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Police of Daybreak Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/06/2020)

Since we have Ryuusei being released back at last week along with that it share the same writer as Akagoei, I decided to just replace the 'Guard' in the English translation of Akagoei full title (Guard of Daybreak) into 'Police' so we have Police of Daybreak as this week VNTS Review, and the reason for the 'Police' word here is because we have Ryuusei's MC Ruka work as the police albeit a lazy one. As for this week, other than Ryuusei sudden release we also have Fruitbat and Aksys announce their new VNs. For the VNs itself, Fruitbat is announced a mystery VN while for Aksys obviously they have otome console VNs. Overall what I can say in regard of this week it would be a bit interesting thanks to some new announcements along with usual fan translation updates, although I can't say that I find the new VNs announcements are interesting to me though. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

As for Ryuusei, it's not surprising that ShiraVN is the one who release it because they've been talked about on how Steam did disapprove it (I don't really know on why they insist to ban it). The premise goes like we have our MC Ruka who is a policeman with superpower, although he's quite lazy though in that he prefer to not work seriously unless the situation force him so much that he's been infamous because of that and many other people would obviously called him on that. For Kinugasa's writing, while I did say that he's incapable to finish his story properly (Or like to write open ending to put it nicely) actually he can write some entertaining character interaction as shown with Ruka and other people interaction. By the way even with the knowledge that apparently there'll be two more parts here, I won't exactly expect the writer to end it properly even at the presumably last part if we look at the last entry of Akagoei in that he's still like to write the open ending. That said as long as you know that the ending is an open one and you're okay with the saying the journey is what count the most along with want to see some entertaining character interaction, go get Ryuusei and have fun.

Before going to the otome VNs that Aksys announced, we have Verdelish did translated 4% of Slow Damage. Speaking about that, I did forget to mention that JAST will release the translated version of it after several months of Japanese release, which mean it would be after February because the Japanese version of Slow Damage will be released at February 25th later. I don't know though if JAST will really manage to do it or not, although perhaps looking on their recent track record I should expect that they may manage to deliver it in reasonable time (Not that I look forward to it anyway).

For Aksys otome VN, we have three of it. The first one is Variable Barricade, in that apparently it's about a wealthy girl who didn't like her grandpa suddenly need to deal with five groom candidates that were sent by her grandfather. The second one is Olympia Soiree, in that we have a setting when the color are more important than life and currently the only one who represent the white color (A rare color) is the female MC so she need to marry one of six heroes in order to get a new successor of white color. The last one is Ayakashimori in that the female MC will try her best to become one of Ayakashimori member, and as for Ayakashimori itself it's a special bureau that deal with youkai. All three VNs will be available for Switch at 2021 later, so at least it should be a good news for otome VN fans. From Fruitbat we have MAMIYA in that it's been translated by the late Conjueror. What I can see is that apparently it's a mystery VN that deal with murder and all, and it's pretty obvious that it'll be all age. Fruitbat will release it at Spring 2021 later, so you may note the release estimation if you interested with it.

For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 58.04% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 32.25% TLC-ed, Chaos Head Noah common route was at 14.75% translated (Note that Noah's common route consist two thirds of the whole VN), Loverable was at 92.83% edited, Pure x Connect translation team will start their work on Arisa's route and that they show some progress on editing (Currently 9,475 lines were edited), both common and Reika's routes for Akagoei were finished the translation work, and Harugi was at 73% translated with Yuuna's route was past three quarter (76%) translated along with Misaki's route was at 18% translated. That's all for fan translation here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


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