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Abyss of the Immortal Review

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Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and as for the title since we have Mugen Renkan release and the VN itself telling us the story about a beautiful immortal who suffer a lot of sexual violence, I decided to derived the VN Abyss of the Sacrifice by changing 'Sacrifice' into 'Immortal' so we have 'Abyss of the Immortal' for this week title which to say is quite poetic lol. As for this week, what I can say is that it's not quite bad with Mugen Renkan release and Iwaihime announcement, with the latter was one of most requested VN to be localized courtesy of Ryukishi07 who write the scenario for that. Other than Iwaihime announcement, we also have Mangagamer announce their next release as usual after released Mugen Renkan and the release in question in Rance 01 and 02 bundle. So I can say that this week is slightly less active compared to the last week, but in exchange it have a lot of new release announcements compared to last week. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Like I say beforehand I'll talk about Abyss in the Sacrifice. As for the VN itself, what I can say is that the casts itself is definitely the main strong point with name such as Kitamura Eri and Yukana. The premise itself was about the usual escape game like Zero Time Dilemma, although instead of nine people we'll have five people participating in the game with all of the players are schoolgirls. It should also be noted that the girls are from different countries, although of course it probably won't factored much in the escape game. For one more info, the VN itself is from 2010, so in case you find the graphic quite outdated it's pretty much quite understandable. I don't really know though whether the VN is good or not, seeing that there's no much review that talk about this VN. For the reminder, Abyss of the Sacrifice will be released at December 17th later so you may note the date if you want to play it.

Sol Press only give one substantial update from Nukitashi in that it's been at 45% edited, while for both of Sakura Celebration and Irotoridori they still waiting for the QA. Actually they also have the updates for the rest of their leftover licenses, although in this case it's more like they tried to search for the translator after the staffs left them. For the detail, currently they tried to do some restaffing for both of Shitsuaru and Himawari no Kioku (Which should be obvious is quite ironic because they talk big about on how they'll deliver the release quickly back at AX and not give much updates after the announcements), and they tried to searching the staffs for Windmill VNs (HHG and Witch's Garden). After I see the controversy, I guess I can say that Sol Press is not to do well at this moment to put it nicely and so I can only say that at least they still not desperate enough to cancel their Windmill VNs licenses yet.

As for fan translation, no much to say other than we have some nice updates as usual. For the updates we have Loverable was at 91.32% edited, Chaos Head Noah did have four routes are fully translated (Or rather finished the first pass translation) with some other routes got some significant progress (The translator blogpost for more detail on the progress), Reflection Blue was at 63.34% edited with Shizuku's route was fully edited, Harugi Branch was almost fully translated at 99% translated, and Eustia was at 98.78% translated with side route was at 92.07% translated. We also have the patch for Miotsukushi Ura that was released just recently, so if you want to play one more different version of Miotsukushi then you can get the patch and have fun (Although getting all of Higurashi original parts (Onikakushi to Matsuribayashi) with PS3 graphic and voice is more than enough to me). For the next plan, they'll working on both of Hajisarashi and Kotohogushi arcs so you can look forward for more additional arcs of Higurashi if you've want more of it.

Since Mangagamer released Mugen Renkan, as per tradition they'll announce the next release and in this case it's Rance 01 and 02 bundle. For the release date of first two Rance remake, it'll be at 29th later so you didn't need to wait until November there. As for Mugen Renkan itself, it tell the story on a nameless woman who become immortal and thus won't be able to death. Of course it come with disadvantage, with the woman herself is a slave and it mean she's a convenient object of physical torture. She obviously didn't like the torture, and thus she decided to ran away from the immortal king who rule the world. Her journey won't be easy, seeing that the king sent the cadres to catch her and bring her back to the king, and so the MC's journey would involved running away from the king's cadres across several eras. While in the end it's the story about a meaning of life for the immortal woman, it should be noted that there's a lot of sex scenes in there with most of those involving rape, although it's not worse compared to either euphoria or Maggot Baits if you wonder about that (I still won't recommend 15 years old player to play this though). Go get Mugen Renkan if you want some dark VN with female MC, and have fun.

For Iwaihime, it's been one of VN that was predicted to be one of ShiraVN project, and turned out that ShiraVN manage to get it localized with Lemnisca was the one who work on the translation. As for the writer himself, surely you know that the one who responsible here is Ryukishi07 of Higurashi and Umineko fame. Of course seeing the writer, it mean that there'll be a lot of horror involved in the story. We also already have the trial for this released at Steam, so you can try the trial if you curious and have fun. By the way I already see the trial for a bit, and I can see that Ryukishi here did apply quite a number of his Higurashi writing in Iwaihime so you may feel some deja vu if you already read Higurashi. I'll tell the premise when it's released in English, and you didn't need to wait for too long for the release seeing that ShiraVN already announce that it'll be released at 23rd later. You didn't need to worry about the censorship from Steam, because this VN itself is an all age VN in the first place (Looks like Ryukishi prefer to write all age VN there, although he still manage to write some scenes that barely looks like the sex scenes).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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