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Kaleido Sky OVA 1 Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/08/2020)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late. As for the title, because we have Aokana FD (EXTRA1) released once again I did make a parody of Kaleido Star anime by changing 'Star' into 'Sky' just like my past VNTS Review, and I add 'OVA 1' as the subtitle in order to synchronized it with EXTRA1. For more elaboration, Aokana here did have a fictional sports called Flying Circus along with having sky as it's motif and Kaleido Star anime here focused on circus, while as for OVA here it's more or less the episodes that weren't broadcasted on TV so usually the animator would be more daring to draw the contents (Or in VN equivalent it's more or less like usual fandiscs). By the way Kaleido Star here also have OVA. As for this week, it's less active compared to the last week so to me the week is more or less quite an average one. That said it's still have some moments though such as EXTRA1 release and JAST finally open the Steam store for Majikoi, so it's still an interesting week to a degree. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

After several months of waiting, we finally have JAST opened the Steam store page for Majikoi and more importantly they set the release estimation as Winter. What I can say is that while it surely would be good for Steam user in that they finally can enjoy Majikoi, to me it's obviously a redundant release because we already have this being translated since 2015. What's more JAST apparently cut some voices so of course it would be another incomplete release seeing that the fan translated version didn't have such problem, although to be fair JAST did state that they have problem with the licensing cost for some VAs so it's not fully their fault here. In any case, let's see on whether they can release Majikoi at this year or not although with them opened the Steam store for this I guess the release date are indeed very close.

Steam list that they'll release Episode 3 for Jiangshi x Taoshi at 21st later, or for some countries at 20th. For the reminder, Jiangshi x Taoshi is the late Conjueror's translation work and have a premise about a priestess work together with a former assassin to repel some man-eating creatures and it have Chinese setting. I don't know though if Episode 3 here would be the finale for it or not, so let's see it later. In case you like otome VN, be glad because Aksys did moved up one of their otome VN release from 13th to 5th and the VN in question is Cafe Enchante. The premise is like the female MC did work in a cafe that was left by her late grandfather, and that her cafe always got some visit from other worldly customers. In case you only own PC, too bad that you won't be able to play it because Aksys only release it for Switch although we may have PC version of it in the future. Go get Cafe Enchante if you own Switch and like otome VN, and have fun.

I decided to cover for Akagoei translation progress, and for the progress currently they already do the QA for the prologue and that both of common and Reika's route being in translation work so at least I can say that the work are going smoothly. For the rest of fan translation updates, we have 17,580 lines of Pure x Connect are translated, Loverable was at 92.27% edited, Nursery Rhyme was at halfway re-edited, Reflection Blue was at 76.94% edited with all routes except Shiki's are translated (Shiki's route was at 18.58% edited), Harugi was at 70% translated with Yuuna's route was past halfway (53%) translated along with some increase at Sumika's route with the current progress was at 10% translated, and Eustia was at 57.42% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was past a quarter (28.94%) TLC-ed. That's all for this week fan translation updates.

As for Aokana EXTRA1, its Aokana's FD with the focus on Mashiro. As for why sprite chose Mashiro instead of Misaki to have the FD, turned out that it's indeed that when sprite did make a poll to determined which heroine that should have the FD Mashiro's come first following with Misaki, although of course people taste can changed in that the newer poll determined that Misaki come first. Speaking about taste, I guess both of Japanese and overseas people did share same taste in that they like Misaki first, then followed with Mashiro, Asuka, and finally Rika. Of course back before bankrupt sprite already have plan to make Misaki's FD (EXTRA2), only to be stopped by lack of money after they invested it so much into their failed mobile game. Now that they revived, sprite already reveal a visual and the opening song for EXTRA2. Anyway as for EXTRA1 itself there's no much to talk except that both Masaya and Mashiro are being confused on how they should satisfy their partner, in that Masaya wonder on how he should arrange his next date and that Mashiro wonder on what should she do so that she can become Masaya's best partner. Go get EXTRA1 if you want to see more Mashiro from one of many stores (JAST, Denpasoft, Steam, Nekonyan), and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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