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Wondering Swordsman: The Journey of Rance Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/01/2020)

Since we have Rance 01 and 02 bundle being released, I thought that it would be appropriate to parodied English title of Majo no Tabi Tabi, Wondering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, for this week VNTS Review title in that I changed the 'Witch' into 'Swordsman' and 'Elaina' into 'Rance' because Rance himself is a very good swordsman. As for this week, seeing that it's Halloween we have a lot of announcements and releases with Mangagamer decided to reveal three of their secret projects along with aforementioned Rance bundle release, and we also have both Nekonyan and Sekai did their updates. So overall I can say that this week is quite an exciting one, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From fan translation we have Loe Translation did release the 2nd Alpha patch for Junketsu Megami-sama in that apparently translate some more of the contents. I didn't care much about the VN itself seeing that it's a pregnancy nukige that Loe Translation like to translate and that the premise was related to the MC impregnate the goddesses, but it should be good for anyone who waiting for the update of the translation itself seeing that the last time they release partial patch was at June 2018 (I forgot about that to be frank). For the rest of the updates, we have Loverable was at 92.26% edited, Reflection Blue was past three quarter (75.63%) edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 37% edited, Harugi was at 69% translated with Yuuna's route was at 46% traslated along with Misaki's route was at 11% translated, and Eustia was at 56.32% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 23.11% TLC-ed. We also have six routes from Chaos Head Noah finished the first pass translation, and that they're also keep working on Robotic Notes in that other than fixing the translation they'll also add the mouse support for it (Their blogpost for more detail). I also know that there's both Akagoei and Suzukuri no Karin-chan finished the prologue translation, but for time being I decided to not keep my eyes on those two much.

This week we have Creature Romance For Girl released by Sekai few days ago, and it's been four years since Sekai announce it. The VN itself is obviously otome VN only that the heroes themselves are the alien, which might be quite handsome for alien standard. Anyway if you somehow find the aliens are handsome and want to play some otome VN, go get the VN and have fun. By the way for trivia it's from same developer who develop the VN where you can date your grasshopper childhood friend. We also have the updates from Sekai in that we have Nine Episode 4 was at 80% translated and edited, and most surprisingly we have Amatsutsumi was at 90% translated. I guess Sekai is really want to release Nine Episode 4 as soon as possible looking from the number of editing progress, and I'll look forward to see if it's really possible or not. I also hope that Sekai will release Amatsutsumi faster, but perhaps it might be not quite possible for them. That's all for Sekai Project updates.


They decided to reveal three out of their four secret projects, and let's just say that all of those are have some passion. As for the reveal, turned out that the 7th secret project was a VN from Clock-Up with the localized name How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle in that it's about a MC who somehow manage to live together with a family that have the matriarch who manage to save the world from World War 3 by using sex diplomacy, and naturally the MC will have a lot of sex from the female in the family. While this is Clock-Up VN, I think it's one of their lighter VN out there although of course there'll be a number of sex scenes seeing that it's nukige and all. The other reveal that they have is also in regard of their 4th secret project in that turned out it's Funbag Fantasy 3if, which of course still have big breast heroines and that it's the better version of the original Funbag Fantasy 3. It should also be noted that earlier we have Waffle work together with ShiraVN to release Eden's Ritter overseas, so at least now I'm sure that Waffle still willing to work with Mangagamer. Since we already have the progress for both projects seeing that it's the secret projects, let me remind that currently both VNs were fully translated and edited.

For their 3rd secret project, turned out that it's a VN from Base Son and that it'll be released at 19th later. Although unfortunately it's not either Shin Koihime Musou or Sengoku Koihime, but instead it's a GL VN (Wanting Wings aka Kimihane) with the premise that three girls became roommate with all of them are having same backstory in that they've seen the angel in their childhood. Naturally being roommate in GL VN can only mean one thing, and it's like Flowers Spring in that there'll be romance involved. We also have the sequel for this to be released in a bundle, just like Rance 01 and 02 bundle. I don't know on how good the VN will be, but apparently the reception for it so far are quite good so I'm slightly look forward for the release later.

As for the release that Mangagamer had, it's Rance 01 and 02 bundle in that those two VNs are the remake of older Rance. We also already have those two translated in the past, which technically speaking it mean that the release are quite redundant because the English player already know the story for both of 01 and 02. That said, both VNs come with the improvements so perhaps the release are not so redundant. As for 01 here, our Rance was tasked to find a lost girl. For 02 here Rance was supposed to save the town from four witches who wield the ring that amplify the magic power of virgin, and saving the town would naturally involving what Rance would easily to do (ie sex). As for the improvement, 01 had the graphic fully revamped along with the gameplay change. While the available translation for Rance 2 was also use the remake, apparently Alicesoft decided to hide the improved script inside the sub directory of Alice 2010 (Don't ask me on why Alicesoft didn't just incorporate the new script file into game's main file) and the fan translator didn't translate the improved script so at least you can see more lines in Mangagamer version of 02. Go get Rance bundle if you want to see the beginning of an infamously selfish swordsman adventure, and have fun.


After some time waiting, we finally have Fakku revealing that they'll release Abaddon at next year (ie February 12th) along with them released the trial version of it. I'm still not quite interested with this, but at least good for the people who've been want to play Abaddon for a while. Sol Press also gave some updates in that we have Sakura Celebration QA build was in progress and that Nukitashi was past halfway (51%) edited, and no much to say other than apparently they have new editor for Nukitashi or something like that. From Nekonyan we have some interesting progress in that Clover Days was at 40% edited and started the engine port, Kirikoi was fully translated along with three quarter edited, Melty Moment was halfway translated, and their 1st secret project was at 62% translated along with a quarter edited. Also they already have Riddle Joker was at 80% in QA, although it's already ready for the release anyway so telling the QA progress for that is a bit moot to me.

Lastly we have surprise release from Sukera Sparo in form of their new VN Curse of Kudan, and apparently it's been banned on Steam so you can't get that there. As for the premise, it's about the town who said to be cursed with a creature called Kudan in that if you see it you'll die in several days later. Enter 16 years old girl Kudan Sakuya (The MC) who have the same family name as the creature in that she has the bad fortune to see Kudan, and of course Sakuya try to fight her supposed end to not avail only to be fail seeing that the Kudan keep approaching her. From there we'll see on how Sakuya will find a way to fight the curse and hopefully she'll be successful. Forgot to say that like Amrilato (Same developer) this is GL VN as well, although the writer is not the same though in that the writer for Curse of Kudan here is also Flowers tetralogy writer. Go get Curse of Kudan if you want a GL VN with supernatural element, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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