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VN Thoughts

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Hamidashi Creative thoughts

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So I'm back to playing VN's this quarantine. I didn't have much time to read since my last blog post which was last year since I spent that time on college and hanging out. But now I'm stuck at home again without anything to do so I'm gonna start playing VN's again. I usually only play charages and moeges and sometimes chuuniges depending on my mood. I try to only play long VN's since short VN's make me lazy to read it since the moment I get immersed in the game, the game is near the ending already.

General Discussion:

This was surprisingly a good game with interesting characters and an actual plot driving it forward. While the plot isn't exactly too strong or emphasized. its interesting and doesn't require you to exercise your suspension of disbelief too much. There were a lot of points where I genuinely laughed which is a plus. Although if you're looking for something deep, this ain't it. This game is enjoyable and light but not in the mindless way. I got bored as hell playing Kakenuke Seishun and other VN's that just don't have a semblance of plot, while Kakenuke Seishun had that Seishun Club, I was bored out of my mind on their activities and it felt like a flimsy excuse to just have them all gather in one place. Meanwhile, the protagonist is the student council president and while how he becomes one is funny and insane, what they do in the student council actually feels like a student council. Each member there had there own reason being there which can all be summed up to "All of them are truants and they can only graduate by being part of the student council. They actually do stuff that feels like a student council although I would have liked it if the routes were longer though. The common route had a nice pace and length and didn't feel too rushed or too long.

The routes focus on some problems and wrap it up quickly and don't prolong it but sometimes it felt jarring on the transitions from the happy tone to the dramatic tone. Essentially its mostly 70% icha-icha and 30% them actually doing something with the plot and drama.

Aaaand on to the characters.

All of them are truants,talented and popular all in one. One is a vtuber, seiyuu, novelist, and an illustrator(the erotic one)

Normally, in VN's the protagonist works hard to support their family and doesn't want them to work but it was the reverse this time. The sister does most of the work while the protag kinds of lead a parasitic lifestyle(in his own words). Its balanced out by Hiyori, his little sister's intense dependence to the protag for her mental state. She's a brocon and he is a siscon, the usual VN setting but its carried by how adorable Hiyori is. The protagonist is actually competent when he puts his mind into it and he seems like the classic protagonist that is caring and the usual fare for charage protags.

Hiyori is the adorable sister character that I just went straight into her route. Even before reading this game, I already knew her seiyuu and it fit her character so well its adorable. She is a brocon and deredere towards the protag right from the start and works as a Seiyuu. Although I admit I didn't like one of the choices leading up to her route but the route's main problem was focused on her dependence on the protag and the typical reactions of the fans to their idols getting a boyfriend in VN's. A solid route

Tokiwa Kano, is the illustrator and I liked her back and forth with the protag. She's a bit socially awkward and had a funny past with the protag on why she also became a truant. I actually haven't played her route yet since Im too lazy to finish other routes. Shes a good heroine, that is all I could say since I actually haven't played her route. If I read her route, I will edit this post with my thoughts.

Nishiki Asumi is the token loli of the VN. She's a vtuber and a singer and the quiet and innocent girl in the group. I'll be honest I skipped most of her scenes alone with the protag since I didn't like her. I know some of you guys will burn me at the stake for saying this but I really don't like lolis unless they are really well made characters. I also dont like the quiet, innocent and pure trope for a character and thats why I skipped every alone scene she had with the protag.

Kamakura Shio is the competent and reliable senpai of the group. The past student council president who handled all of the affairs alone, she's that competent and smart. I didn't like how she was introduced which was stepping on the protag. I don't like scenes where they can be physically hurting the male characters and its just played for laughs. Theres a weird Japanese common trope where the males are frequently beaten up as a joke and I seriously dislike that. Aside from that she was actually a solid character. A kind of a eccentric and odd character that usually does what she want. The competent and reliable onee-san trope is my favorite and well since I am biased towards that, I liked her so I immediately dived into her route after Hiyori. I;m halfway into her route and I'll edit this when I  finish it. I made a blog post about this even if I haven't finished it since I would probably be stalling playing VN's for a while and I dont want to forget my thoughts.

ITS AN ABSOLUTE SIN THOUGH THAT AMERI DIDN'T HAVE A ROUTE. She didn't fit in with the theme of truancy but she did fit in the theme of them being talented and popular since she was a model. She was obviously a good character and had a lot of screen time in the common route, if she had a route I would have played her first. She's the model of the group and is the type of innocent that doesn't make her feel like a kid but rather someone that is just weak against that type of topic. She's just too cheerful and pure its cute, madosoft is obviously pandering for a fandisc at this point since why would they give her a CG and a place in the main group but not make her a heroine. The student council president of the other school, Hijiri Ririko is the same. She had a little screen time but had an interesting personality and a sprite, and had some mysterious moments in the common route which wasn't explored, so obviously a fandisc heroine if there was one.

The artstyle was something I didn't like in madosoft. Everyone felt like a bit cartoon-ish. Too big eyes and boobs made me dislike their artstyle but its a bit more balanced this game. The heroines didn't feel like they had extremely big tits and actually had a body that looked good.

Now the music, I loved it! Sometimes in their daily life scenes they used a piano that felt melancholic and kind of jazzy. Its so calming to hear it and sometimes I just browse the internet while playing that music in the background. Their other OST's are good but I dont know much about music to say anything constructive about them

All in all a solid game for a light read, although the Japanese here is harder than normal for some reason that I cant determine. But one of the reasons is probably the gyaru speak that one of the characters do that is hard to understand. One of the better charages I played and a personal recommendation for casual reading.

(My thoughts may change though if I finish the other routes and I'll edit it when I finish the other routes.)



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