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My Cousin Can't Be This Cute Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (01/03/2021)

Welcome to first VNTS Review for 2021, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS. As for this week after a busy week, this time it's quite calm. Although we still have some updates though, in that once again most of those are from fan translation section. Speaking about fan translation, we have Oreimo VN for PSP being released so at least we have a release from fan translation, Other than that, we have the usual updates from Nekonyan here. Overall I guess I can say that this week is quite good, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Verdellish did a good progress on Slow Damage, and as for current progress it's at a quarter translated. This week JAST did announce another Empress VN named Closed Game. Normally when you hear Empress it could only mean the developer of infamous Starless, and you're right if you think that. As for Closed Game, it did have some talk about on how Earth people are suffering very much while the people of the heaven (It called Caelum Urbs here) are prosper, and that situation make the lower people being desperate to going to Caelum Urbs. Of course there's a way to make it possible, and that through a killing game with the prize that anyone who survive would become Caelum Urbs citizen. Knowing Starless, of course we'll going to have a lot of sexual contents in the game along with some murder (Duh), or if I make some comparison it would be like euphoria (It shouldn't be a coincidence that Izumi Ban'ya (One of euphoria writer) wrote the scenario here). Well at least it has Seishoujo art which to say quite nice looking, and that JAST will release this at this year later. Not my interest, but at least you can look forward to it if you like the arts.

Muv Luv Unlimited - The Day After was delayed to 2021, which to say not surprising at all. Well I guess the staffs need more time to polish the release I suppose, so good luck on that. From Nekonyan we have Kirikoi was at 78% edited along with 5% in QA, 1st secret project was at 67% translated along with 30% edited, 2nd secret project was at 35% translated, and Clover Days was at 90% edited along with them currently working on porting the engine. As for their next releases, for now it's pretty obvious that we won't get either Kirikoi or Clover Days as this month releases, although I can hope that Nekonyan will release those two at this year. Lastly we also have the engine porting for Dracu Riot will started shortly, so at least it should be a good news to anyone else who waiting for Nekonyan's version of Dracu Riot.

We have quite a number of updates from fan translation at first week of 2021 here, so let's round it up first. As of now Shin Koihime Musou was at 39% edited, Pure x Connect reach 10,000 lines edited milestone (10,482 lines) along with 19,232 lines translated, 40 scripts of Majikoi A-4 were fully translated, Yuuna's route at Harugi was at 80% translated along with Sumika's route was at 11% translated and Misaki's route was at 21% translated, Chaos Head Noah was at 52.85% translated with common route was at 36.43% translated and Nanami's route was at 70.25% translated (Note that it's just first pass translation, so even if Chaos Head Noah is fully translated it still need two more translation pass), and Eustia was at 59.38% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 35.40% TLC-ed along with some increase on Eustia's chapter was at 5.38% TLC-ed (More importantly Eustia did get a new staff to do TLC work, so hopefully the TLC can be more efficient). There's also Tsui no Sora Remake translation project (The link to VNDB entry of it), although the translated line is still too few (At 134 out of 15,095 lines) so for now I don't think that I'll expect much on it until it has significant progress (Still, good luck to the translator in regard of release the full translation patch at this year).

As for Oreimo itself, I know that it's about the ordinary high school MC (Kyousuke) who has a little sister (Kirino) who perfect at everything while at the same time her ego is being fragile. Naturally at first the relationship being her and Kyousuke is quite distant, until one day when Kyousuke find out that Kirino like to play little sister eroge and thus it reveal that actually Kirino here is a brocon in which after that the relationship between the siblings started to change for the better. Other than that, I know that some people didn't like it presumably because of the romance with little sister along with Kirino's fragile ego, and that the fans didn't like the canon heroine. Anyway for Oreimo VN itself it's seven years old project that I rarely paid attention, although at least the original creator also involved in here unlike Saekano VN. If you're a fans of Oreimo and you want to play the VN in order to have Kyousuke romancing non-canon heroine, go play it and have fun. Oh yes technically it's console only VN because it's only released for PSP, although seeing that nowadays good PSP emulator is easy to search you can play this on PC.

That's all for my first VNTS Review in 2021 here, and sorry for being late. See you next week.

PS - As for the title since we have Oreimo release, I decided to parodied the English title of it by making the title called out that his cousin is cute, so we have 'My Cousin Can't Be This Cute' as this week VNTS Review. Another reason here is because Ayana Taketatsu (Kirino's VA) did act as cousin character (Suguha) in Sword Art Online, so I make the VA joke as well.


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