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VN Thoughts

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Aonatsu Line/Kotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe

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I rarely read VN's now and mostly I read charages yet again, I'm still finding those rare charages where something actively happens and it just aint pure ichaicha or low tension events. I probably read a shit ton of VN's and drop it within an hour if I my experience predicts that this novel will be a cookie cutter moege yet again or a charage where nothing reallly happens that much.

Aonatsu Line

I'll just copy paste what I said on the WAYR forums a while ago,

"Playing Aonatsu Line. Giga games rarely surprise me but aonatsu line surprised me by just being normally good and pulling off tropes i normally see. What I really am surprised about Aonatsu Line is the male side character Chihiro, IT IS INCREDIBLY RARE AS HELL FOR ANY school life romcoms in VN to have cool and reliable male side characters that fulfill the typical best friend roles ( while also having a sprite). Its a big positive thing for me if a male side character in a school life romcom vn is not incredibly perverted, exist only to make the protag look better in comparison, and doesn't really have any redeeming qualities and is used only for laughs."

Aonatsu Line looked like a pretty average moege without much plot or anything deep about the characters but it really surprised me on how high quality the writing and characterization is. Chihiro is probably one of the best obligatory male friend character I read recently as he is pretty cool in his own right and has an actual personality, not just being a laughing stock. All the characters and girls are pretty good and has decent characterization actually, betraying my first impression of it just being stereotypes with slight twists( didnt like the ojou-sama character though).

I only played Kotone's route, a thorny kouhai at your first meeting but is kinda actually nice when you get to be close to her. It was one of those rare moments where there was actually tension and hostility between the cast in a game like this due to her personality. I didn't even finish her route lol, I got busy in online class and i rarely continue play games or read novels that I stalled

8.5/10 based on my experience so far, didnt drop it because its bad, dropped it because i got too lazy to continue a game i stalled. Its just my personality

Kotonoha Maichiriu Natsu no Koe

I like seiyuus not gonna lie, but I haven't read a VN thats focused on that topic and this is my first. They actually did it well, I enjoyed their script-readings and practices. One of the few moments in my reading that I actually laughed out loud as some of the cast was really bad at acting and mostly the protagonist. The protagonist is voiced in the acting parts and damn he always makes me laugh.

This is a high quality game that I recommend if you want a light game that is happy happy compared to the rather somber tone of Aonatsu Line. I actually didnt finish this too lol but I was right before the ending, I have a hard time reading until the endings usually since if there isn't any real tension I drop it or become lazy to read. Once I passed the problem of the route I just skipped it to the ending which is is usually just a few scenes away. I only did the wheelchair girl Kaede, and damn I rarely like characters like her( I mean the personality), but she is adorable as hell.

My opinion that I cannot handle reading a plot without a lot of tension drains me and I usually drop it was reinforced by my reading of this novel. I know objectively that this game is good and enjoy it while reading but I don't get the excitement of wanting to play it when I get home.

Now otw to finding another vn to read

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