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Please Pat Me Seriously Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/27/2020)

Welcome to my last VNTS Review for 2020, and merry belated Christmas (Also I'm sorry for being late here). As for this week, we have (Redundant) Majikoi release from JAST back at Christmas day and Sekai belated release of Amairo Chocolata English version, so I can say that it's still good to see official company release some VNs for Christmas. Other than the releases from the official, there's two releases from fan translation section with one of the VN has some complication behind the release. Of course we still have some updates, and most of the updates are comes from fan translation section. Overall I can say that this is yet another exciting week, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week. I'll tell the title for my last 2020 VNTS Review at PS later.

Cherry Kiss did release yet another of their nukige with the title Angel Sex Pet, and they release it back at 24th. No much to say other than it's a nukige about on how the MC turned the angel into his sex slave, and that it's quite old seeing that it's 2009 VN. Go get that if you've been interested with it and have fun. Sekai finally did release Chocolata after they decided to release it in Chinese first, which to say not the most favorable decision for the people who can't read Chinese (I just hope that this and Koiama 2 are the only VNs that Sekai did Chinese language release first). As for Amairo, it's about the MC who can see the animal ear of the cafe workers who turned out to hybrid beast (ie catgirl and doggirl). No much to say other than go get Chocolata if you've been wanting to read it in English, and have fun. We also have PQube announce that they'll release Bustafellows at 2021 later, and it's an otome VN with the premise that the female MC is a journalist that has special power that allow her to leap into the past for a short time by using other people body. No much to say for now other than it's also available for PC as well, so at least it should be good for otome fan who only have PC to play the VN.

JAST did release Majikoi back at Christmas, and first of all I would say that it's a redundant release because we already have it translated since back at 2015. That said, perhaps you may try it if you find the older version of Majikoi has inconsistent translation because it's been translated by two different groups in the past, and have fun if you play new version of Majikoi. Also apparently 70% of the voices was cut down because of the VA license which to say is quite expensive seeing that some of Majikoi's VAs are very well known VAs which cause it to be quite costly to license, and with two of the VAs (Tsukada Maasaki and Fujiwara Keiji) are already passed away it mean that JAST need to do some paperwork's to license the voices which to say would take too much effort. Fortunately there's some fans who released the patch that add the voice for JAST version, so that the player who play JAST version of Majikoi didn't need to play partially voiced VN. Almost forget to mention that there's an update in regard of Slow Damage, and currently it's been at 18% translated.

There's surprise release of partial patch of Majikoi A-5 in that it cover Margit and Harem's route, although I would say that it's obviously just another Majikoi fandisc and other than first Majikoi all of it's other VNs are fandisc (Yes including S which by the staffs admission they initially planned it as such only to upped it as sequel in the middle of the development). That said if you want to see more Margit, go get A-5 partial patch here and have fun. We also have Taimanin Yukikaze 2 full patch released, in which once again it'll follow Yukikaze's story. As for the premise Yukikaze need to infiltrate a dangerous facility as her mission, and of course it's only inevitable that she'll raped in many ways seeing that it's nukige and all. Go get the patch if you interested with it, and have fun. By the way I would say that Yukikaze's breast here is quite flat compared to many other Black Lilith heroines, so at least she can be nice to look if you've been bored of big breast heroines lol.

For the rest of the updates, we got Eustia was at 58.62% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 35.31% TLC-ed, Loverable was at 93.92% edited, Harugi was at almost three quarter (74%) translated with Yuuna's route was past three quarter (79%) translated along with Misaki's route was at 20% translated, and Reflection Blue was at 88.4% edited with Shiki's route was past halfway (59.1%) edited. There's also Pure x Connect update as well, although I'll save it for my next VNTS Review at next year. No much that I can comment in regard of the updates other than it's nice to see some progress in Eustia's TLC, and if you want to help the TLC feel free to contact the editor or the translator (The Reddit thread in regard of that for more info).

When it come to GHS (George Henry Shaft), normally what I can see is that the guy himself is quite infamous with his Cross Channel translation that apparently quite bad. His past works are quite random just like Pulltop, in that either of those are redundant (The aforementioned Cross Channel), less known, or have questionable format (Chaos Child Love Chu Chu, in which he released it in form of video). With that resume normally I would dismiss his release, but not this time because turned out his release back at Christmas is Gekkou no Carnevale in which it's one of Nitroplus VN that is quite well known to a degree. As for the premise it's about our MC Romeo who work as taxi driver and ironically he's quite blind when it come to direction, although he has some secret in that he also a werewolf who ran away from the mafia. One day he met a female living doll with the name Anna, and turned out she's quite cheerful. From there both of Romeo and Anna try to live their best while at the same time they need to fend some enemies that come in their way (And naturally it mean that Romeo need to fight). Go get Carnevale patch if you want to try it despite the translator infamy (Personally I would suggest you to try the patch first before dismissed it as badly translated, but to each of their own), and have fun.

That's all for my last VNTS Review in 2020 here, and see you next year.

PS - For the title, since we have Majikoi released along with Angel Sex Pet, I decided to just parodied the second part of Majikoi full title (Please Love Me Seriously) by changing 'Love' with 'Pat' so that we have 'Please Pat Me Seriously' as this week VNTS Review. Note that I use 'Pat' instead of 'Pet' here, because the former is more polite and that both words sounds similar.


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