However, the club’s existence is in danger with one of the student council president candidates, Satsuki, vowing to close all clubs that don’t do anything. Since their club is in this list, they do their best to save it but there’s no other way but to participate in the student council president elections and defeat her. Yuuki is persuaded by Chisato to run in the election. At first he isn’t interested at all, but since the club members are trying their hardest, he too wants to win to save the club.
There are English reviews


7. Lovekami 恋神 -ラブカミ- [101029] Pulltop
In the future of a slightly different Japan, people are worried about the declining birth rate. To solve this problem, many gods come to the human world to help. One of them is a childlike kami-sama named Tsukuyomi who comes to live with Souta. Even though she is very wise, she also lacks a lot of common sense. And so Souta’s new rowdy school life begins.
Humor is ok with much parody, but scenario rather unsatisfactory. More suiting for novice than veterans.


8. Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ 桜花センゴク~信長ちゃんの恋して野望!?~ [101029] Apricot
Mitsuhide is an extremely poor ‘student ronin’ who gets by via part-time jobs. One day, he receives an enrollment letter to Sengoku Gakuen and readily accepts it. On his first day, a girl named Nobunaga points her sword at him: “How dare you show your face to me, I’m gonna cut your head off!”. Fearful for his life, he explains that he’s not the real Akechi Mitsuhide, but that their names are just the same by coincidence. One by one, he meets girls with the name of other famous generals, such as Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, who all mistaken him for the actual Mitsuhide.
A surprisingly worthy work. Heroines are full of charm and individuality. Game is interesting even from scenario point. This is the good old Apricot we remember by Ayakashi.


9. Sacred Vampire Sacred†Vampire-セイクリッドヴァンパイア [101029] Silver Bullet Automatic 1 2 
Kiryuu Kazuma is one of the last representatives of an endangered breed: Vampire. In a world guided by teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the organization that brought his species to near extinction, Kazuma condemns the existence of God. It is an irony that does not escape him, upon discovering he has fallen in love with a woman who seeks to devote her entire life to the Lord. To win her heart, Kazuma must conceal his predatory past and inhuman nature, for if she ever learned the truth of his origin, a Child of God would never accept a Spawn of Satan.
There are English reviews.


10. Zettai ★ Imouto Genri Shugi!! 絶対★妹原理主義!! [101029] Nounai Kanojo
As the heir of the family dojo and their only brother, Takuma wants to set a good example for his four imoutos and trains hard every day. However, the oldest imouto Mizuki suggested one day that they tear down the dojo and build a shop instead. All the other girls quickly agree and so it becomes a battle between him and his imoutos for the fate of the family dojo! In order to win him over, they plan to seduce him all the time. Will he be able to fight off their advances (and his own primal urges) and preserve the family dojo?
Funny work, but needs fetishist affinity since it's basically about M protagonist living together with yandere (depending on route) heroines who make a pet of him. Harem development and H focus are inevitable.


1. Maou o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 666 no Houhou 魔王を征服するための、666の方法 [101001]  Crowd
This is the fandisc to Sekai o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou. The premise is based on a hero, a demon and a gender-changing potion.
2. Crayon Tulip ~Chidori to Koruri no Yuuwaku Jugyou~ くれよんちゅーりっぷ ~ちどりとこるりの誘惑授業~ [101029] Score
Jun is an aspiring teacher who has non-blood-related twin imoutos, Koruri and Chidori. One day their mother and older sister tell him that they are actually succubi. Succubi require a man’s essence to become adults and they wish that that he will help Koruri and Chidori become adults. He gets help from chibi teacher Tsubame to enter the girls-only boarding school that they are attending. For his precious imoutos, he will do anything...
Nukige, but with an opening
3. Futsuu ja nai!! 普通じゃないッ!! [101029] ALL-TiME
Yuusuke is back to his hometown to meet Shiori again. She is now a teacher, so he studied hard to enter her school. Yes, his new school life just starts. However, there are lots of strange students...
Another Nukige, still ... a safe opening
4. Oyome-san Kouho ga Arawareta! Command wa? お嫁さん候補があらわれた! コマンドは? [101029] Sugar Pot
One day, three girls suddenly appear in front of Sora on his way to school. They say that they are sisters and wife candidates of Sora. Mikoto, Nanaka and Yuki. Sora is totally confused what to do. However, they start living at his house. "What's going on?" No one knows why.
Nukige. You know the drill.
5. Seinarukana Gaiden - Seirei Tenshou ~Crystal Friends~ 聖なるかな・外伝 精霊天翔~Crystal Friends~ [101029] Xuse
This is the fandisc to Seirei Tenshou and is an ADV/STG just like the original, but with more ichaicha episodes. The game consists of 40 short stories featuring many alternate scenarios that might have occurred. In the STG parts, you can now play as Liolina and Liliana (with frying pan as a weapon).
6. Shukusai no Campanella! 祝祭のカンパネラ! [101029] Windmill Oasis
This is the fandisc for Shukufuku no Campanella!, featuring after stories for the four main heroines, as well as another stories for subheroines Nina, Salsa, Ritos and Avril. There’s also “Garnet Quest”, an extra quiz battle AVG featuring over 1000 questions. You get points for winning quiz battles, which you can use to buy items to help with other battles. At the same time, it will raise affection points and you can try to win over your partner.


Recommended Comments

Ouka Sengoku is a weird game full of non-killing swordplay, cute mascots, and way too many heroines.  It isn't awful, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you are a completionist.

Sacred Vampire never gets beyond decent because of certain incoherent aspects of the setting and a decision on the part of the maker to stick with the gakuen setup from beginning to end.

Lovekami is the original on which a bunch of crappy sequels have come from (seriously, I don't know how they could have gone so far out of their way to ruin a perfectly good setting).  Lovekami is an extremely solid plotge/charage hybrid with a number of excellent non-human/deity heroines from Japanese mythology (Sakuya and Iwana, Inari's bunrei, Tsukuyomi).  Unlike its sequels, it isn't a cheap half-assed charage with a bunch of excess moe thrown in, which is probably why it pisses me off that those sequels exist at all.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is a pretty famous early-era charage that got a disproportionate amount of attention due to getting an anime.  It isn't a great game, despite how it is pushed, but compared to a lot of the 'empty' charage that started popping up between 2014 and 2018, it is good.

Kisaragi Gold Star is one of Saga Planets' less serious, more moe and character focused games.  As such, it maintains a certain level of quality but doesn't leave me with anything special in the way of impressions.  


Personally, my recommendation for generalist readers is Lovekami.  Sacred Vampire is fine if you want cheap, low-quality gakuen battle stories.  Ouka Sengoku is good if you want moe battles and tons of heroines.

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Quite a number of well known releases here.

Hoshizora Kakaru Hashi - It did get anime adaptation, and that people did think that Sekai better pick this instead of Seiiki trilogy (In which they still didn't work on that as of now) when it come to feng VN. My condolence in regard of feng company in which the company was declared bankruptcy back at 2019.

Seinarukana Gaiden - The second part of the gaiden game that feature the live of the crystal before their fate in Seinarukana. Speaking about crystal, while their power is obviously weaker compared to human party member at least they should be quite useful if you want to get SS Rank at the mission on the earlier part in original part.

Lovekami - While the original version of it is admittedly good in it's own way, the sequels here are more or less Pulltop's answer to Sakura series by Winged Cloud (And yes I refer MoeNovel as Pulltop). Granted that while Pulltop did re-release all of their Lovekami short VNs series with sex scenes in Japan with them obviously didn't translate the sex scenes, in the end the sequels are just like I said earlier so nothing lose with them censoring it. Too bad though that Miagete was censored along with Konosora FD, but at least Pulltop start to develop their own all age VN so good for them even though they're a bit late for that. Also I won't expect Pulltop to localize original Lovekami here without some controversial censorship, although then again I won't expect them to localize 10 years old VN anyway even with censorship.

Kisaragi Gold Star - This is the autumn representation of Saga Planet Season series, and as for how the title represent the autumn representation one must see the kanji of 'kisaragi' in which it did contain the kanji of moon (Not quite obvious in the title because it was written in katakana). And looks like Niijima Yuu did a research for the title alone, although admittedly it's hard to see the connection so he decided to add moon viewing CG in which it's one of Japanese tradition in autumn (For more info moon viewing tradition in Japanese is originated from Chinese mid-autumn festival). As for Kisaragi itself it's more or less quite underrated compared to both of Natsunagi or Hatsuyuki, although of course it's still quite good on it's own. By the way I remember that my roommate was set his laptop wallpaper with one of the heroine from this VN.

Koichoco - One of the people did talk about this is Chisato in which it's sort of divisive in the VN, either it's because her fragile ego, her route is the most bland compared to the rest of four routes, her roles in the other routes are quite controversial, the staffs force the player to play her route first (In which it make me think that the staffs may not like her and afraid that the player won't play her route if they didn't force the player to play Chisato's route first), or the combination of each factors. That said, looks like sprite staffs know Chisato's bad reputation and decided to fix the problems in Aokana, although it's more or less my conjecture and thus I can't say if it's right or not. As for the VN itself, it has some school politic in which it's more or less reflect the real life politics if exaggerated a bit. We also already have this translated from back at 2015 thanks to Basic Translation who've been working on this for around three years since 2012.

That's all for my comment in regard of October 2010 releases.

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