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Riddle Clover Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (09/27/2020)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I just combined both of Riddle from Riddle Joker and Clover from Clover Day's so that we have Riddle Clover for this week VNTS Review title. The reason for the title is because this week we have Nekonyan did their monthly update, and those two did have the updates. By the way I did a bit of searching about Riddle Clover, and find out that it's one of the fabric product that was available here. As for this week, we have Frontwing release Loca Love Volume 3 with English language support and that we have a news about fault after several years of waiting. Other than those two notable news, we have several usual updates from fan translation and also the aforementioned Nekonyan monthly update. Overall I can say that this week is not too bad even though it's quite plain, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

JAST did release Kanosen which tell us the story about a student on how naughty his girlfriend is, and said girlfriend is also his homeroom teacher. As for the teacher heroine herself while the MC said that she's kind and beautiful, I'll just say that after I saw the design I'm no longer thinking that Wagahigh heroines chest size is too big anymore or rather their chest are very flat compared to the teacher heroine lol. At least I didn't need to comment about on how her design is too old for the setting like back at Shoujo Dominance. Well go get Kanosen if you like to see the kind and beautiful teacher taking care of the MC's raging libido so that he can enjoy his school life, and have fun. Speaking about JAST, we also have them acknowledged that they still working Majikoi at their tweet (The link to the tweet), so at least it should be good enough confirmation for now to anyone else who still waiting for JAST to release it.

After several years of waiting, we finally have a news about fault side below release estimation and as for the release plan it'll be at spring 2021. While I know that if they finished it at side below would mean that they'll rush the ending, personally I prefer them to finish it now if we need to wait for a long time for each of the sequel. But if you tell me that the cause for the long wait is because a lot of factor such as engine factor and their separation from Sekai, I can only say that I hope the developer can pick up the pace for the next part release if they still want to develop more parts before the finale. As expected Frontwing did release Loca Love Volume 3 with English language support, and they also released download version at both of JAST and Fakku as well (Also not at Steam for obvious reason). The premise is that this time we have out MC getting closer to his childhood friend who actually his upperclassman only that she's shorter than the MC, and that she's working as shrine maiden. What I can say is that just expect this like previous Loca Love in that the MC will gradually getting closer to the heroine, which in this case it's the aforementioned shrine maiden childhood friend. Go get Loca Love Volume 3 if you want to read it, and have fun.

Irru did announce that Trip decided to take some time to do hiatus because of burnout, so don't expect Ginharu update for some time. I don't know when Trip will recover from the burnout so that he can continue Ginharu translation, but hopefully he'll be able to recover at some time in the future. For other updates from fan translation, we have 16,661 lines from Pure x Connect are translated, Loverable was at 91.26% edited, Harugi was at 63% translated with Branch was at 94% translated, Reflection Blue was at 43.3% edited, and Eustia was at 97.78% translated with side routes was at 85.59% translated along with the editing was once again caught up at 97.61% edited. That's all for fan translation updates at this week.

As for Nekonyan's update, finally we have them started the editing progress for Clover Days with the current progress was at 15% edited. For other updates, we finally have Aokana EXTRA 1 was approved for Steam (Which mean it shouldn't have any more trouble to be on Steam considering that Valve is pretty much quite unpredictable when it come to the censorship) and currently it's been at halfway in QA, Kirikoi was at 95% translated along with 70% translated, Riddle Joker was fully edited along with past halfway (55%) in QA, and their secret project was at halfway translated. Speaking about secret project, Nekonyan decided to add one more of it and currently it's been at a quarter translated. As for what their new project is obviously I don't know because it's dubbed as secret project (Duh), although if I may suggest something it could be either Harem Kingdom or Cafe Stella with the latter did have the 4-koma video was translated by Nekonyan (Either way I would like it if turned out the secret project was one of two VNs that I suggested).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - There's another new VN announced for the release at December 17th later, and the name of the VN is Abyss of the Sacrifice. Apparently the VN itself will depict five girls trapped in a dangerous place and they must do their best to survive, just like Zero Escape trilogy or Root Double. I'll try to comment more on that later.

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