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VN of the Month August 2009 - Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!



Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! is VN of the Month. Guess I'll need to review and evaluate doujin Abyss -Homicide Club- . As many as two doujin games during this August Comiket managed to crawl into the list. Micchi does not really see anything worthwhile, but he starts to add some synopsis starting from this month.
1. Abyss -Homicide Club- ABYSS -殺人クラブ- [090815] Festival 1 
Sasayama Akira was born into a family of assassins and trained as a child to become one of them. However, due to psychological issues, his father decided to send Akira to a relative's house, to live a normal life.
Several years later, Akira gets asked by the student council president to investigate a rumor of a group called Abyss, a shadowy group of students responsible for abducting and killing students in a grotesque game.
Doujin game, but one of better known ones, there is an English review. Don't see anything better to review this month.


2. Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru うみねこのなく頃に散 [090815] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 
Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place in the year 1986 during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a secluded island named Rokkenjima (六軒島). The head of a wealthy family named Kinzō Ushiromiya, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, is near death, and eleven of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzō's assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are five of Kinzō's servants, and his personal physician. After the eleven family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island and shortly after people start to get mysteriously murdered.
There are English reviews.


3. Ookamikakushi おおかみかくし [090820] Konami 1 
Hiroshi, a 16-year-old boy, has started living at Jouga Town, where a big river divides ex-downtown and new downtown. There are also some mysterious customs in the town. Though he enjoys his life at new school, only Nemuru, class president, keeps a distance with him. One day, she suddenly tells him, "Don't go ex-downtown...." What will be there...?
Story tries to mimic Higurashi, but does not go as far. Basically, it becomes one event shown from different perspectives, so from second lap no more mystery remains. Final ending is opportunistic and fast to deliver, not too impressive.


4. Kurai Nichiyoubi - Sombre Dimanche 暗い日曜日-Sombre Dimanche- [090823] ZIGZAG 1 
It's the sixth day of incessant rain in the city.
The entire country had been shaken by a series of bizarre murders, occuring late at night on a deserted street.
Because slashing throats and tearing open stomachs were his modus operandi, the criminal was rumored to be a "Modern-day Jack the Ripper."
But the fourth victim was the last- the crimes just stopped.
Did he fear that the police would find him, or is he preparing for his next crime?
Eventually, the existence of "Jack the Ripper" began to fade from everyone's minds, though the mystery and terror remained.
...and now, in October.
The rainy season has come again.
The protagonist, though he lives a boring, mundane life, is antisocial and rejects others. One night, he encounters a stuffed rabbit wielding an enormous axe in a nightmare.
What awaits the protagonist is a new world, cloaked in a semblance of reality but slowly eroded by madness: the stuff of nightmares.
Drowning herself in the song Gloomy Sunday, his mother commits suicide in the bathtub.
The twin brothers who only exist at school on Sunday.
The junior from the track-and-field club who can't run anymore because of his family's deaths.
The protagonist continues to roam the "world with no way out" in the ceaseless rain.
He has no idea of the "truth" that awaits him there...
Doujin game, but curious one and with an English review.


5. Dream Clubドリームクラブ [090827] Tamsoft Corporation
Our protagonist, whom we must name by ourselves, just wanders the streets thinking about just how messed up his life is, when he accidentally comes across the Dream Club, which is an elite hostess club.
He happens to be the 10000th(?) visitor, and is thus granted a free member pass for a year.
In the Dream Club he will meet ten girls... just how will this story end?
Usual PSP dating club crap


6. Memories Off 6: Next Relation メモリーズオフ6 Next Relation [090827] CyberFront
Just before summer holiday, Shio lives a busy school life as captain of the student council with a support of Yuno, who is in charge of general affairs of the council. He sometimes vaguely thinks what he will do after graduating from high school.... There is an important girl by his side....
Those who liked T-Wave would play it, those who did not should not care. Chloe shines here.


7. Bokura no Katachi, Sekai no Katachi Schroedinger’s 僕らのカタチ、世界のカタチ Schroedinger’s [090828] Nord
On the last day of training camp at school held every summer holiday, Kazuya stays up all night with Noa, who recently transferred to his school. He just stays still together with Noa, who is already asleep on his lap. When he looks up, there are two moons in the sky.
Thanks to the two moons, his extraordinary life suddenly starts.... The change of the world that surrounds Kazuya and the existence of another world. What is the shape of the world they want...?
Characters are good even though imbued with cliche traits, but there is little explanation of what's going on, so reader remains confused even after the end. Mixing Schroedinger parallel worlds with magic makes it even more confusing. It's neither moe, nor erotic, nor funny, nor interesting as a story, nor charming. There's just nothing outstanding to build everything around. 


8. I ☆ Can あい☆きゃん [090828] LiLiM
Ryota is an ordinary student. One day, when he is on his way back home, he accidentally collides with a girl, Miyu, and kisses her. At that moment, she suddenly transforms into an idol girl. Also, a mysterious creature called Qupu appears.... According to Qupu, she is a limb of the devil and she came to this world to make Miyu's wish, to be an idol, come true. But Miyu transformed herself when Ryota kissed her though Qupu didn't cast a magic. As a matter of fact, Ryota is the one who can amplify Qupu's magic power...
NTR H tilt game. There is also a pure love branch which is on average moege level.


9. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! 真剣で私に恋しなさい! [090828] Minato Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A strong fighting spirit is always valued and it's even an important factor in succeeding in school there.
Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami Highchool is always with his close friends (4 boys and 3 girls). They have known each other since they were young and have done loads of things together. They have many other friends, but these seven people are a close-knit group, they even have a secret base where they meet...
With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things start to change...
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


10. Meitantei Shikkaku na Kanojo 名探偵失格な彼女 [090828] Issue
There is a boarding high school. Konoha meets a girl on the entrance ceremony day. Her name is Karen and she suddenly says to Konoha, "You're the culprit." According to her, the mysterious thief who sent theft notice to the school the other day is Konoha. She doesn't know what's going on, but Karen believes that Konoha is the culprit...
All-age yuri detective game is totally alien to me.


11. Memoria メモリア [090828] Purple Software 1 2 
There's something in this world people have been longing for.
"Asteria" and "Esteria".
Two separate worlds.
They weren't supposed to be connected when a "gate" suddenly appeared, binding them together.
At first, both populations were confused, astonished, bewildered. After acknowledging each other's existence, if wasn't long before people were allowed to circulate freely across the gate.
Soon people became accustomed to one another.
The story takes place in Fuyuhi, a city covered with snow, where the main protagonist, Kouichi Sakurazaka, meets a girl. It was merely a chance.
However, this was the beginning of everything.
A pure white story, like the pure white snow...
There are English reviews.


12. Mimi o Sumaseba みみをすませば [090828] Shakunage
Tetsu has moved to an isolated island where his grandmother lives due to some reasons. You can't use mobile phones there and almost all of residents are engaged in agriculture or fishery. On his first day at school, he enters his classroom.... "What? All students have animal-like ears!?" As a matter of fact, the "ear time" comes once in a few days. During the ear time, all residents on the island have animal-like ears and they can hear what others think. They are already used to it, so they just try not to think about something unnecessary. But Tetsu is confused, "What I think will be heard by everyone...?"
Nekomimi moege with little depth. 


1. @Honey Coming Royal Sweet [090828] Hooksoft
This fandisc features short scenarios for the five heroines of Honey Coming and adds scenarios for four sub-heroines.


Recommended Comments

I just knew you were going for Abyss Homicide Club. MajiKoi is on my personal top 10 while Kurai Nichiyoubi might be the most underrated VN of 2009 imo.

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I'm getting too predictable with limited interest range and narrowing selection. Wonder what I'll do when there are like five works in one month to choose from. Decided with September selection already, and it's going to be way out of my comfort zone.

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As for this month, the two biggest releases are Umineko Chiru and Majikoi. Still let me comment on some other releases here.

I Can - Idol nukige VN that apparently will have some corruption. At least the idol costume is very sexy if I may say something lol.

Memories Off 6 - I guess this is pretty much all age charage without much explicit fanservice, so no 18+ patch if anyone else want to ask the possibility of that. That said, at least the girls are good looking so you can play this if you like to play all age charage and own the console to play it along with have some capabilities to read Japanese. My primary focus on Memories Off 6 is not the VN though, but rather one of the graphic staffs which turned out to be Kawamura Toshie who is more well known in Precure fans as the character designer for three Precure series (YPC5 duology, SmPC, and HugPC) and that her character design is very beautiful. Her job in here is as the artist for the CG, although it's quite hard to tell if the art in the CG is resembled some of her design in Precure or not seeing that Memories Off here is also have other staffs that drew the CG. She also participate in Ever17 as well, although her role is only coloring the CG so she can't show her drawing. Anyway I'm quite surprised to see her name in VNDB when I idly browse it.

Umineko Chiru - The second part of Umineko, and unfortunately DEEN didn't adapt it yet though. Might be for the best seeing that DEEN did some infamous mistake on adapting Umineko first part, and that they may not have enough money to adapt Chiru properly seeing that it's quite a long VN with DEEN already shown that they save a lot of money by cutting some of important detail in the anime adaptation. As for Chiru here, one word that I can say is that it's quite controversial thanks to the ending that was quite unsatisfying, which to say might be true to a degree seeing that it didn't show some part clearly. The manga thankfully did show some unrevealed contents clearly, so there's no longer questionable part. Still too bad though that Episode 8 here is only got 58 average score at Erogamescape, but I guess they didn't like it back then. Mangagamer did release this back at 2017, although by then it's already redundant seeing that we already have the version with PS3 art and voices since back at 2013.

Majikoi - The concept is like Little Busters in that both MC are the member of a group of friends, although Majikoi here is more hotter and lighter than Little Busters because Majikoi focus here is on comedy along with better drawn sex scenes lol. As for the VN, Taka-Jun of Yandere Translation translate this until he translate Miyako's route was at 85% translated before he's being busy with work, and thus it become the meme. At least until 2014 when some Fuwanovel members decided to continue the work and finally release it at 2015. JAST also did show some interest in this before announcing it at AX 2019, although by then it's already redundant. There's also the fact that they'll need to cut the voice because it would be too expensive to pay the license for some VA, so it's too bad that Steam version that'll be released at December later will have some unvoiced lines. That said, I would still suggest you to buy Steam version anyway if possible, if only for the sake of more officially localized Minato-soft VNs.

That's all for my comment on August 2009 here.

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