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Hello and why this blog exists.



Hey everybody, this is my 2nd blog. From the name you might have already guessed what this is going to be about but let me explain.

You see, those who know me know I hate spoilers. I hate them with passion, I hate them deep inside my soul, I hate their mother and their father, I hate HATE spoilers. Sometimes I don't want to know the premise, I don't even want to know what happens in the first hour of any visual novel or rpg or any game I play. Which makes it harder to explain the premise and convince me why I should invest my time into this or another product. But the thing is that sometimes it's very difficult to talk about something and really show why exactly I love it so much, why I'm so excited about it, or even why it's the best thing EVAAAARR!!!!

Whenever I write I find myslef with one hand behind my back censoring myself and taking out anything I might deem spoilerific. I want people who read whatever I write to enjoy and be surprised by these stories the same way I was. If I say that someone dies somewhere or a surprise character appears I think this will ruin the experience not just for the player but also disrespect the creator's intent to surprise the reader. But I also want a place to exress myself freely without worrying about spoilers. So this is why this blog exists.

My Funtime Hour blog will not have any spoilers so if you are interested to but don't want to be spoiled go there. This blog will have a lot of spoilers, I'll be discussing characters, plots, detailed thoughts on what was good and bad, what I liked and didn't like, what are some of the best and some of the worst moments. Anything I feel like talking about.

This blog will be for those who already played these games and are interested to read about them, either from a sense of nostalgia or just want to see what someone else thinks about it. This blog is also for people who don't give a shit about spoilers and just want to know what's so good about a particular game.

So that's it, hope to write more soon!

BTW, only comments relevant to the blog post's topic are allowed in this blog. Please do not talk about anything else but the game discussed in each post. We still need to avoid spoilers.


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