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Ayase My Psychic Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/20/2020)

As for this week VNTS Review, since we have Riddle Joker MC with the name Arihara Satoru in which it remind me that Shera My Witch MC was also have the name Satoru (At least Riddle Joker's Satoru didn't voiced his narration and thus I didn't need to hear on how horny he is lol) and that we have Ayase who is a psychic, I decided to parodied Shera My Witch here and so we have 'Ayase My Psychic' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, it's quite eventful with several releases from Sekai, Mangagamer, and Nekonyan. Other than release, we also have several updates which to say quite a numerous as well and also we'll going to have several releases at Christmas as well. To conclude it, I can say that overall this week is quite exciting. Let's see what I can write in this week VNTS Review as well, and I'm sorry for being late here.

While normally Mangagamer would announce their next release now that they released Sukehime, curiously this time they didn't do it so we can only wait for them to reveal their next release by themselves. Anyway as for Sukehime here it's a otome VN with sex scenes, with the setting that the female MC Marika is someone who came from the planet (And yes it mean that Marika is an alien) with the population of the planet being openminded in regard of the sex. The premise of Sukehime here is about Marika who is the princess of her planet come to Earth in order to search for her husband and then crashing into two handsome men, and as form of greeting Marika kissed both men only to find the men themselves are confused. From there Marika decided to befriended those two men with one of those men might be the fated husband for Marika, although in here Marika can also chose her maid to be her love interest as well (The maid is a female by the way). Go get Sukehime if you interested with otome VN that has sex scenes, and have fun.

No much I can say in regard of Zombie VN release other than I'm not surprised if Volume 3 is still not resolved the plot, because it's adapted from the ongoing light novel and therefore it's still incomplete. I also heard the complain on Volume 3 in that apparently one of the heroine was set aside, although I like to think that light novel author may set aside the heroine to appear in his future story and of course Volume 3 here is not the place for the heroine in question. Other than two Zombie VN releases, there's also Bokukotsu FD in which it tell the after stories of the heroines after they got intimate with the MC (Ren), and Sekai did release it as the add on for original Bokukotsu. Well if anything else at least Sayori's art here is quite good so you can play it for the sake of graphics if you've been looking forward to good looking cute nukige. Go get those three from Steam (Or might be either Bokukotsu FD or Zombie VN only), and have fun. That's all for Sekai's releases at this week, and at least it's good for them that their backlog decreased a bit here.

Apparently JAST like to update their BL backlog at this week, so let me give some roundup of it. As for this week, we have them opening the pre-order for Dramatical Murder (Still redundant release to me anyway), Jousou Sanmyaku (JAST trap VN) was in testing in that I didn't know on how long it's been like that since I didn't see JAST keeping their regular update (At least Sol Press is better at keeping regular update despite their state right now), and Slow Damage was at 14% translated. That's all for JAST updates in regard of their BL VNs, and yes I treat the VN that have male MC and trap heroines as BL VN.

Fan Translation

For fan translation roundup, we have 18,610 lines of Pure x Connect are translated along with almost 10,000 (9,973) lines of it are edited, Eustia was at 58.17% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 32.95% TLC-ed, Loverable was at 92.99% edited, Majikoi A-4 common route was translated (The common route of A-4 has 32 scripts, so 32 out of 62 scripts of A-4 was fully translated), and Shinimasu was almost fully edited (ie 99% edited). We also have Axanael trial translation being released, and the translator ask for the staffs in order to helping her with work (More info on the thread here) so hopefully she'll get some help in the future. As for Axanael itself, it's a Nitroplus VN with the premise that six players play a Russian Roulette that allowed the shooter to grant the wish at a heavy price (Other people life), and another thing to note is that the core staffs of Axanael also work together in Kimikoi. No much to say other than good luck to the translator, and you can play the trial (Go get the translated trial here) to see if Axanael would be interesting to you or not.

There's a new translation group with the name Kakugo Translation, and they just released their first translated VN Knot Fiction back at 19th. What I can see is that apparently it's a nukige VN involved two married couple, except that the wife herself is more like big sister to our MC who supposedly to be take the husband role. Other than that, well the team did describe the VN did have the engine that apparently quite problematic so much that hacking it is a pain. As for the release, congratulation in regard of that and go get the patch from Kakugo Translation website if you interested with it and have fun. Also Kakugo Translation here did apparently working on a VN, although they didn't reveal the VN in question though so no much that we can do other than wait (Good luck on the project).


For Abyss of the Sacrifice, I can only say that it's more like Cute Girls Do Cute Things only that the cute things that the girls do is survival games. The graphic itself is quite old from what I can say, which is make sense seeing that it's created back at 2010 for PSP. It also got some interesting name when it come to VAs, such as Kitamura Eri and Yukana. From what I read, apparently it also follow Zero Escape game to a degree when it come with the gameplay in that it also come with the puzzle, except that in here the casts are all girls (Duh) while in Zero Escape there's a number of male casts. As for Abyss of the Sacrifice itself, the premise is like there're several girls from different countries are somehow locked down inside an underground facility that was called Foundation. Said building was suddenly faced it's destruction and it's up to the girls themselves to survive, which to say wouldn't be easy just like any escape game tell us. Get Abyss of the Sacrifice if you're interested with this lesser known VN, and have fun.

We also have ShiraVN did change their name into Shiravune (Their tweet about that), and more importantly they'd announce that they have been working on several VNs (Apparently at eight works). The most obvious guess would be that all of their new VNs would be from DMM, so it could be either Sorceress Alive or Shinsou Noise if I may expect it a bit higher. They also will bring the news in regard of the future of Utawarerumono on PC on January 7th at their tweet here, so let's see it later. What I can say is that after several releases with almost no problem, I'll look forward to see what Shiravune can do in regard of the releases in the future.

As we know, the biggest release that we have at this week is from Nekonyan and the release in question is obviously Riddle Joker. As for the VN itself, I remember that mod Clephas did say that it resemble Dracu Riot so perhaps one may take that that opinion into account when it come into expectation. So in case some of you still waiting Nekonyan to finished the engine porting of Dracu Riot (Yes I also know some people who still waiting for Dracu Riot official release even though we already have the leaked patch), you can play Riddle Joker first in order to taste Dracu Riot (Sort of). In the end, I can only say that both of VNs (Dracu Riot and Riddle Joker) are good on their own. As for the premise, we have our MC Satoru who is a spy infiltrate a special school that educate the students with superpower, and at one instance Satoru's mission was found out by student council president Ayase who turned out also harbor a big secret. From there both of Satoru and Ayase did interact before finally being in love with each other, although of course in here Satoru can ended up with the other heroines besides Ayase. Go get Riddle Joker from either Steam, Denpasoft, JAST, and Fakku (Ironically not at Nekonyan's own store seeing that their own store is busted) if you interested, and have fun

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I know that there's several updates besides on what I did write, such as Majikoi release date announcement (At Christmas later), Taimanin Yukikaze 2 releases, and Chocolata English version release. But even without those news this week is already quite eventful, so I'll save the talk about those three at my next VNTS Review.


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